Sunday, April 26, 2009


'Lo all.

Today I woke up at one. I have remembered why sleeping in is good.

Got working on media thingy, got to about nine hundred words and stopped repeating myself. No one else will do much more than this, surely, I thought to myself.

Then wasted time trying to find out how to do a statement of intention, decided I'd ask Mrs Cartledge for help tomorrow.

In the spirit of the mysterious pig/bird/people flu, my new favourite flash game is now Pandemic 2. It's like Risk but down to luck, and instead of conquering armies, it's disease. Madagscar and Cuba are infuriating. By the way, anyone else wonder if the IRL flu was accidently released from the germ labs in the American desert? Hurm.

Not much else to report. Emma got like 1500 words for her media thing, grr. Downloaded almost the entire Black Keys discography, lot of good stuff there, as well as some recent Prodigy stuff, which is an interesting juxtaposition. Sam's back from Phukhet, no revolutionisng, but he did bring fake zippos and some brass knuckles. One or two other interesting plot developments, I know better than to raise my hopes for one of them, and the other is wildly hilarious. Ah well.

Tomorrow, casual day, DON'T FORGET! Denny is going as Afro Samurai. Going to be raining tomorrow. Personally, I'll be wearing my usual black top, blue hoody, and baggy jeans, because I am so damn fashionable. Looking forward to Kelly's fancy gumboots. *cough*



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