Sunday, April 19, 2009


'Lo readers.

Man. What a crap day.

I'd like to start out by saying that this blog is written for me, and not exactly for others, and while it is fairly heavily censored, things will slip. I apologize for any offense caused by anything, and if you have any problems with it, please contact me. Makes me paranoid, to be honest. Remember that no one is obliged to read it. Again, I'm sorry if anything I've written is offensive.

And away we go.

Woke up to flashing clocks. Never a good sign. Dug out phone, said I was supposed to be at work five minutes ago, panicked, sprinted inside and rang work, explained that the power had gone out and the alarms didn't go. "Ok lol, just get here as soon as you can," she says.

Quick shower, quick breakfast, quick clean up, rode to work. Work itself was annoying, didn't get on top of the dishes til maybe one or two, manager said "I've heard all the excuses before" when I apologized for being late, which irked me.

Once I got home, enjoyed a coffee, checked the news, finished homework. Someone please remind me not to listen to Radiohead or Massive Attack when I get home from work, doesn't improve things.

The tribe arrived home, things were noisy again. Fraser shaved his invisible moustache. Beardman filled me in on the latest happenings, and I spent a while going through posts wondering what is wrong with them.

It appears that there has been another plot development, one that I'm not happy with, though I saw it coming. Few other people involved, so it'll be interesting to see the fallout, especially when school starts tomorrow.

Which brings us to the tomorrow bit. School starts tomorrow. Karma is punishing me for having enjoyable holidays. I wonder when it shall stop.


Anyway, the end.

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