Wednesday, April 8, 2009


'Lo all.

Not much to report.

Downloaded the Zep concert from 07, not the best quality, recording or performance wise. Almost everything got slowed down. Ah well, it's been 40 years...

Went down to the Bis, can't swap shifts, bossman isn't happy, 'blah blah there's plenty of other better people, blah blah the schedule's been up for days, blah blah'. So, looks like I'll be going to Ballarat thingy on Saturday, via a bazillion trains.

Also tried to do some homework, got bored to death. I can't really do the things we've been told to do as holiday homework as a class. Hurm.

Denny and Ryan dropped in, played warcraft three and laughed at Fraser.

Tomorrow, working. The pharmacy one. Meh.



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