Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh noes.

'Lo all.

Friday morning, managed to drag myself to the station by seven. Got seat, finished book, no trouble really. Got to Melbourne, found a cool record store with Nevermind for $30 on vinyl, among other things, and picked up another HH book. Train to Ballarat was dull. Ballarat itself, bogans staring at me, kind of weird.

Louise took Joe, Lani, Tess and I down to the farm, fairly quiet, lots of relatives wandering around. Funny, basically all my aunts on one branch of the family are like old, thin Jess's. No offence to them or Jess.

Highlights of the farm included burning things, soccer, tennis, coaxing dogs out of dams, much chocolate, and good food. Damn little kids got wearing, of course. Spoons was loud. Klaus is a great drunk.

Today, drove home, fairly quiet, I'm liking the Deer Park bypass. Monash wasn't too bad either. In between Traralgon and Rosedale, huge traffic jams, in the Melbourne direction.

So that was my easter. Good and quiet. Damn zombies.

Home again, finally finished my psych homework. Well, most of it. Will need to ask teacher about bits of it. Now I have lit homework to look forward to.

Damn week has been booked out, need to go down the street tomorrow, then I'm working, Wednesday I'm going to Lakes Entrance, home Thursday because I'm working, then Saturday I may as well go to Caz's and be social, and Sunday I'm working again. Hurm. Want to chill out, man. Money should be good though.

Apologies for low post quality lately. It's the holidays.



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