Thursday, May 7, 2009


'Lo readers.

I want to sleep. Things are conspiring against me, I swear. Ah well.

Slept in an extra ten minutes this morning, cat decided to wake me up. Grr.

Skipped chapel for choir this morning, not sure which was the lesser of two evils.

Biology was alright, finished the revision sheet. Girls were talking about notdeb parties. Hope someone gets a picture of the huge one at the footy oval.

Recess was meh. I got a hot chocolate that tasted like hot chocolate.

Then double maths. Had a test that was obscenely tricky, I can't remember studying some of the stuff there. Might have been away for those lessons at music camp, but I dunno. Most people seemed to agree with me. Ah well. It's maths. Second lesson was going through examples, which went straight over a few heads, I think. What is this freshie doing, engaging with the class? He made a brief stab at a *REMOVED BY ORDER OF THE INQUISITION* conversation, nice touch.

Lunch was slow. Went around in circles, ended up following the horde to room eight, talked to girls, abused Sam about his lit response until he fixed it, then browsed The Offended Page with Isaac in front of several curious and disgusted people. Emily decided to go all moral on us about laughing at the pictures. We are immature, deal with it. You aren't forced to hang out with us. If we're too immature for you, try it yourself. It's rather fun.

Psych was in the computer room. Submitted my powerpoint and idly browsed psychological disorders on wikipedia. I don't like what it told me.

Lit was meh. Talked about alcohol. Want to analyse the damn passage soon so we can get going, not get sidetracked by Sam and Jasper's 'witty' comments.


After school, went back down the street. Windy, but not too bad. Had to deliver heaps of capillary testing thingies to a nursing home. Saw Denny and Ryan, who were waiting for Erin. After tea, went to games night, played against Phil and John, who are two old pros. Scared the hell out of me, made a couple of stupid mistakes, but I still had a fair bit left on the board when we called it quits. Looking forward to playing James next week. Got lots of comments about my conversion work.

Right now, I'm kind of bored. Internet is cutting out on me, which is preventing any meaningful conversation. Aiden has found my phone, not that it'll have any texts or missed calls when I get it back. No, stop thinking, man! Snap out of it!

Tomorrow, going to sleep in as long as possible, then get photos, then dance. Not going to be cool. Us guys are now worried about tripping the girls over in their dresses.

I believe there may not be a post until either very late tomorrow or Saturday, if then. If I don't post tomorrow night, I'll post Saturday morning, as I'm still not sure about my movements Saturday night.



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