Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Lo readers.

Too damn cold today. Again.

I realised I had left my jumper at school. Started riding to school, swore a lot.

First up was biology, fairly easy work. Want to dissect something.

Then media, computer wouldn't boot, so I read about the internet in the textbook. Some of it was kinda interesting, though dated.

Recess was dull, as far as I can remember.

History, we were expected to be researching our topics, I went off on a tangent and I'm now hunting a H. G. Wells book.

Finally maths, got a few questions done. Tom and I laughed about the deb, he told me about how he went to the boardo valedictory in school uniform. Poor bastard.

Lunch. Chucked a soccerball around, fairly boring though. Fairly sure we did something. Can't remember what.

Soccer sucked, as usual, Isaac and I did our best in defence, pretty meh game. Spent half on the crap pitch because the good pitch was getting sprinklered (and I don't think that's a word, ah well).

After school, sprinted away, got chips, caught up with Aiden and the girls, who were heading to the juice place. We fed seagulls chips and talked to Wakely about the One Night Stand while everyone else got exotic sounding ice cream.

Deb training wasn't too bad, I'll grudgingly admit. Dude's dance still sucks, and we've forgotten half of it, including the instructor. Looks like I've remembered (at least) two of the dances. Lulu was mildly impressed. Finally finished at like six, half dark already.

Back home, didn't do much. Family Guy was awesome though, for once. Right now, Russell Brand is on, kinda funny, but he's still got a retarded voice.

Tomorrow, double maths. Hurm.



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