Saturday, April 25, 2009

Future Proof.

'Lo all.

I have remembered why I like weekends.

Woke up far too early this morning, drove to Stratty, marched down main street without any trouble, service dragged. I didn't faint, but man of the hour Ray did, poor old bastard.

Then back to Sale, again, marched down main street, only got out of step once, I think, though Fraser was going too fast. He wasn't playing because his lips still hurt, so he was in the front row looking like an idiot copying Gordon's slide. Service was slow again, MC mispronounced Kyna's name. Saw a lot of people that didn't need to see me wearing bright red (grr), such as respected year twelves in my psych class (isolationalist policy might be good for something) and Danny, who will remember on Tuesday, probably. At least I didn't have to wear reflective shades like Fraser, as Ryan pointed out, to preserve his carefully crafted image.

Got back, got out of work (it's not that I don't want to do it, it's just that I've got other stuff that has priority like year twelve stuff), finished the bike, realised Fraser had stolen the last of my good spraypaint, and was told to not worry about it and not make trouble (grr). Then finished psych homework, which took ages and ages. Hate glossary terms, it's just writing everything twice. Probably helpful for revision, but it's annoying.

Another lonely night on the interwebs, though I'm tempted to stay up past midnight to download some more Black Keys albums. Attack and Release is pretty good, but it was missing two tracks which I can't find without downloading the entire album again, or buying them, which is a last resort, I'm afraid.

Tomorrow, write out a media response and a statement of intention for lit. Wow, isn't it going to be exciting? I need to get out more, seriously.



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