Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"It's easy, we just need a montage!"

'Lo readers.

Hurm. Slept through alarms this morning, not cool. Sisters refuse to help with chores.

Instead of assembly, got yanked into singing. Pretty meh.

Then double history, I'm up to a thousand words, but sitting next to James is depressing.

Recess was meh, as far as I can remember. Got a cold jam donut, and was told as I finished it that they'd warm it up. Damn

Media was also meh. Finished slideshow, watched a short film (BELLE STOLE MY IDEA!) and a couple of powerpoints. Oliver's was a bit iffy. He didn't need to mention anything about that site, and if he did, he should have done his research. Tomorrow we're going to the cinema to watch Slumdog Millionaire.

At lunch, we all went to netball tryouts. Mr Ryan explained the rules, then we were given some girls to bulk out the teams. I am too short to be of any use, though some of them really got into it. Girls said we were terrible, but we knew what to do. We've seen the Mighty Ducks.

Maths was funny, because the freshie teacher buggered an equation right at the start, so we wasted twenty minutes getting the wrong answer.

Then biology, fairly quiet. I passed the test fairly well, the questions I guessed I got wrong, but oh well. One was worded weird, wonder if anyone got it right.

Went home, checked the news, went to work, survived it. Made friends with the barman, he pointed out a surprising fiftyish year old, and gave me leftover chocolate sauce.

Tomorrow, need to go to school, feel crap though. Hate colds. Only two periods, I guess, but still.



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