Monday, May 4, 2009

"I'm a man in a suit, how could I be lying?"

'Lo readers.

Man. I hate Mondays.

And I'm sitting here, watching Mad Men, tempted to go Gonzo. The mind wanders.

Anyway. Confusing, cold, and boring day. Few highlights, unfortunately.

Double psych was meh. Got the work done, all the year twelves going on about a mad-as party they all seem to have attended. Boring.

Then recess. I was hungry.

Walked into lit, got a lot of little hole-punched bits of paper thrown at me, then got growled at by Mrs Cartledge, who seemed to be in a ranty mood. Ducked out for a music lesson, where I offered my opinion on things while being made to learn chromatic scales.

Then biology, drew a diagram of the kidney and finished a revision sheet. Claire made us do the test on Thursday. Grr.

Lunch. Went to pick up suits, got made to try them on. We all looked very snappy, even Tom, with his new haircut (he looks identical to the new New Zealander kid from behind, scary [and they're both doing the same job {at the same time ((I'm running out of brackets!))} at the deb]). Then a lot of standing around being bored, since the women closed ranks and the dudes were just following others around. And I'm leaving too much unsaid, but then, if I said it, people wouldn't like it very much.

History was meh. Got some pictures, need to find a good cartoon and an explanation for it, then start drafting. Which is going to be ever so much fun this week.

Media, got told to work on a backup plan in case I can't film. Found some fairly interesting stuff. Meh.

Band after homeroom. Aiden wore his suit. Mr C could barely take him seriously.

Went home, began doing homework. Still cleaning up the lit thing, but I plan on resubmitting it. Remembered deb presents, Lulu told me to chill. Still plan on getting her something, Meg had a good idea. Downloading Fraps at the moment too, so I should be able to finish that part of the media thing soon.

Tomorrow, I don't care. And that's not good.


Anyway, the end.

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