Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left.

'Lo readers.

This morning I slept through my alarms. Barely slept last night. Dunno why. Least I didn't dream about missing the deb, Ryan.

School sucked, as while it was Wednesday, it was also freezing cold.

I am very tired, and appear to have messed up my subjects. However, I can tell you that biology was quiet and I slept, and in media I experimented with video effects. I now have a start, and an end. History was meh, first 300ish words done on the big project, and in maths, Tom and I actually got work done, shock horror.

At lunchtime, all the guys were conscripted for netball, and I hunted down a soccerball. Eventually got footage of Pat shouting at a computer, and after that he showed the weird-kid (don't even know his name) The Offended Page.

Soccer was meh, hung out in defence, subbed out, since I was the (second) crappest player on the team. Sam scored a goal (while he was in 'defence'), and the new kid scored in the first two minutes. Woah.

Sick of bike and deb training. Glad it was the last rehearsal. Teachers hanging around juice bar and McDonalds, clever but ultimately pointless. I personally went to donut king, Isaac got Up&Go from Coles. Deb training itself was meh. We're getting it, maybe need another session to clean it up, but oh well. Walked home, Beardman tells me that Danielle has left me hanging. *rage*.

Only highlight to the evening was winning a free song out of a Shapes box. I'm still shouting.

Tomorrow, an open book maths test. Hurm.

I wish to go to Jason's party. I have said it. I also need to do some filming of stuff at home. This is not good when I also need to go to Ocean Grove this weekend. Don't know what to do. Really annoying.



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