Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chase that Feeling.

'Lo all.

Today we won at the eisteddfod because we were the only band in the section. Hopefully we profited in some way from this. Talked to Pat, he did alright too.

Downloaded a few live tracks off the triple j website, Jess reckons I should be able to hear her screaming in the Hilltop Hoods one.

Then wasted time. Grandparents came around for lunch, I did a bit of psych studying, and wasted a lot of time. Patience, that is, though it won't be good in the long run. Will mess with my head too much.

Tomorrow, practice exam, then history, maths, and lit study like hell. I should have taken Tuesday off, but oh well.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Night Stand.

'Lo everyone.

Yeah, I went, and I've got the t-shirt to prove it. I wanted a poster, but I got a shirt (and found another one, but I gave that to Nemo).

Anyway. This morning I woke up to Back in Black, and I remember thinking that I don't have that on my iPod... wait... no way... Turns out it was the sound check from the footy ground, which is only like four or so blocks away. Very cool.

But then it started raining and it was very cold. Went down the street to pick up credit, beach ball, glowsticks, and a Rockstar, then went home, got changed, went to meet Aiden and the rest at the footy ground. Jason said we could just walk in, as one gate had no security, so we did. I met Megan and Nay (shorter than I expected, no offence), and Jasmine, who seemed to want to be friends with everyone. She decided to get chips, and since it was pouring rain and Children Collide had walked offstage, we went first to her house (exactly my thoughts), then to the fish and chip shop.

When we came back, saw Jason and his brother getting escorted out by security, so after handing out chips to the VET music production kids (Scotty was on stage looking self important), went out and met with Aiden and the rest again.

And there we stayed, right at the front of the line, for a few hours. We blew up the beach ball, but it sprung a leak, so I rushed home to pick up some tape and a lighter, then ran back, but it was too late. After getting chucked around a bit, it just died. While all this was going on, our little group at the front got bigger, and the line behind us got longer, and eventually stretched around the corner.

Gate opened, went in ten at a time, sprinted down to the bit right in front of the stage. Waited around for a while until the breakfast crew appeared, then And Burn came on. They were fairly meh, not my kind of thing. Very screamy. Mosh pit was pretty cool, lot of pushing and jumping.

Then Children Collide, who I thought were awesome. Knew the words to most of the songs, sang along with the crowd who roared them. Very cool.

After that, it was really pouring rain, so I jumped out of the crowd, got some food, and bought a shirt. It's a bit of a blur, really, so things are a bit out of order. I do remember a large inflatable phallus being thrown around at one stage.

Dayne, Brad, and I jumped back in while Miami Horror ended their set, which I thought were also pretty meh, waded into the crowd and found some girls.

The Butterfly Effect went on, and somehow I ended up on the other side of the stage with Meg and Claire. They seemed a bit too pretentious and crappy, not all that metal to me.

After that, Eskimo Joe, and Meg and Claire were pumped. They weren't too bad, had a few technical problems at the start. Black Fingernails Red Wine was pretty good.

We broke out after that, got some water, and then found Nemo and Derin, and jumped back in. Hilltop Hoods were awesome. We roared with the Nosebleed Section, very cool.

As we were leaving after their encore, I found another shirt, and gave it away. No idea why someone would take it off, it's worth $20. We hung around enjoying hot cheap donuts while the ground emptied, then I walked home and talked to the Beardman about concert experiences.

All up, it was really, really awesome, and even though it was exhausting and cold and wet, I'd do it again.

Tomorrow, Sale eisteddfod, and we're the only entry in our section. Wow, I wonder who will win. Then some psych and lit study, and chilling.



Friday, May 29, 2009

Peter Rabbit: Tank Killer.

'Lo all.

Man. I don't think I got enough sleep. Stayed up til threeish talking on msn. Woke up at seven, went down the street and froze, and got funny looks from passersby. The Doctor and a photographer rocked up half an hour after we did, made fun of us, talked to the youngest member of the band, who stuck his tooth out (it had to be Fraser, of course), then recorded a pair of marches with his phone. Stooged.

Went back home and crashed til two thirtyish. Feels good man.

So, the rest of today was fairly slow, because it was cold and I was tired and didn't feel like doing anything. Flicked through The Great Gatsby, and the passage we may (read: will) have to analyse will need reading again, I think. Also played Guitar Hero, I got so close to finishing One on hard, which annoys me. I haven't played it in ages since Fraser poached it off me, little bastard.

This evening, been kinda bored. At least I didn't get my hair mauled in Canberra, where it's even colder than it is here.

Tomorrow, big day. Going to go down the street before lunch, find some food and other supplies such as credit and glowsticks (and pegs, Rika), then mosey on down to the oval, where I'll dig out Aiden and wait for the others. Then I shall rock out for a few hours. No idea what to do next. Because of this, I highly doubt there will be a blog post tomorrow night. Sorry.

Oh yeah, checked the fallout on the triple j website, no photos where you can see me, which is excellent, plus the Hottest 100 of All Time opens on Monday, which will be awesome. Kashmir got sixty something eleven years ago, back when we had good taste in music. I reckon Never Gonna Give You up has a good chance of winning though.

Something bad is happening, and while it's a fun ride, it's not good. Hurm. What to do.



Thursday, May 28, 2009

"They'll come back, right?"

'Lo all.

Bipolar is the best word to describe today. The good bits were really good, the crap bits were fairly crap. But oh well. Obviously, this doesn't bode well karma wise.

Anyway. Get to school, go to chapel, get told that it's cancelled, we celebrate and leave. Then a lecture on how we must not cheat at exams and must not bring in phones and must not talk if there's a fire.

Media was meh, we talked about how 9/11 was represented. Business as usual. The exam is going to kill us.

Recess was meh.

Then lit. I had no real troubles with the essay, but I noticed that my writing slowly got messier as I went along. Then we rushed through another part of the book, and teacher hinted heavily that the one gorram bit that we don't study is the bit we'll have to analyse for the exam. We were not happy.

Lunch was fairly boring. Wandered around a bit, everyone seemed to have nicked off. Isaac unveiled his grand camping plan, this time for Amaya, which I think everyone's looking forward to. It'll be the first weekend of the holidays, so that'll be good.

Then maths, a rant on matrices that barely anyone listened to.

Psych was more practice tests, I'm doing alright on them, but I need to do proper study before the actual exam. I'm getting most of it right, but the trick questions get me. And sometimes the ethics ones, but oh well.

Packed bag and it starts raining. Rage.

Anyway, go home through the spitting, get changed and sprint down the street. No really out of the way places, so I sprint down to the other end of town, pick up a can of V, scream back to the chemist, have a look at the footy oval on the way (stage is getting set up next to the pub, which will be cool, I suppose), say hi to Jess and Jason, then go all the way to the Maffra road, and finish it all by 4:40. That's an hour, which I think is an achievement.

Back to the clocktower, hang out with Denny, Pat, Jess, Jason, Bernice, Annie, Sam, Marley, Pip, Wakely, and a buttload of other kids I recognised, and the regular bogans and gangsters, and their weird crossbred hybrids. Waited around for ages, then two vans rock up. Breakfast crew and Hilltop Hoods get out, we all scramble to have a look. Then they interview a yobbo, and Sam and Denny get bored, so they decide to get chips. While enjoying said chips, we see a shirt fly over the crowd, so we go back. Missed out on all the merch, but I found a sticker on the ground, and got Marieke to sign it, but it came off, which sucked. Jess got photos, Jason got a $20 note signed, Bernice and Wakely got their Hilltop Hood cds signed, and then everyone left. I hung around with Jess and Jason, and we were bored. Visited IGA to see Potter, and I picked up heaps of cheap mi goreng, and then wandered down to the Bis (not working Sunday!), then back to Jesss's, then home. My bike squeaks way too much.

And while I've been home, followed a rage thread, talked to a Megan, and didn't do much else. Lot of kiddies playing music tonight, and some have nicked right off. Hurm.

Tomorrow, haven't decided whether I want to get up really early to play music on the radio. I don't, really. Other than that, sleep in. No school for the win.



*** 366th BLOGGER POST! ***

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Comfortably Numb.

'Lo all.

Right. Exams mode. Grr. Gonna do well. Grr. Very serious business. Grr. No time for distractions like girls or partying. Grr. Need to- nah. Bugger it. After the One Night Stand, we concentrate like all hell. Or at least, that's the plan. It's only a practice exam on Monday anyway, proper exams don't start til Tuesday.

Despite extreme lack of sleep, dragged myself out of bed. Panicked as I finished literature homework, as Bernice replied just as I finished to a message asking for help. She had a slightly different conclusion. Hurm.

Get to school, new pants worked well. Very baggy, which is awesome. First up was lit, got a big rant about how much we all sucked, and how our resubmissions sucked, and how we will suck on the exam.

History was fairly annoying, we were told to do an assessment task, but then we got YouTube working, so we were told to do both. Ms Henry stumbled upon Achmed the Dead Terrorist, a Killzone trailer (ironic, since Yahtzee's theory is that they couldn't afford German voice actors for it, which is why they made them aliens), and a Hitler remix where his speech became a rap song.

Recess. Lot of emotion. I was hungry. The cake I won has found itself in everyone's lunchboxes. I am a disappoint.

Then psych, another practice test. Some bloody stupid vague questions, which pissed me off. Tori and I got nine multiple choice wrong, which amused us.

Media was another practice test, which I think was alright. Got to sit outside for five minutes before lunch, which irked me for some reason.

After house meetings, hung out. No better words for it, I suppose. Don't think I did much else.

Then we went to soccer, the filthy reds teamed up with us, and we tried, but we lost. Yellow has way too many good players.

Went home, talked to the usual suspects, Sam and Ryan are both boned for the practice exam in literature tomorrow, and I started my plan, which isn't a lot, but it's something.

Tomorrow, fairly busy. Gotta finish the thing for history, then an exam lecture-y thing, then lit practice thing which is going to be harsh, then work, then meet Jess and whoever else rocks up to see the breakfast crew and Hilltop Hoods at the clocktower.



Tuesday, May 26, 2009


'Lo readers.

Hell. I thought Mondays were bad.

Woke up too late, sprinted to school, played at assembly. Ms Henry makes a joke about the Get Smart theme, few forced smiles. Apparently Mrs Cartledge enjoyed it a bit too much, or something.

Then double history, discussed Leni Riefenstahl, didn't get to watch any movies though. Fast forwarded through an ancient documentary about her, with a very young looking Ian Henderson. Amaya appears to also enjoy The Black Keys, squeee.

Recess was meh. Lulu took a bite out of my pizza.

Double media was all revision until the end, then I did a rambling speech on social networking. Didn't get the point across, I think, but oh well.

Lunch wasn't too bad, for once. Hung around talking to people, avoided people with Alison, had a waterfight with Pat... business as usual.

Maths was fun, we had no idea where we were so we wandered around, then Mr Brennan found us and Tom and I asked him about calculators. Easy.

And then biology, which was more revision. Will need to get more practice tests off Mrs Moy soon.

After school, asked Bernice about lit homework (I'm doomed, it's due in nine hours), scared Amaya, then worked. It was hell.

Walked in, and there was a mountain of dishes. Once they were out of the way, they didn't stop. Very busy, who the hell goes out for tea at bloody eight? Eight thirty rolls around, my bin's full and heavy, dishes streaming in, and my bloody sinks were full. Turns out the dishie last night let something go down the drain, which stuck there. So, we called the manager's husband, who brought the super plunger, and he couldn't find anything. Him, Guy and me grabbed buckets and bailed out the sinks, then he unscrewed the u-bend to find a bottle lid and a chicken wing. Hurm. Finally finished about half an hour ago, got a lift off Miriam, and I'm tired and angry and hungry and damp. I need a shower and a hug and a coffee, but it's midnight.

Tomorrow, literature, then sport. Oh well.



Monday, May 25, 2009

Delicious cake.

'Lo everyone.

Man I hate Mondays. And no, I'm not a gorram ginger.

Get to school on time despite sleeping in, Alison ranted to me about a jump that looked like a cow. I would like to see this cow, if it's so realistic her horse wouldn't jump it.

First up is biology. Few revision notes, then the first practice test. I think I'll get a buttload of these off Mrs Moy tomorrow.

Then psych, another practice test. Only got four wrong in the multiple choice, which I think is good. The tricky bit will be the short answer, I think.

Recess was meh.

Lit sucked for ten minutes, I realised my interpretation of the text was way off, and I was late to a music lesson, where Mr C told me about his days as a fry cook.

Maths was eerily quiet without Mr Dude, Tom and I discussed partying with Molly, who turned red when we mentioned Joe Smith. Lol lol lol lol lol.

Then lunch. Lulu and I got her deb photos, and she looks good in them, though I don't, as usual. Then I followed Kelly to say happy birthday to Belle, and they had cake and slideshows and were listening to Vampire Weekend, and then Mr C saw me and waved, which meant I had to go to brass ensemble. Grabbed Aiden, fell asleep in some crappy arrangements, then went to history.

Fairly boring, no essay in the exam anymore though, which is good. Amaya was bored, so was everyone else, I think.

Then media. Teacher wanted to get out of classroom, so we discussed codes and conventions outside the artroom, so a couple of Pat and Ruby sized seagulls came out. Pat proved he was better at media than the rest of us, and Amaya decided to take my iPod home. Not sure how she'll get any music out of it, but oh well..

Then band. Pretty meh, Oliver now sits next to me, which doesn't bode well. Mr C was pissed at everyone, drummers spoiled his rant. After Danielle and Josh dropped around for cake, more band, which finished early. I won me some cake, woo.

Saw a flyer on the interbutt, may as well advertise here. Robbie, Marieke and the Doctor will be at the clocktower at five-ish Thursday afternoon with Hilltop Hoods and free stuff. Which is awesome because I like free stuff, Marieke, and Hilltop Hoods, and will be in the area at that time for work anyway, which is cool

Tomorrow, doubles day, or as Aiden calls it, 'FIVE MATHS TUESDAY!'. No lit though. But then, I've got work. But then, it's a four day week. Meh.



Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Breaks.

‘Lo readers.

Today I woke up in the afternoon, finished the literature homework, and downloaded a new Tame Impala track.

Tomorrow is Monday, and I am not looking forward to it.



Saturday, May 23, 2009

The bustle in your hedgerow.

'Lo everyone.

Today I worked. I finished off all the dishes in an hour, then peeled many many many carrots. My peeling technique is now flawless.

Went home after that, checked news, got bored, watched a dvd, resisted starting literature homework, as while I have an idea as to what to write, I don't think it's the right one.

Tomorrow, I'm going to sleep in til like twelve. Can't wait. Shall be highlight of weekend.

By the way George, I've now got all of the Black Key's albums except their (official) live one, and some singles, so when that usb comes back I'll give you them all.

And has anyone ever heard of the Eddy Current Suppression Ring?


Anyway, the end.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Farewell Rocketship.

'Lo readers.

Stupid school events. Too much forced enthusiasm for my taste. I'll admit that being in the audience during a good performance or a spectacular failure can be entertaining, especially if the horde's around. Still.


First up at school was homeroom. We got the exam timetables. Mad panic. Major benefit to being in year eleven is that if you don't have an exam, you don't have to be at school. Some people have five day weekends. I can get 3 afternoons off, which isn't bad. One clash, so I visited Mrs Cartledge, and was late to media, where we were doing actual revision (shock horror!).

Then biology, little test on reproduction. I handed mine in, Mrs Moy flicked through it, and handed it back, suggesting some spots where I went wrong. I WTF'd. Are teachers allowed to do this? But then she did the same thing to a couple of other kids, so I guess it's ok. I dunno. You tell me.

Recess was quiet til everyone nicked off, Aiden took me and Oliver to the library, where we sat around and a lot of chattering little kids discussed chess. Very strange. I lost my first game (in three years, I might add) after a long and drawn out battle against the French exchange student in year ten. Neither of us knew what we were doing. Then Aiden and I went to play in the jazz thing, got handed a bright pink bloody tie, and then we went on stage. Didn't stuff up, all over fairly quickly, then back into the chess where the guy I was playing against drew it quickly, and I watched Isobelle play Kirky til the bell went. Damned bored teachers locked us in, so we couldn't watch the rock bands.

Lunch was fairly quiet, talked to Amaya then played L-shaped 1on1 Bottle Soccer (exactly as it sounds) against Tom.

Then the afternoon thing, went on stage again and we sang our Beatles song, watched as the blue house used a gimmick to lose, and the red house use a gimmick to win. Dancing was meh, lot of suggestiveness from the year eights for some reason, then in the seniors there were two male strippers, then a buttload of crossdressing, which ended up with Steve in full Rocky Horror outfit doing the Timewarp in heels. The poor bastard. We'll be making Tom do something similar next year when we're in charge.

Results got announced; despite winning the music, Binks lost again. We came fourth. Spectacular.

After school, went down the street, followed Ryan to the hippy shop to look at a cool hoody (it had a very cool hood, but very very expensive), then chips. We had a huge crowd, both Aidens, Daewoo, Denny, Ryan, Sam, Hayden, Potter, Jess, Jason, Jason's brother and his little friends, and me. Lot of chips.

Then back home, checked the news with my crappy internet and downloaded some Children Collide after Emma gave me an idea. Right now I'm talking to a mildly intoxicated Tara and Tabby. They seem to be having fun, I think...? Katie dropped in as well, she was exhausted, but she kept the girls awake.

Tomorrow, work, which isn't cool, and then literature homework. Hurm.



Thursday, May 21, 2009

She Builds Quick Machines.

'Lo all.

Man. Getting sick of sleeping through alarms. Have added third one, tempted to use phone as well.

Get to school, frost had formed on knuckles and chest. This is not cool.

Chapel was dull, apart from Aiden's singing. Teachers are beginning to get wise to it, which is worrying.

Then extended homeroom, got me a practice year twelve exam on Monday. Scary.

Biology was fairly quiet, Mrs Moy said I was doing fine but I need to write more. Meh.

Recess was meh. We went shopping at the canteen. Muffins were warm.

Double maths started off alright, but it was dull. Sick of copying down examples that are in the textbook.

Then lunch. There was fishing line attached to the tree. We cut fruit with it, and tried to decapitate people. Then Aiden found me and dragged me to rehearsal. Didn't sound too bad. He told me there was a sound check during period six, which was good because I'd miss a bit of literature. Nick was talking to Guy, who waved at me. Wonder what made him want to hang out at school on his day off.

Psych was good. We did another practice test, only got four multiple choice wrong. Getting a bit scared about the exam for serious reals, as there was a three mark difference between an A+ and a B+ last year. No pressure.

The sound check was interesting. It was basically Mr Bennett shouting at everyone. The Binks rock band sounds good, Darby's solo will be good if we can hear it, and I get my own mike because I'm the only bass end player in the jazz thing. Got the last ten minutes of lit, detailed and gory description of the dead woman, notes on the board about existentialism, and a practice exam handed to me. Wat.

Denny followed me home, he has grand plans for his broken bike, then I went on the drug run. Had to go right across town, bloody annoying. Finished the first round, more stuff for the nursing homes I'd already gone past had appeared. Dammit. Went home and persuaded the Beardman to drive me round. Then games night, killed a noob with multicolour marines and Alan, and had half my stuff left on the board at the end. Great success.

Back home, checked the news, doesn't look like I've missed much. Beardman is worried about the One Night Stand all of a sudden, which is annoying me. Fraser will need looking after, I'll be fine (famous last words?).

Tomorrow, couple of periods, then I have to lose at chess and go on stage. Hurm. At least it'll be Friday.



Wednesday, May 20, 2009


'Lo readers.

Fairly meh day today. No sport.

Woke up to the cold, didn't want to drag myself outside. This is a problem I shall have to fix eventually.

First up at school was biology, which was all about flowers, which are just so incredibly interesting. Not looking forward to the test, but it'll be short.

Then media, more stupid revision project. Makes no sense. Getting worried as we're running out of lessons.

Recess. Meh.

In history, I formatted the project, and handed it in when the bell went. Success.

Then maths, which was a waste of time. Same old same old.

House meetings sucked because they took up lunchtime. Lunchtime was fairly quiet anyway. Getting tired of being followed. I can see someone else is too, I think. Ah well.

Then more history, group discussion about propaganda. Tom and I played flash games.

Finally psych, finished off a practice test, only got two multiple choice wrong, which I think is a good sign.

After school, went down the street with Denny and Sam. We got "ice cream sandwiches", which were surprisingly good, then discussed cars over chips. Wasted a lot of time, then ended up in maccas reminiscing loudly and profanely in front of a bogan and some skaterfags. On the way home, Denny's axle broke on his bike, so he limped home. Nearly got hit by a truck too, which added to the drama.

Back home, watched a lot of tv, just have to do history homework. Feel a bit detached.

Tomorrow, double maths, which will be ever so much fun.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


'Lo all.

Denny dropped in this morning, talked about Supreme Commander and how excruciatingly realistic it is.

Assembly was dull, except for Louise ripping her blazer in front of us, then psych in the computer rooms. I passed the SAC fairly well, only two stupidly stupid mistakes, but they've mathed it down for the study score and it looks less impressive. Damn. Kicking into revision mode here, I think I've got three weeks til this exam though.

Then lit, realised that my essay was missing a definition of the American dream, so I scribbled it in and handed it in. We then got the usual lecture on the book, after discussing books we could read for next unit. Oliver should be ashamed I know more about Lovecraft than he does.

Recess was meh, as far as I can remember. It was boring.

Media sucked. I can see what the teacher is trying to do, but representing abstract concepts for a short film as a revision task for an important exam isn't working.

And then there was history, I just need to add a conclusion and some more pictures tomorrow, then it's done. Talked to James about white supremicism, Emily seems to have missed the joke where Nick isn't really one.

Lunch sucked. Denny and I visited the netballers, and were told we couldn't play because we didn't have shoes. Not that I'd get into the team anyway, I don't have the reach. Went back to the tables, chatted to people while Josh the Touchy Feely Kid got touched himself. He seems to enjoy it now. Hayden has found a kindred spirit. Told a lot of depressingly bad jokes, seems to horrify Agnik. Must remember this.

Maths sucked, slowly went through an example, then were made to do graphs. My ruler doesn't work, the numbers have faded out.

Then biology, which didn't suck. No year tens (they are doomed), went through meiosis. We have a new exchange student, this time from Japan, who's in the class. Mrs Moy accidently put her on the spot, poor girl.

Anyway. Went home, had coffee, went to work. Fairly quiet night, all done by ten, talked to Guy about parties (need to ask about Saturday week...), and chopped a lot of vegetables. Hurm. Afterwards, drove around in the thick fog, which was cool.

Tomorrow, no sport, so I dunno. No literature either though, woo.



Monday, May 18, 2009

"Just throw a rock at him!"

'Lo readers.

Hell. More hours spent on literature essay. Not fun. Need to keep distracted to prevent ragequits.

Anyway. Denny rocked up this morning with frost on his jumper. It has begun. Shall need to dig out gloves for school soon.

First up at school was a spare, which was good. I retyped a different lit assignment, then did some revision. Walked into classroom, got handed test, finished it in less than fifteen minutes, then panicked. Oh god, what if I've been given a test that's missing a page? What if I missed a dozen questions? Did some very quiet swearing, flicked through it half a dozen times, then handed it up. Ignored the shocked looks on the year twelves faces. Went to find Emily Ross, who did the test the period before, and it seems we both had the same last question, which is good. Still, brix were shat.

Recess was meh. I was damned hungry. Maybe it's a side effect of the test.

Then lit, more going over text and warnings about loss of fingers if work isn't handed up.

Followed by biology, we got to play with snakes instead of dancing. The snakes didn't taste good and some damn year tens beat me on the test.

Lunch. Instead of going to history, we hung around. Fairly boring, girls all nicked off, talked to Amaya while her groupies orbited, and watched as a small scale foodfight erupted. Sam then put a hole in the lid of a drink bottle, and sprayed everyone who thought they were safe. Clever.

Bit of history, introduced my new cartoon, did a bit of formatting, then a music lesson, where Mr C and I discussed tubas.

Walked into the last ten minutes of media, and I was terrified. They'd all done some big concepty thing for revision, and I was told I was (Belle's brother and lover) Contruction. After forcing out some explanations, teacher told me that she was making a short film to help us revise. If I fail the exam because of this, I'm going to shoot something. Seems like a stupid idea, but maybe it's just because I missed the first bit.

Homeroom was downstairs, which was good. We're definitely getting lazier as a homeroom, it went from Mrs Ripon not bothering to unlock the door to Mrs Ripon not bothering to go upstairs. Which suits us fine, of course. She's cool.

Band sucked, too few people. Afterwards, we made fun of Gav and Bree (who are going to kill us tomorrow) and discussed the merits of throwing rocks at the touchy feely year seven, who Hayden and Isaac seem to enjoy.

Went home, started work on the essay, nearly done, I think. Going to print it off once I crosspost this, probably. She's not going to like it, but she'll give me more feedback so I can try and get a B or something when I resubmit it.

Tomorrow, it's not doubles day, which is good, but I dunno. I'm working tomorrow night, which means that karma's going to make it hell.



Sunday, May 17, 2009

Colonic Hydrotherapy.

'Lo all.

Title courtesy of Tara, who informs me it involves hoses and flushing out waste.

Interesting day today.

Went to work, saw the Roulettes do all their aerobatics ridiculously low over the town as I rode, which was very cool. Part of me hoped there'd be a dramatic and firey crash directly over Sale. Anyway, I worked hard, nothing to do as one rolled around, so Ferg said I could wash some windows and handed me some metho. Woo. Fifteen minutes of that, he told me I could go home since everyone was just ordering coffees. Saw a pair of kittens sprint away from me and hide under a building.

Back home, sent off passage analysis, still haven't got a reply, which worries me. Then began some psych revision, and panicked, as I have left the other lit thing due tomorrow at school.

And after that, not much. Finally found one cartoon for history, which I'll be printing, but I still need to find another one that has relevance to the other bits of the assignment. Talked to Tara (happy?) and kept an eye on the school inbox.

Tomorrow, a spare, then a psych sac. Oh boy. Then everything else that's usually on a Monday. I can't wait.


Anyway, the end.

*breaking news* Cartledge replied! My essay is crap! Work to do! Hell!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Them Bones.

'Lo all.

Sick of literature.

Spent most of the day working on lit essay, just padding it out at the moment, though the conclusions a bit iffy. Will send it off for critique soon.

Also downloaded some music, couple of surprisingly good Muse covers, and Pendulum stuff. Also played a fancy version of Tower Defence.

Today was good because I got something done while wasting a lot of time. I like days like that, keep me occupied.

Tomorrow, working, then probably more lit work.



Friday, May 15, 2009

What bounces up and down at 100km/h?

'Lo readers.

So glad it's finally Friday night.

This morning, slept through my alarms for a whole hour, which I feel is quite an achievement.

First up at school was psych, but not really. Had another spare, read paper, hung out with drama kids as they photocopied. More couples springing up, like bloody mushrooms, man. This may trigger a rush, as girls won't want to be left out. It's happened before. Hilarious, really.

Then history, nearly done with this god damn assignment. Need to find a political cartoon, which will be infuriating.

Recess was windy.

Double biology was just note taking, which I'm not fussed about. Not looking forward to exam, but meh.

Then lunch, we just sat around laughing at random crap. Lotta dead baby jokes, bit of gossip, and much screwing up Agnik's newspaper. Emma and Aiden got the first soccerball out of the term, though no one really got up to play, except Gav and Dayne. Ruined their romantic moment, maybe, well done those men.

Lit sucked, took more notes, suddenly started gossiping. Jesus. Not interested, even though Mrs Cartledge seemed to be. She made fun of Oliver until he turned pink.

Finally maths, waste of time. Plastic girls just making fun of the poor freshie, not taking him seriously at all. So it gets boring. So I sleep.

Went home, went down the street, said hi to Meg and her braindead assistant, then off to play music. We wasted a lot of time walking around in circles, then played. I was meh, stuffed up a fairly important bit, but oh well. Sisters were trying their best to annoy me, girls all thought they were cute. They missed out on meeting Fraser though. We would have laughed. Then we sang and escaped.

Back home, looking up dead baby jokes with Denny. This is definitely not good for me psychologically.

Tomorrow, sleep as long as possible, finish lit essay and send it.



ps. the answer is a baby tied to a truck...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


'Lo all.

Very grey, windy day today. Which would be cool if I didn't have to ride to school, or for work. Hurm.

Get to school, file into chapel, sit near Aiden and Oliver, whose singing makes the whole half hour bearable.

Then extended homeroom, hung out on the balcony and plotted muck up day with Meg, Lulu, and Wiffy. We'll need tents and crashmats...

Media was alright, because I didn't have to present my thing. Had a practice exam, some of the stuff on it we haven't looked at yet.

Then recess. Meh. The strange year seven kid visited again. I think he's enjoying the... attention (?) he's getting off Hayden and Isaac.

Double lit. Went through how to analyse passage. Good. By the end of it we were all yawning though.

Lunch sucked. Was enjoying chilling out, then I got conscripted into playing in the jazz ensemble. Can't play trombone though. Oh well, says Fearless Leader, you can play the eupho. Eupho is not jazz instrument. My protests fall on deaf ears. Part is ridiculously easy once the timings are alright, as it's Tom Jones. Meh.

Maths was meh too. We changed Kelly's calculator language, and Belle picked apart a bouncy ball.

Then psych, teacher ditched us, went to library, year twelves started playing The Age quiz. Got bored and escaped, talked to the girls (and Tom) who just got back from camp. They didn't seem to have enjoyed it.

Work sucked, had to go Weir St way, and had a surprisingly large amount of loot for the nursing homes.

After tea, games night. Wanted to try out 2000pts, but James only brought 1500. He then picked the table with the least amount of cover, and shot me to death. Bastard. First loss so far though, and I reckon it was a bit iffy, but oh well.

Then back home, discussed baby names, traded youtubes, and saw Leighton's photos. He's pressing charges. Good on him.

Tomorrow, double biology. Should have finished lit essay by then.

Seems we've hit autopilot mode. Not complaining. Probably will be soon, I dunno. Damn teenagers.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First It Giveth.

'Lo all.

Surprisingly good day today, in relation to the rest of the week, of course, as today isn't going to be particularly memorable in the long run, but it wasn't bad.

Woke up with my head exploding, sprinted to school because a form had to be filled out, which took time.

We had literature first up. Went around in circles with Isobelle til we saw Ryan, then found the rest in the ISC. Got ranted at, but now I have my main points for the essay. Mrs Cartledge is really not happy with the lack of contributions.

Then history, couple more hundred words, and flickering computer access and lights. Hurm.

I ate a lot at recess. Feels good man.

Sat in for a bit of psych, got heaps of tictacs to make us remember research methods. Then out to catch a bus to the cinema.

Slumdog Millionaire - ****
It's good, and it's original, but it drags. The first half or so is pretty good, and there is suspense in the game show bits, but it gets fairly dull in other places. Plus there's a lot of deus ex machina, which I didn't like. Not bad though, worth seeing, and it looks like it'll be fairly easy to study as the effects and themes are obvious.

Took the minibus to soccer, house teams today. Binks and Tisdall teamed up, so we had the unbeatable partnership of Hayden and Aiden, as well as the Kiwi and Pat, against the other lot. We won, Dayne (OUR goalie) was THEIR only goal scorer.

Back at school, handed back suit, caught up on gossip (good luck), bought trackpants (woo, no freezing next Wednesday!), then began working on the lit thing. Didn't get far. Also downloaded some more Queens of the Stone Age, talked to George, and watched the offensive Gruen Transfer bit.

Tomorrow, double lit. Oh boy! Then I get to smash James's panzees.



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"It's easy, we just need a montage!"

'Lo readers.

Hurm. Slept through alarms this morning, not cool. Sisters refuse to help with chores.

Instead of assembly, got yanked into singing. Pretty meh.

Then double history, I'm up to a thousand words, but sitting next to James is depressing.

Recess was meh, as far as I can remember. Got a cold jam donut, and was told as I finished it that they'd warm it up. Damn

Media was also meh. Finished slideshow, watched a short film (BELLE STOLE MY IDEA!) and a couple of powerpoints. Oliver's was a bit iffy. He didn't need to mention anything about that site, and if he did, he should have done his research. Tomorrow we're going to the cinema to watch Slumdog Millionaire.

At lunch, we all went to netball tryouts. Mr Ryan explained the rules, then we were given some girls to bulk out the teams. I am too short to be of any use, though some of them really got into it. Girls said we were terrible, but we knew what to do. We've seen the Mighty Ducks.

Maths was funny, because the freshie teacher buggered an equation right at the start, so we wasted twenty minutes getting the wrong answer.

Then biology, fairly quiet. I passed the test fairly well, the questions I guessed I got wrong, but oh well. One was worded weird, wonder if anyone got it right.

Went home, checked the news, went to work, survived it. Made friends with the barman, he pointed out a surprising fiftyish year old, and gave me leftover chocolate sauce.

Tomorrow, need to go to school, feel crap though. Hate colds. Only two periods, I guess, but still.



Monday, May 11, 2009


'Lo readers.

God damn I hate Mondays. This one had it's ups and downs, but still.

Woke up with a cold. Might need to clean shed out, and make sure cat doesn't go inside for a while, and then make heater work properly (sans timer). Then started painting. Woo.

Got to school, joyous biology first up. Had a test that was fairly easy, though I didn't study for it. Had no real troubles with it, though one or two of the trick multiple choice questions I took guesses on.

Then psych, went through revision slideshows and practice tests. Such fun.

Recess, I caught up on some of the news from Friday and Saturday nights from Julian and Ryan (who is now Batman). Seems I missed all the fun (and Isaac puking enough to fill a bucket).

Lit sucked, more going over the passage for the response, fairly dull. Oliver was laughed at by Mrs Cartledge for not dancing with her, and we somehow got onto the topic of the Presets having meaningful music.

Then maths, Tom and I were just laughing about parties. Got some more background of Zombiemolly, circles within retarded circles with these people.

Lunch. Oh boy. Everyone cliqued up. Tara's voice had gone weird from Saturday night, very cool, even if she didn't like it. Despite the hilarity of the situation, it got boring fairly quick. Aiden decided to lighten things up by gossiping himself. At the end of it all, I swung on a branch of a tree. Now, I'm light. Tom, who is hugely tall and heavy, decided to also swing on this branch. Very loud crack. Hilarious.

History was meh, got another 300ish words down, which is good. Need to clean up some facts, put in dates, and get some good cartoons. Should be fine.

Then media, put in some crappy pictures for my slideshow, since I wimped out of filming. We're going to see Slumdog Millionaire in the cinema on Wednesday. Hurm.

After school was band, which was meh. Lotta stress, as we're performing on Friday and we suck. Oh well. Afterwards, drama kids were getting warmed up for their play. Many benefits for us, surprisingly. Thanks Emily.

Went home, checked the news, band again, sucked, then home, where I'm getting said dates for history.

Tomorrow, double history and double media and then work. Oh well. Another depressing waste of time, least I'll get paid for some of it.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


'Lo readers.

We're back.

Two other Fords dropped in today, hung out and had chinese food. I have seen the footage of the deb, I stand by my earlier statement of no good photos.

Then drove home, no problems at all, really. Realised the speedo is off by 4ish km/h, which was annoying, but I survived.

Back home, caught up on the news, seems I didn't miss much. Hurm.

Tomorrow, I think I have a biology test which I have not studied for, and too much band, which I'm not particularly interested in at the moment.



Saturday, May 9, 2009


'Lo all.

Drove to Ocean Grove today. No major troubles on the way up. I won a free Mars Bar.

Everyone down here is fine, it seems, though Carlton lost.

Just checked the fallout, I really hate photos, I am yet to see a good one of me, but oh well. One hilarious one though. A lot of photos look eerily similar though.

Anyway. Sick of the deb. Glad it's over. Wanted to go to Jason's, circumstances have moved against me. If there are any small animals on the road tomorrow, they shall be run over without mercy (since there were none today).

Speaking of tomorrow, going home to chill and get the news about Jason's and Cummo's after lunch.



Friday, May 8, 2009

The "Year Eleven" Ball.

'Lo readers.

Very tempted to go Gonzo. I blame Will.

Lessee. Woke up late, fed. Aiden and Denny dropped in, I have my phone back ("do you have such and suches number?" "blah blah what?" and an advertisment for a movie. Grr). We then played Pandemic, and had one round where we started in Madagascar, but the vaccine stopped us once we'd infected the entire world. Then cleaned self up, showered, then suited up. Grandparents dropped in too take pictures, as did sisters, which irked me. I don't smile well.

Then the official photos. Lulu looked very good, as did most of the other girls there. Denny was enjoying a cheeseburger. Had to wear gloves, which was scary, then got a cane. Didn't think about hair, really. Don't want to buy these pictures. Went home and ate some more, nerves began kicking in.

Back to school for the big photo, hung out with the rest. Lot of pretty girls wandering around, though some of them went too far. I counted three oompa loompas. One looked like she had a basket on her head, but I dunno, maybe that's fashionable. Oliver had also done his hair, all straightened and sideparted. Opinions went from Zac Efron to Pete Wentz (I think he's a singer) to just gay. We lol'd.

After the big photo, took the buses down to the hall. Will mooned the bus behind us, and we interfered with Sarah's attempt to get a photo.

Before walking out, Lulu was stressing. It went alright though. Everyone was nervous. I was thirsty, more than anything else. Walked down slowly, probably didn't smile enough, but oh well. We didn't trip. That's the thing they don't warn you about, the girls all wear these huge dresses, which are easily stepped on.

We then went back out, boys dance was boring, I only stuffed up one bit, then the waltz, where everyone stuffed up one bit, then the one after that, which was dull, and the circle one, where all the girls told to me to smile and pretend to enjoy myself. Hurm.

Then another photo, and some speeches, one of which was from Goody which insulted the parents. Parent dances were crap, Isobelle's mum and I kept on crashing into other terrified parents, then the next dance, I had Alison's enthusiastic dad in front of me, who I also crashed into a lot, and then the last dance (the easy one) went to hell, everyone out of time because we'd forgotten one bit or the other.

After that, fairly boring. Wandered around in circles, got into one photo with the lads (who were all holding me. being the lightest one sucks), and then we moshed. I am surprised so many people remember the nutbush. Lot of people got crowdsurfed, including me. Tom got bored so we went to maccas.

It was very dull after that, caught up on the gossip (so far, one and a half new couples), then followed Potter and Meg to maccas again. Caught up with Aiden, then went to Caz's. Talked to Naomi a bit, then Isaac, Hayden, and Sam rocked up. We went in, collected the rest of the girls, and went to Will's.

I believe Will's is a right of passage, to be honest. I wasn't there long, as I figured I should probably get home early, but it wasn't too bad. Usual suspects were there, lot of them friendly and surprised a filthy prole like me had shown up. Lot of the guys were still in suits (Will had changed into his blue one, and Guy was in Ryan's pimp coat). Lack of drinks, interest, and time, made me go home.

Thinking too much at the moment. Need more sleep to chill.

Tomorrow, Ocean Grove. No Jason's, no Cummo's at the footy oval. I am a disappoint. Wish to hurt something. If you're going to either, keep me updated until you can't work a phone anymore, pretty please? Will get to finish psych homework and see everyone though.



Oh yeah. Another thing I have learnt (this makes number eight, I think). It is possible to blog sanely after half a drink. Interesting.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


'Lo readers.

I want to sleep. Things are conspiring against me, I swear. Ah well.

Slept in an extra ten minutes this morning, cat decided to wake me up. Grr.

Skipped chapel for choir this morning, not sure which was the lesser of two evils.

Biology was alright, finished the revision sheet. Girls were talking about notdeb parties. Hope someone gets a picture of the huge one at the footy oval.

Recess was meh. I got a hot chocolate that tasted like hot chocolate.

Then double maths. Had a test that was obscenely tricky, I can't remember studying some of the stuff there. Might have been away for those lessons at music camp, but I dunno. Most people seemed to agree with me. Ah well. It's maths. Second lesson was going through examples, which went straight over a few heads, I think. What is this freshie doing, engaging with the class? He made a brief stab at a *REMOVED BY ORDER OF THE INQUISITION* conversation, nice touch.

Lunch was slow. Went around in circles, ended up following the horde to room eight, talked to girls, abused Sam about his lit response until he fixed it, then browsed The Offended Page with Isaac in front of several curious and disgusted people. Emily decided to go all moral on us about laughing at the pictures. We are immature, deal with it. You aren't forced to hang out with us. If we're too immature for you, try it yourself. It's rather fun.

Psych was in the computer room. Submitted my powerpoint and idly browsed psychological disorders on wikipedia. I don't like what it told me.

Lit was meh. Talked about alcohol. Want to analyse the damn passage soon so we can get going, not get sidetracked by Sam and Jasper's 'witty' comments.


After school, went back down the street. Windy, but not too bad. Had to deliver heaps of capillary testing thingies to a nursing home. Saw Denny and Ryan, who were waiting for Erin. After tea, went to games night, played against Phil and John, who are two old pros. Scared the hell out of me, made a couple of stupid mistakes, but I still had a fair bit left on the board when we called it quits. Looking forward to playing James next week. Got lots of comments about my conversion work.

Right now, I'm kind of bored. Internet is cutting out on me, which is preventing any meaningful conversation. Aiden has found my phone, not that it'll have any texts or missed calls when I get it back. No, stop thinking, man! Snap out of it!

Tomorrow, going to sleep in as long as possible, then get photos, then dance. Not going to be cool. Us guys are now worried about tripping the girls over in their dresses.

I believe there may not be a post until either very late tomorrow or Saturday, if then. If I don't post tomorrow night, I'll post Saturday morning, as I'm still not sure about my movements Saturday night.



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left.

'Lo readers.

This morning I slept through my alarms. Barely slept last night. Dunno why. Least I didn't dream about missing the deb, Ryan.

School sucked, as while it was Wednesday, it was also freezing cold.

I am very tired, and appear to have messed up my subjects. However, I can tell you that biology was quiet and I slept, and in media I experimented with video effects. I now have a start, and an end. History was meh, first 300ish words done on the big project, and in maths, Tom and I actually got work done, shock horror.

At lunchtime, all the guys were conscripted for netball, and I hunted down a soccerball. Eventually got footage of Pat shouting at a computer, and after that he showed the weird-kid (don't even know his name) The Offended Page.

Soccer was meh, hung out in defence, subbed out, since I was the (second) crappest player on the team. Sam scored a goal (while he was in 'defence'), and the new kid scored in the first two minutes. Woah.

Sick of bike and deb training. Glad it was the last rehearsal. Teachers hanging around juice bar and McDonalds, clever but ultimately pointless. I personally went to donut king, Isaac got Up&Go from Coles. Deb training itself was meh. We're getting it, maybe need another session to clean it up, but oh well. Walked home, Beardman tells me that Danielle has left me hanging. *rage*.

Only highlight to the evening was winning a free song out of a Shapes box. I'm still shouting.

Tomorrow, an open book maths test. Hurm.

I wish to go to Jason's party. I have said it. I also need to do some filming of stuff at home. This is not good when I also need to go to Ocean Grove this weekend. Don't know what to do. Really annoying.



Tuesday, May 5, 2009


'Lo all.


School was meh. Assembly was in the hall. Long winded explanation of parachuting from the principal. Made it sound so un-exciting.

Psych was in the computer room, another task where we had to pick a topic and do the standard slideshow about it. Got it done, looked up the One Night Stand site, they've announced SOME WONTHAGGI BAND as the Unearthed opener. They'll get booed off stage, I think.

Lit was meh. Somehow got onto the topic of Sam's dad being taught by Mrs Cartledge, and Sam boldly asked how old she was. Another assessment task coming up, not looking forward to it.

Recess was meh.

Media was also meh. Can't do filming today, will do some and finish it Thursday, and that'll give me a couple of days to edit it. Oliver was looking at demotivators in class, teacher thought it was very funny until they started getting racist/naked. Her reaction made it funnier.

Then history, where tried hunting down a politcal cartoon, and began drafting the first part, which will be done in class tomorrow.

Lunch sucked. Went around in circles. Got invited to Jason's all official-like, don't think I can go. Only deb party I'm ever going to get, but oh well.

Maths was crap, doing linear equations (meh), and Mr Brennan had a freshie who thought Tom and I weren't working. Grr.

Biology, however, was actually alright. Got the sheet done, we all discussed gardening with Mrs Moy.

In homeroom, Aiden suggested we all try out for netball. Hurm. Went down the street to pick up supplies, have an idea for a fightabommer.

Checked the news, went to work, fairly meh, had to mop a coolroom, so I froze. Lots of party pies that weren't being eaten, so I helped myself.

Tomorrow, will need to do homework, not sure what sport I'm doing, will be filming, and then the last deb practice. No pressure. Danielle agreed to do the parent's dance with me, but there's no parent's dance practice, because it seems we aren't having another rehearsal crammed in, as we were told.



Monday, May 4, 2009

"I'm a man in a suit, how could I be lying?"

'Lo readers.

Man. I hate Mondays.

And I'm sitting here, watching Mad Men, tempted to go Gonzo. The mind wanders.

Anyway. Confusing, cold, and boring day. Few highlights, unfortunately.

Double psych was meh. Got the work done, all the year twelves going on about a mad-as party they all seem to have attended. Boring.

Then recess. I was hungry.

Walked into lit, got a lot of little hole-punched bits of paper thrown at me, then got growled at by Mrs Cartledge, who seemed to be in a ranty mood. Ducked out for a music lesson, where I offered my opinion on things while being made to learn chromatic scales.

Then biology, drew a diagram of the kidney and finished a revision sheet. Claire made us do the test on Thursday. Grr.

Lunch. Went to pick up suits, got made to try them on. We all looked very snappy, even Tom, with his new haircut (he looks identical to the new New Zealander kid from behind, scary [and they're both doing the same job {at the same time ((I'm running out of brackets!))} at the deb]). Then a lot of standing around being bored, since the women closed ranks and the dudes were just following others around. And I'm leaving too much unsaid, but then, if I said it, people wouldn't like it very much.

History was meh. Got some pictures, need to find a good cartoon and an explanation for it, then start drafting. Which is going to be ever so much fun this week.

Media, got told to work on a backup plan in case I can't film. Found some fairly interesting stuff. Meh.

Band after homeroom. Aiden wore his suit. Mr C could barely take him seriously.

Went home, began doing homework. Still cleaning up the lit thing, but I plan on resubmitting it. Remembered deb presents, Lulu told me to chill. Still plan on getting her something, Meg had a good idea. Downloading Fraps at the moment too, so I should be able to finish that part of the media thing soon.

Tomorrow, I don't care. And that's not good.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

This one time, at band camp...

'Lo all.

Aren't I original. Very tired right now, not helping mood.

Lessee. Friday, stacked truck, watched a bit of Happy Gilmore with Kelly, suffered Oliver's music, played a lot of music, publicly insulted people, lost a few games of pool, then visited a room on the other side at 3am. Ahem. Not much detail because it was so long ago.

Yesterday. Even more music, meh. Monique joined the eupho section, not sure how long for though. It's cool having someone else there though. Played more pool, lost to Kelly twice, beat Aiden, and there was a trivia night. No one would listen to our answers. Then Dayne went up for a substitute game, poor bastard. Our night time expedition this time involved a five year old fart bomb and another room, pretty meh, Pat's fangirls get Pat in room, etc, etc. Pat himself had just blown the previously mentioned fart bomb in his face, however he was pretty sure it was empty.

Then today, not very cool at all. Severe lack of sleep was pissing me off, then we had to play a crappy medley of eighties music (some Michael Jackson, the Olympics theme [since when has the Olympics had a theme? {the eighties, I suppose}], and the ET theme). So lame it was funny, especially the Flashdance bit. The Simpson's sixties medley was ten times better, it was just All Along the Watchtower to footage of hippies getting shot, man on the moon, and man in Vietnam. Going off on a tangent here.

Forgot to mention, made us do another big choir thing, pretty crap. Singing about reconciliation (of course) to ukeleles. We messed with it; all of us tried to go as low as possible except Aiden, who snuck into the sopranos with his falsetto. Scary, really.

Caught a lift back to Sale with Aiden's mum, talked about driving with Lulu, Dayne and Aiden, then had a shower and went to deb training. It dragged. Dunno what my profile thingy that gets read out is. Also caught up on the news, seems like Isaac, Sam, and Hayden had an interesting Friday night. They changed some of the dances around and rushed through their explanations. Hurm. Then the parents started arriving. Depressing as all hell, considering yesterday. Isobelle said I could dance with her mum, who I believe was looking forward to sitting back and laughing at them, as I was. We had to waltz, which ended up in people crashing into each other. Then a progressive dance (another bloody waltz), most of the mums seemed scared as hell (with good reason). One of the dances was to Dire Straits, I lol'd. Repressed everything and made a quick exit, feels good man.

Home again, business as usual. Wasn't helped all that much with my lit thing, but I'd like to try and get an extention. 'Specially since I have to start concentrating on the damned media thing. That'll be interesting. Bloody busy every afternoon this week, and I can't do anything on the weekend because we're going to Ocean Grove. I need scenes where people aren't in school uniform, dammit, and I need to be able to edit that footage. Hurm.

Tomorrow, while we're on the subject, I want to skip both bands to finish this lit thing and get the fraps stuff done for media, but we can't do that, can we.