Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Comfortably Numb.

'Lo all.

Right. Exams mode. Grr. Gonna do well. Grr. Very serious business. Grr. No time for distractions like girls or partying. Grr. Need to- nah. Bugger it. After the One Night Stand, we concentrate like all hell. Or at least, that's the plan. It's only a practice exam on Monday anyway, proper exams don't start til Tuesday.

Despite extreme lack of sleep, dragged myself out of bed. Panicked as I finished literature homework, as Bernice replied just as I finished to a message asking for help. She had a slightly different conclusion. Hurm.

Get to school, new pants worked well. Very baggy, which is awesome. First up was lit, got a big rant about how much we all sucked, and how our resubmissions sucked, and how we will suck on the exam.

History was fairly annoying, we were told to do an assessment task, but then we got YouTube working, so we were told to do both. Ms Henry stumbled upon Achmed the Dead Terrorist, a Killzone trailer (ironic, since Yahtzee's theory is that they couldn't afford German voice actors for it, which is why they made them aliens), and a Hitler remix where his speech became a rap song.

Recess. Lot of emotion. I was hungry. The cake I won has found itself in everyone's lunchboxes. I am a disappoint.

Then psych, another practice test. Some bloody stupid vague questions, which pissed me off. Tori and I got nine multiple choice wrong, which amused us.

Media was another practice test, which I think was alright. Got to sit outside for five minutes before lunch, which irked me for some reason.

After house meetings, hung out. No better words for it, I suppose. Don't think I did much else.

Then we went to soccer, the filthy reds teamed up with us, and we tried, but we lost. Yellow has way too many good players.

Went home, talked to the usual suspects, Sam and Ryan are both boned for the practice exam in literature tomorrow, and I started my plan, which isn't a lot, but it's something.

Tomorrow, fairly busy. Gotta finish the thing for history, then an exam lecture-y thing, then lit practice thing which is going to be harsh, then work, then meet Jess and whoever else rocks up to see the breakfast crew and Hilltop Hoods at the clocktower.



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