Tuesday, May 26, 2009


'Lo readers.

Hell. I thought Mondays were bad.

Woke up too late, sprinted to school, played at assembly. Ms Henry makes a joke about the Get Smart theme, few forced smiles. Apparently Mrs Cartledge enjoyed it a bit too much, or something.

Then double history, discussed Leni Riefenstahl, didn't get to watch any movies though. Fast forwarded through an ancient documentary about her, with a very young looking Ian Henderson. Amaya appears to also enjoy The Black Keys, squeee.

Recess was meh. Lulu took a bite out of my pizza.

Double media was all revision until the end, then I did a rambling speech on social networking. Didn't get the point across, I think, but oh well.

Lunch wasn't too bad, for once. Hung around talking to people, avoided people with Alison, had a waterfight with Pat... business as usual.

Maths was fun, we had no idea where we were so we wandered around, then Mr Brennan found us and Tom and I asked him about calculators. Easy.

And then biology, which was more revision. Will need to get more practice tests off Mrs Moy soon.

After school, asked Bernice about lit homework (I'm doomed, it's due in nine hours), scared Amaya, then worked. It was hell.

Walked in, and there was a mountain of dishes. Once they were out of the way, they didn't stop. Very busy, who the hell goes out for tea at bloody eight? Eight thirty rolls around, my bin's full and heavy, dishes streaming in, and my bloody sinks were full. Turns out the dishie last night let something go down the drain, which stuck there. So, we called the manager's husband, who brought the super plunger, and he couldn't find anything. Him, Guy and me grabbed buckets and bailed out the sinks, then he unscrewed the u-bend to find a bottle lid and a chicken wing. Hurm. Finally finished about half an hour ago, got a lift off Miriam, and I'm tired and angry and hungry and damp. I need a shower and a hug and a coffee, but it's midnight.

Tomorrow, literature, then sport. Oh well.



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geroge said...

your work sounds hellish for the same reasons as mine, and i always get super nervous i'm going to fail and then get swamped.