Monday, May 18, 2009

"Just throw a rock at him!"

'Lo readers.

Hell. More hours spent on literature essay. Not fun. Need to keep distracted to prevent ragequits.

Anyway. Denny rocked up this morning with frost on his jumper. It has begun. Shall need to dig out gloves for school soon.

First up at school was a spare, which was good. I retyped a different lit assignment, then did some revision. Walked into classroom, got handed test, finished it in less than fifteen minutes, then panicked. Oh god, what if I've been given a test that's missing a page? What if I missed a dozen questions? Did some very quiet swearing, flicked through it half a dozen times, then handed it up. Ignored the shocked looks on the year twelves faces. Went to find Emily Ross, who did the test the period before, and it seems we both had the same last question, which is good. Still, brix were shat.

Recess was meh. I was damned hungry. Maybe it's a side effect of the test.

Then lit, more going over text and warnings about loss of fingers if work isn't handed up.

Followed by biology, we got to play with snakes instead of dancing. The snakes didn't taste good and some damn year tens beat me on the test.

Lunch. Instead of going to history, we hung around. Fairly boring, girls all nicked off, talked to Amaya while her groupies orbited, and watched as a small scale foodfight erupted. Sam then put a hole in the lid of a drink bottle, and sprayed everyone who thought they were safe. Clever.

Bit of history, introduced my new cartoon, did a bit of formatting, then a music lesson, where Mr C and I discussed tubas.

Walked into the last ten minutes of media, and I was terrified. They'd all done some big concepty thing for revision, and I was told I was (Belle's brother and lover) Contruction. After forcing out some explanations, teacher told me that she was making a short film to help us revise. If I fail the exam because of this, I'm going to shoot something. Seems like a stupid idea, but maybe it's just because I missed the first bit.

Homeroom was downstairs, which was good. We're definitely getting lazier as a homeroom, it went from Mrs Ripon not bothering to unlock the door to Mrs Ripon not bothering to go upstairs. Which suits us fine, of course. She's cool.

Band sucked, too few people. Afterwards, we made fun of Gav and Bree (who are going to kill us tomorrow) and discussed the merits of throwing rocks at the touchy feely year seven, who Hayden and Isaac seem to enjoy.

Went home, started work on the essay, nearly done, I think. Going to print it off once I crosspost this, probably. She's not going to like it, but she'll give me more feedback so I can try and get a B or something when I resubmit it.

Tomorrow, it's not doubles day, which is good, but I dunno. I'm working tomorrow night, which means that karma's going to make it hell.



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