Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holiday post, NOW WITH CONTENT!

'Lo readers.

Ah. Good day. Mostly.

Woke up, listened to Triple J, ESKIMO JOE is playing at the One Night Stand. Big meh, bring on Tame Impala.

Then went down the street, hung outside the chicken shopwith Isaac, Denny and Aiden, and whinged about the girls being late. Went home to babysit, Fraser and Brodie Bromley sitting on his quarter pipe staring at me.

Down the street again, wasted time, went around in circles, ended up arguing over seeing a movie. After dropping back home, walked in five minutes late.

Monsters Vs Aliens - ***
Kiddie flick, tries too hard to have adult injokes. Seemed over too quickly.

Afterwards, met with Kelly, Meg and Annie, went to McDonalds. After visiting IGA, I sprinted home, dug out clothes, and sprinted to work.

Bloody function on there, and bossman was being rather annoying. Dragged like hell. Finally escaped about 11:30, come home, crowd of 13 year olds out the front giggling at me, and Beardman swears he can smell pot. Hurm. Interesting development, for a 13 year old.

Tomorrow, heading to Lakes Entrance to visit Tom with Aiden and Isaac, should be fun. No blog post tomorrow night though.



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