Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hang You from the Heavens.

'Lo all.

Man, posting has been all over the place these holidays.

Yesterday, went to the train station, saw Gabby Walker, then listened to Aiden and Agnik whinge about spec maths and english with Ms Dosser all the way to Bairnsdale. Poor bastards. Get to Lakes, Tom begins feeding us. He had hooked up two tvs and two ps2s. We played much vidya. I'm damn rusty at Guitar Hero, and Aiden and I are even at shooters. Ate so much. Tom then pulled out the leaked version of Wolverine. I'm going to review it now because I have no interest in seeing it in the cinema. It was an unfinished version, and bits still have to be edited in, but hell...

Wolverine - **
Nope. I liked the first two X Men movies, this didn't make much sense, and it got repetitive. Lots of throwaway characters that probably have nerd-relevance, but it doesn't make it a good flick. I did like the samurai sword dude, and the Fabius Bile type army guy.

And then, while Tom raced us through 007 Nightfire,

RocknRolla - ****
Not bad, I prefer Snatch and Lock Stock though. Guy Ritchie definitely has a distinctive style. Plot wasn't as twisted as those too, still funny and violent.

Crashed after that, then this morning played Smash Bros. Kirby has the same old moves. Bus ride home was full, train trip was quiet, saw Tara, and we made friends with the two Bairnsdale dudes bitching about year twelve next to us. They were pretty cool, they liked the reputation Bairnsdale has.

Went home, checked the news, went to work, I have been paid, which is good. Got a cheapo iTunes card to fix up the DRM, and got out of visiting two nursing homes.

Watched Mad Men before. Me likey.

Tomorrow, Caz's party, so once again, I probably won't post tomorrow, unless disaster strikes and I find myself at home again. Should be alright, based off the last one, though knowing my luck we'll get nuked or something.



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