Tuesday, April 28, 2009


'Lo all.

Things are looking up, maybe. However, it is too damn cold.

This morning I began working through AoBR while thinking about the lit thingy. The trick will be extending it to 500ish words.

Get to school, people going to camp, people running around, people whinging about the cold. Hurm. We then had to sing a Beatles song instead of assembly again. Don't really mind this, though Helter Skelter would have been more preferable, if we had to do Beatles.

Double history. Glued in iPod and got researching. Tricky sorting through google results, as half of the useful stuff is lectures or essays one has to pay for.

Then recess. Went to the library. CHILDREN COLLIDE are playing the One Night Stand. I don't have much of an opinion, though Social Currency is a good song. So, mildly looking forward to this one. Hopefully there'll still be room for Tame Impala.

Double media. Watched a couple of ads (both were cliched, didn't particularly like them, but you have to be nice) and started work on our new assignment. Had an idea for a short film based on citizen journalism (read: bloggers and those bastard twitterers posting news when they see it, not when big news companies report on it). Hurm. Will need actors though *hint*.

Lunch was cold and boring, went around in circles for a while, then found the rest. We occupied the breezeway, it was out of the wind, and meat was walking through it. Pete Olsen had a troop of sevies on rubbish patrol, I believe Isaac scared Pete with his smile, and the rest of us have scarred the sevies for life. All in good fun, one of them turned around on Hayden, who wasn't expecting it. Jess challenged me to Uno.

Maths was meh, Emma and I talked about music and Wade Hunt, Mr Brennan still hates everyone.

Then biology, everyone was loud and whinging about Children Collide, Mrs Moy was bemused. Got half the work done, at least. Started pouring just before the bell, not happy. Stopped though. Lulu and I kicked puddles at each other, til James ran through, jumped in Lulu's puddle, and soaked her. We lol'd, she wasn't very happy. I believe she is still plotting to get him back.

Sprinted home with When the Levee Breaks pounding in my ears (forgot I'd doubled the volume), checked the news, lost a game of Pandemic (BLOODY MADAGASCAR!), then got a lift to work. Empty when I arrived, stayed for three hours, went home since only one person was in there. Was made to peel many potatoes though. Guy and I laughed about girl's attitude to the deb, and Scotty abused me for skipping his mad-as birthday party. Both pretty cool guys. I realised as I called for a lift home that my credit has expired. Not that I was going to use it for much, I think.

So, early night. Came back, tried playing Jess, but the internet was (and STILL IS!) stuffing up. Grr. Internet is rife with swine flu, which I think is funny. Even if it does infect the entire world, it'll avoid Madagascar, and there's a lot of anti-virals around. I do like the sensationalism of it though.

Tomorrow, soccer tryouts again. I shall fail them, as usual, but meh. Might even have fun. Then deb training. Not looking forward to waltzing.



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