Monday, April 20, 2009

Giving you more when you only want one.

'Lo all.

Today was the first day of term two. How time flies. Did not enjoy it, because not only was it the first day of term, it was a bloody Monday.

Last night, I don't remember sleeping at all. At the moment I have vague memories of viewing the clock about five minutes before it was supposed to go off, and at four, but there also vague memories of a strange dream about a train ride to Bairnsdale where everyone was flying, so I suppose that means I did sleep. Just not enough.

Finished biology homework, began working on my boss on bike. Chassis is going to be interesting, not sure how I'm going to work in axles. Don't have plasticard either, so I'm using sprues, which isn't really all that fun. Ryan dropped in, he bitched about not being able to finish his buttload of homework last night. Poor bastard.

Ride to school wasn't interesting. Walk into the lockers wasn't interesting. No one particularly happy to see me, which I think is probably a good thing. Tom was laughing at everyone's haircuts, Jasper got a really bad one. Tom himself is as shaggy as I was a fortnight ago. Bastard.

First up was double psych. Sat there for a period scribbling down notes and pretending to be interested in Georgie's 18th. Teacher made us write streams of consciousness, I am ashamed of what my mind cooked up.

Saved by a music lesson, Mr C wasn't awake either, made me do a very slow circle of fourths, then an entire section in the book. Hurm.

Recess. Mostly standing around, caught up a bit with the troops.

Lit. Went over a mildly interesting chapter full of symbolism and hints that this will be in the exam. Didn't have our homework checked though.

Then biology, Gavin and I swapped stories about our holidays because we had a sub, and the sub didn't really seem to care what we did as long as we were quiet.

Lunchtime, bout bloody time. Course, lot of socialising. Closed circles, usually. Spent a lot of time walking around in circles. It gets really, really, really annoying sometimes. Saw something really funny though. Well, maybe not for me, but it'd be funny for other people, I imagine.

History. We have a big assessment task coming up, worth an entire outcome. Sounds interesting, you have to pick a social group in Nazi Germany and write a big report about it. Basically, the entire class is doing Jews, and while I maintain an interest in the holocaust, that many people will mean that there'll be competition for good marks. Decided to go for the average people, daring to a be a bit different.

Finally media, new teacher. She gave us a survey thing, some standard questions about subjects, then name the last five movies you saw, and your five favourite movies and tv shows. They all argued, as apparently the movie that gets the most votes will have a poster put up in the classroom. Good idea in theory, except we'll probably just get some crappy movie up. I managed to burn my dvd and submit it, which means all I have to do now is the boring written work, and present it all. Hurm.

Band was boring. Mr C recounted his story about drinking a glass full of surprise salad dressing.

Back home, attempted to work out Last fm, Scott and Josh came round, and then away to band again. Still dull, Anzac Day marches coming up though, and I hate to say it, but the one we have prepared isn't too bad.

Home again, near complete radio silence for the second day in a row. *sigh*. I'll give till the end of the week. Also discovered party photos, I'm only in one, and I think it's a hilarious photo. I don't think I'm supposed to think that, but oh well.

Tomorrow, it's Tuesday. Nowadays, that means work, so I won't be posting here til late, if at all. Probably won't have anything interesting to say anyway, look at the crap I've written about today. Hurm.



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