Friday, May 22, 2009

Farewell Rocketship.

'Lo readers.

Stupid school events. Too much forced enthusiasm for my taste. I'll admit that being in the audience during a good performance or a spectacular failure can be entertaining, especially if the horde's around. Still.


First up at school was homeroom. We got the exam timetables. Mad panic. Major benefit to being in year eleven is that if you don't have an exam, you don't have to be at school. Some people have five day weekends. I can get 3 afternoons off, which isn't bad. One clash, so I visited Mrs Cartledge, and was late to media, where we were doing actual revision (shock horror!).

Then biology, little test on reproduction. I handed mine in, Mrs Moy flicked through it, and handed it back, suggesting some spots where I went wrong. I WTF'd. Are teachers allowed to do this? But then she did the same thing to a couple of other kids, so I guess it's ok. I dunno. You tell me.

Recess was quiet til everyone nicked off, Aiden took me and Oliver to the library, where we sat around and a lot of chattering little kids discussed chess. Very strange. I lost my first game (in three years, I might add) after a long and drawn out battle against the French exchange student in year ten. Neither of us knew what we were doing. Then Aiden and I went to play in the jazz thing, got handed a bright pink bloody tie, and then we went on stage. Didn't stuff up, all over fairly quickly, then back into the chess where the guy I was playing against drew it quickly, and I watched Isobelle play Kirky til the bell went. Damned bored teachers locked us in, so we couldn't watch the rock bands.

Lunch was fairly quiet, talked to Amaya then played L-shaped 1on1 Bottle Soccer (exactly as it sounds) against Tom.

Then the afternoon thing, went on stage again and we sang our Beatles song, watched as the blue house used a gimmick to lose, and the red house use a gimmick to win. Dancing was meh, lot of suggestiveness from the year eights for some reason, then in the seniors there were two male strippers, then a buttload of crossdressing, which ended up with Steve in full Rocky Horror outfit doing the Timewarp in heels. The poor bastard. We'll be making Tom do something similar next year when we're in charge.

Results got announced; despite winning the music, Binks lost again. We came fourth. Spectacular.

After school, went down the street, followed Ryan to the hippy shop to look at a cool hoody (it had a very cool hood, but very very expensive), then chips. We had a huge crowd, both Aidens, Daewoo, Denny, Ryan, Sam, Hayden, Potter, Jess, Jason, Jason's brother and his little friends, and me. Lot of chips.

Then back home, checked the news with my crappy internet and downloaded some Children Collide after Emma gave me an idea. Right now I'm talking to a mildly intoxicated Tara and Tabby. They seem to be having fun, I think...? Katie dropped in as well, she was exhausted, but she kept the girls awake.

Tomorrow, work, which isn't cool, and then literature homework. Hurm.



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