Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Got Mine.

'Lo everyone.

Cold today. Mildly confusing. Hurm.

First up at school was chapel. Meh.

Then extended homeroom, don't think we did anything of interest.

Media was alright, explained my lack of time to the teacher, who was understanding and told me to film as much as I could at school. Finished a brief storyboard, I will need ten different people, and 4 different sets, and a scene outside. Hurm. Should be easy, I just need time.

Recess. Business as usual again, I think.

Double lit. Went over a fair bit of text, kept on going off on tangents. We discussed such wide ranging topics as Mrs Cartledge's dream of dancing, Emily nearly getting hit by a car in San Francisco, and just generally arguing. Oliver was refusing to talk. Made a pleasant change.

Lunch was meh. Sat in the sun, talked to people, got spooked and retreated. Then we realised that the new year ten dude was arguing *DELETED UNDER ORDER OF THE INQUISITION* with Amanda. OH BOY! He had the same old points, Oliver and I helped him out a bit, but Amanda (and her sister, and Georgia, for some reason) kept on trying to change tack. By the time the bell went, our entire group had surrounded him, and we were cheering him on. Some of them didn't understand the fuss, Agnik even tried to moderate at one point. *DELETED UNDER ORDER OF THE INQUISITION* was suddenly a hot topic, very amusing.

Maths was slow, finished a few questions.

Then psych, got a task sheet half done while falling asleep in front of a slideshow about sleep.

Went home, went down the street, saw a few people (how I lol'd. Will need to talk), then away to work. Had to go up past the fauna park end of town, bloody annoying, specially when I only had to deliver a letter.

Parent teacher interviews after tea, nothing negative, just have to lift my game a bit, apparently. Specially in lit, right now I'm struggling through a first draft of an assignment. I had a plan, but I realised it wasn't particularly helping. Ah well. Sprinted down to Ken's shop, seems GitS is fairly popular there. Ordered another trukk, nearly at 2500, and some stuff for Pat. Then back home to watch the Tim Minchin documentary, which was cool, but really short.

Tommorrow, music camp. No blog posts til Sunday night.


Anyway, the end.

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