Monday, May 11, 2009


'Lo readers.

God damn I hate Mondays. This one had it's ups and downs, but still.

Woke up with a cold. Might need to clean shed out, and make sure cat doesn't go inside for a while, and then make heater work properly (sans timer). Then started painting. Woo.

Got to school, joyous biology first up. Had a test that was fairly easy, though I didn't study for it. Had no real troubles with it, though one or two of the trick multiple choice questions I took guesses on.

Then psych, went through revision slideshows and practice tests. Such fun.

Recess, I caught up on some of the news from Friday and Saturday nights from Julian and Ryan (who is now Batman). Seems I missed all the fun (and Isaac puking enough to fill a bucket).

Lit sucked, more going over the passage for the response, fairly dull. Oliver was laughed at by Mrs Cartledge for not dancing with her, and we somehow got onto the topic of the Presets having meaningful music.

Then maths, Tom and I were just laughing about parties. Got some more background of Zombiemolly, circles within retarded circles with these people.

Lunch. Oh boy. Everyone cliqued up. Tara's voice had gone weird from Saturday night, very cool, even if she didn't like it. Despite the hilarity of the situation, it got boring fairly quick. Aiden decided to lighten things up by gossiping himself. At the end of it all, I swung on a branch of a tree. Now, I'm light. Tom, who is hugely tall and heavy, decided to also swing on this branch. Very loud crack. Hilarious.

History was meh, got another 300ish words down, which is good. Need to clean up some facts, put in dates, and get some good cartoons. Should be fine.

Then media, put in some crappy pictures for my slideshow, since I wimped out of filming. We're going to see Slumdog Millionaire in the cinema on Wednesday. Hurm.

After school was band, which was meh. Lotta stress, as we're performing on Friday and we suck. Oh well. Afterwards, drama kids were getting warmed up for their play. Many benefits for us, surprisingly. Thanks Emily.

Went home, checked the news, band again, sucked, then home, where I'm getting said dates for history.

Tomorrow, double history and double media and then work. Oh well. Another depressing waste of time, least I'll get paid for some of it.


Anyway, the end.

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