Monday, April 6, 2009


'Lo all.

Man. I haven't worn shoes for about 48 hours. Cool.

Saturday was dull, except for getting an email. A complete stranger commented on the blog. Woah. Followed a link, turns out she's a teenager from Melbourne, named her bass Sid. Very interesting. If you're reading this, well done.

Then to the train station, via Coles for energy drinks, as usual. Chatted to Ryan and Aiden about stupid things parents have done and MMOs, then onto the train, where we said hi to Georgia and Isaac, then Aiden and I attempted to decipher Kelly and Bree's codes. Weird.

Get to Traralgon, meet with Naomi, take a big taxi out. Much better than last time. We arrive, Hayden looks like he's made an effort to dress up. Lot of wasting time, then we discovered the karaoke machine is actually good, and blared Kashmir until the girls worked out how to change songs. A dog kicked Ryan in the balls.

After that, bit blurry. We went outside, where cars were mooned, Aiden ordered a pizza, Kelly and I went for a walk, then everyone got bored and decided to walk to Traralgon. We got halfway-ish, met an angry dog standing outside a fence, and ran. Eventually started winding down, us sane people avoided the loud people and went to the gazebo. I missed Pat punching Denny in the face over a tear in the doritos, which was apparently hilarious. We watched Jackass, Isaac was naked, we missed daylight savings thingy, and still managed to sleep.

Woke up, Aiden and I took most of the bacon that was cooked for us, then inside. Movies were playing, we watched Eagle Eye, then persuaded Naomi to hook up World Tour. I'm still rusty at guitar, but meh. Sam, Isaac and I took the train back to Sale, talked about Denny vs Pat, went back to Sam's after hitting the video shop, then researched drug-free hallucination techniques and tried getting them to work.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force colon Movie Film for Theatres - *****

Hayden rocked up, played Left 4 Dead, burned ping pong balls, had dinner (burritos with Hayden vs Sam's mum - woah), then more movies.

Silent Hill - ***
This is more of a statement on how desensitized we are as a generation, I didn't find this all that scary. Thought bits were pretty cool. Evoked thoughts of a nurgle cult and some preachers, which is probably not what they were going for. Some bits were crap, or went nowhere, and the ending is so damn ambiguous. We each had theories about it.

Then watched the Aqua Teen movie again, Hayden liked it, the rest fell asleep. Early night, after some bitching about camping, asleep by about 11. That's earlier than a school night for me. I'm still shocked.

Back home by about 10ish today, caught up on the news (so far, only in three pictures, and in two of them you can't see my face!), and wasted lots of time. Feels good man.

Tomorrow, working. Can't go camping. Prolly be cold and too couple-y anyway.



*god damn these posts are so homogenized and nice. grr.

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