Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First It Giveth.

'Lo all.

Surprisingly good day today, in relation to the rest of the week, of course, as today isn't going to be particularly memorable in the long run, but it wasn't bad.

Woke up with my head exploding, sprinted to school because a form had to be filled out, which took time.

We had literature first up. Went around in circles with Isobelle til we saw Ryan, then found the rest in the ISC. Got ranted at, but now I have my main points for the essay. Mrs Cartledge is really not happy with the lack of contributions.

Then history, couple more hundred words, and flickering computer access and lights. Hurm.

I ate a lot at recess. Feels good man.

Sat in for a bit of psych, got heaps of tictacs to make us remember research methods. Then out to catch a bus to the cinema.

Slumdog Millionaire - ****
It's good, and it's original, but it drags. The first half or so is pretty good, and there is suspense in the game show bits, but it gets fairly dull in other places. Plus there's a lot of deus ex machina, which I didn't like. Not bad though, worth seeing, and it looks like it'll be fairly easy to study as the effects and themes are obvious.

Took the minibus to soccer, house teams today. Binks and Tisdall teamed up, so we had the unbeatable partnership of Hayden and Aiden, as well as the Kiwi and Pat, against the other lot. We won, Dayne (OUR goalie) was THEIR only goal scorer.

Back at school, handed back suit, caught up on gossip (good luck), bought trackpants (woo, no freezing next Wednesday!), then began working on the lit thing. Didn't get far. Also downloaded some more Queens of the Stone Age, talked to George, and watched the offensive Gruen Transfer bit.

Tomorrow, double lit. Oh boy! Then I get to smash James's panzees.



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