Monday, April 27, 2009

Just a Little Heat.

'Lo all.

Casual day today. Not much of interest, since it was so damn cold.

Get to school, Denny isn't in his Afro Samurai gear, as he was missing a sideburn, couldn't wear thongs, and it was too damn cold. I am a disappoint.

Biology first up. Fairly pedestrian, though we had the sardonic Mr Bacon as a teacher. He's a pretty cool guy.

Then psych, got through half a tasksheet. Starting sleep, which will be interesting.

Recess was cold. Tom had two cups of hot chocolate, which tasted like water, according to Meg. Claire and I checked the Triple J website, next band gets announced tomorrow. Come on Tame Impala.

Lit was scary, Mrs Cartledge wanted statements of intention. I mentioned that I was stuck and that I wanted to discuss it with her first. Still had to hand it in before the end of lunchtime. Ah well. Watched a video were a lot of fat, bald, old academics discussed The Great Gatsby over bad reconstructions and cool music.

5 minutes of maths, where Mr Brennan managed to lose his temper, then a music lesson. Both Mr C and I were tired, and we're both bored. I find no motivation, so he doesn't give me new exercises. Vicious circle?

Lunch. Visited Mrs Cartledge, scarily understanding. Then went to the library, typed up a brief statement, that was over the required 100 words. My dear friends decided to visit, side tracked me a bit. Printed it and handed it in, no resubmission for me, apparently, then I nearly got crashtackled. Very boring after that.

History was meh, I took notes out of a textbook while Harry and Pat discussed Will's new girlfriend, who Harry has carnal knowledge of. He then related a story of getting caught with a guy with his pants down in Melbourne at 2am by the cops.

Finally media, got to watch a couple more ads, discussed the next assignment (new media means internet, basically. Maybe I should do another blog post?). Oliver was forced into letting his bonus features be shown, so we all got mooned.

Band was meh, dragged too much. Started pouring rain, that's not cool, I had to ride home. Stopped though, thankfully.

Home again, checked the news, I'm hoping this flu spreads, might get me out of school. Fraser has had his tooth replaced, and he enjoys moving it around. Idiot, that'll make things worse, then he'll lose the plate.

Band again, pretty crap. New A-Grade guy can't play eupho. Some of these pieces we have to perform suck bad.

Tomorrow, double history and double media, then work at the Bis. Meh. Hope I don't get too much homework, won't be able to do it.



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