Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is the title.

'Lo everyone.

This is the introduction.

This is where I what I got up to today. I'm liking the way the bike is turning out, devised a plan for more bitz.

Chapel was dull, Kelly reckons we're going camping. Cool. Think Mrs Greenwood spotted us mouthing the words to a hymn we didn't know. Afterwards, we got to do the survey. Some of the questions didn't make sense; how are we supposed to comment on the teachers as a whole when they're all different? Some are good, some are meh. Not a cool survey, really.

Then biology, did questions. Get to start the urinary system tomorrow, oh boy!

Recess. Nothing interesting. They kicked a soccerball around dangerously.

Double maths. Open book test on measurements. Got it done quickly, Tom and I argued afterwards about whether a question was for TSA or volume. See who's right soon. Second lesson was dull, as usual.

Then lunch, woo. Sat around laughing at Aiden's jelly, Nemo's singing, and Kelly's glasses. So many birthdays, too, must have been a blackout in July 18 years ago, hurr.

Psych was meh, lectured about research methods and given sheets on IVs and DVs because the people who didn't do the 1/2 are behind. Easy. Want to do tasksheets or something interesting.

Finally lit, walked in and Ruby had a loaf of bread. Weird. More lecturing, tried to contribute, but why contribute if I've probably got the wrong interpretation, and other people's ones are better?

Caught up on some more gossip before homeroom, I lol'd. Dunno if I should, there's some history, but still. Afterwards, went to the pharmacy, picked up some fancy new plastic solvent glue, swapped two weekend's worth of shifts at the Bis, and finished all the deliveries before 5:30. Went to the pheonix centre after dinner, picked up a BW. Nice kit. Built the chassis, did lit homework, didn't make sense, went back to it. I need to start painting, maybe this weekend. The bike should be done by then.

This is where I say what I do tomorrow, which will be the usual, I think. Aren't I boring.

This is where I say the blog gets posted around the internet.

This is where I sign out. peace.

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