Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remember When.

'Lo everyone.

I've said it (many times) before, and I'll say it again - the sports uniform sucks. It really really sucks when you don't have the pants. Grr.

So, froze as I walked to school, as I figured I may as well be social this afternoon.

First up was lit. More video, more ranting. Ryan raised an interesting point afterwards; at the start of the year, we were told our work wouldn't be fantastic, and that we'd get better, yet she rages at us for having sub-par work. Either we're really dumb, or we're just getting better. Ah well.

Then history, got some more notes from a textbook. Not sure on the structure of it all yet. Devolved into a conversation where James suggested to Ms Henry that Hitler is Voldemort. No freaking duh, the whole "let's cleanse the filthy people!" theme is one of those grown up ones.

Recess. Freezing cold. We made our feet go around in circles.

Psych, meh. Finished a task sheet while the rest watched a crappy video about hypnosis, which ended with a bogan recounting his alien abduction story.

Media was alright, developed my idea further. It'll be a silent film, just to contrast the content. Ha.

Then lunch. Ate lots of food. Got very bored. Ended up helping to teach Amaya the waltz thingy.

Soccer was meh, hung out in defence with Isaac, Sam, and Aiden. Still fairly crap. Aiden had a couple of spectacular saves, including one where he slide tackled a striker, caught the ball, and looked awesome, all at the same time.

Walked to deb training, noted some interesting developments. We stole a trolley, only crashed it once. Walked around in circles a bit. Then deb training itself, pretty meh. Lulu was really excited at the start. Waltzing is crap, I got it working, but we kept crashing into the couple in front, who was Oliver, who swore profusely. Finished by practicing walking down the stairs, fairly boring, though Aiden was made into an example, apparently now he enjoys swimming in the Mitchell River every morning at five. Poor bastard. All the kiddies came back from the GIS athletics, Pat managed to beat OtherAiden twice.

Walked home, very cold, but hell, I've been paid, woo. This evening we were growled at for not wanting to play the Wii (which has been confiscated due to the girls not cleaning their room. I'd play it if it was there, but it's not. Needs moar mariokart, but that's personal opinion), and the internet was buggering up again. Annoying.

Tomorrow, double lit. Crap. Then work. Meh. Then parent teacher interviews. Unpredictable. Mrs Cartledge will have some choice words, no doubt, though I understand why. Well, some of it.


Anyway, the end.

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