Saturday, April 18, 2009

Probably had a good title before, ah well.

'Lo all.

This is the second blog I wrote that covered the last two days. I realised that the first version was only going to get me in trouble. Hurm.

Yesterday, can't really remember doing much. After I cleaned up and sorted out the shed, and failed to find my iPod, walked down to Caz's. Surprisingly quiet, though I could hear the tribe from two blocks away. Well done kiddies.

Walked in, Will hugs me and asks if I've brought him anything. Bloody typical. Walked around a bit, cluster of guys abusing each other about cricket, cluster of girls dancing in the shed, cluster of people smoking at the gate, and a few drifters. Began wandering.

Not too many highlights, mainly a lot of standing around laughing at crap. Not sure how or why, but Meg kept me well supplied. Also saw Othermeg, who I haven't seen in a while. Alison took a lot of photos, don't think I'm too many.

These are things which I have discovered so far. This is so far.
1. Light beer sucks.
2. Light beer does not make fire explode.
3. Certain UDLs taste like red lemonade.
4. Oliver is a terrible fake-drunk.
5. Straight vodka does make fire explode, but is a precious commodity.
6. Vomiting seems to encourage honesty, which is not always necessary.
7. Do not go anywhere near the house if someone has stolen the parent's personal drinks.

I believe I shall add to this list as we go on.

Lessee. Pip accused me of staring at her friend's chest (confused me with Ryan? Dunno), and later threw up. Poor girl. Ryan himself rocked up late, snuck up on Aiden and Meg again, then "helped" (read forced) Oliver picking up Caz. There were three confused and dressed up year tens, including Midget. The usual year twelve dudes rocked, we exchanged greetings, laughed at people, kept to ourselves. Two stranger dudes, one was pressured into picking up Potter, the other one was hit on by nearly every girl there, which bemused and amused him. Tori nearly exposed herself, very loud. Nick and I exchanged stories about the boxing day test, bastard was in Bay 13 last year. Will and Guy sorted out their IDs and retreated to Ringers. Lot of gossip thrown around, as usual, though I think I'm still fairly behind.

Party got really boring once they ran out of drinks and most people left. Decided to tag along and visit the pool, Othermeg led some girls to the year twelves around the corner. Went back and forth, followed Alison, Jess, and her Briag dude down the lake, everyone else had gone to Maccas. Damn cold there, I had no sleeping bag. We were tempted to stay there all night, but then someone thought they saw the rest of them, so back to Caz's we walked, where no one was there, and there was a brief and furious war for the couches. The rest of them came in, bitched at us for talking, and fell asleep, as Oliver and I added sound effects. I was the bloody last one asleep, bored as hell, nearly went home but realised my bag was near Meg's head. Think I got two hours sleep, feels good man.

After balancing on barrels, walked home, went down the street, went home, started homework, ditched it after the first section, then retreated to the computer. Right now I'm watching Hot Fuzz, not bad. Lotta cameos.

Tomorrow, work all day, then finish homework, and I'm set. That's the end of the holidays. *sigh*.

And no, this time there is no uncensored version of this floating around, so don't ask for it. You wouldn't be missing much anyway.



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