Friday, April 3, 2009

Our shadows taller than our souls.

'Lo all.

Very interesting today.

Business as usual for the most part, some classes seem to drag because of it being the LAST DAY OF TERM WOO.

Get to school, Ryan was showing off his awesome mechanical hand. Want.

Psych first up, did some practice tests. Don't mind doing them, really.

Then history, watched a video about the beginnings of the holocaust.

Recess. Meh.

Double biology, saw a stick of celery and some scalpels. Mildly entertaining prac where Lulu and I mutilated plants to put them under microscopes, got jealous of Gavin's butchery, then almost finished writing the damn thing up when the bell went.

Lunch. Went to the gym, got a ball, waste of time since it got stolen when it went over the fence.

Then assembly. We stampeded out, naturally.

Homeroom was meh, my mid semester report isn't too bad, I know where I need to improve. Walking down the stairs, Mrs Cartledge comes up and tells me to get a haircut, blah blah second warning, blah blah stringing her along, blah blah. What? Not only is it legal at the moment, but she didn't make much sense. Will be getting a haircut sometime after easter though, however Lulu likes it as it is, so it'll be staying for the deb.

Got home just as it started raining, raging thunderstorm which cut the power twice. Read my book, then got the ps2 working again. I'm rusty at Guitar Hero, dammit. Right now, sorting out transport details for Naomi's tomorrow. Walking isn't an option because she lives too damn far away. Hurm.

Reminds me, tomorrow there will be no blogpost, sorry kiddies. I promise a full wrap up on Sunday night though. I reckon it'll be alright, once the couples settle down there's still Hayden, Denny, and Isaac running around, though there will be a bloody karaoke machine and annoying people there. Joy.



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