Monday, May 25, 2009

Delicious cake.

'Lo everyone.

Man I hate Mondays. And no, I'm not a gorram ginger.

Get to school on time despite sleeping in, Alison ranted to me about a jump that looked like a cow. I would like to see this cow, if it's so realistic her horse wouldn't jump it.

First up is biology. Few revision notes, then the first practice test. I think I'll get a buttload of these off Mrs Moy tomorrow.

Then psych, another practice test. Only got four wrong in the multiple choice, which I think is good. The tricky bit will be the short answer, I think.

Recess was meh.

Lit sucked for ten minutes, I realised my interpretation of the text was way off, and I was late to a music lesson, where Mr C told me about his days as a fry cook.

Maths was eerily quiet without Mr Dude, Tom and I discussed partying with Molly, who turned red when we mentioned Joe Smith. Lol lol lol lol lol.

Then lunch. Lulu and I got her deb photos, and she looks good in them, though I don't, as usual. Then I followed Kelly to say happy birthday to Belle, and they had cake and slideshows and were listening to Vampire Weekend, and then Mr C saw me and waved, which meant I had to go to brass ensemble. Grabbed Aiden, fell asleep in some crappy arrangements, then went to history.

Fairly boring, no essay in the exam anymore though, which is good. Amaya was bored, so was everyone else, I think.

Then media. Teacher wanted to get out of classroom, so we discussed codes and conventions outside the artroom, so a couple of Pat and Ruby sized seagulls came out. Pat proved he was better at media than the rest of us, and Amaya decided to take my iPod home. Not sure how she'll get any music out of it, but oh well..

Then band. Pretty meh, Oliver now sits next to me, which doesn't bode well. Mr C was pissed at everyone, drummers spoiled his rant. After Danielle and Josh dropped around for cake, more band, which finished early. I won me some cake, woo.

Saw a flyer on the interbutt, may as well advertise here. Robbie, Marieke and the Doctor will be at the clocktower at five-ish Thursday afternoon with Hilltop Hoods and free stuff. Which is awesome because I like free stuff, Marieke, and Hilltop Hoods, and will be in the area at that time for work anyway, which is cool

Tomorrow, doubles day, or as Aiden calls it, 'FIVE MATHS TUESDAY!'. No lit though. But then, I've got work. But then, it's a four day week. Meh.



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