Thursday, April 2, 2009

From seven to eleven every night.

'Lo all.

Fraser was talking yesterday about a triple J concert. Laughed it off. Rocked up to school this morning, Isaac tells me that there'll be a One Night Stand in Sale next month. Hurm, I say, that'd be pretty awesome. Then at lunchtime the council youth propaganda people give us all little flyers and guilt us into doing surveys. 30th May, One Night Stand, in Sale. Looking forward to finding out who's playing, crossing my fingers for Tame Impala, or Children Collide. Something good.

Anyway. Denny and Ryan rocked up again this morning, distracted them with an old WD while I scribbled some more for literature.

Chapel was dull.

Extended homeroom was a big bitch session, once Isaac brought up his camping idea. Kind of funny, really. Dunno about camping yet, need to sort it out at work, talk to the boss about switching shifts.

Media was good, the TV ad is done, the dvd cover is done, just need to burn the disc and do the paperwork. Awesome.

Missed recess because of printing though, dammit.

Double lit. We went through the chapter, which is good because all you do is highlight. The theory of Nick Carraway being a bisexual is distracting some of them. Talk of a creative response next term, Ryan's doing his from the point of view of a wine glass, ala the copypasta. I reckon I'll do a WW1 story, just to muck with them.

Fire drill. The usual screaming and dry "Oh god, I am dying" as we went out to the oval, wasted ten minutes cooking, then away we went. Got measured for a suit, dunno my measurements, but the dude thinks I have long arms. Will raped Jasper. The Tyndall kids got pizza, as their homeroom is breaking up. Aiden put his leftovers down, and less than ten seconds later it was all gone. Loki Walker pulled some silly string from somewhere, well done that man.

Maths. Got through half a chapter-ish, lot of talk about Skins and camping. Mind-screwed Tom with the outro to Interstellar Overdrive. Gotta listen to it with both headphones, it's just so awesome.

Then psych, depressing, as usual. We had to do a wordfind. Yep.

Went home, kicked Denny out, went to work, bought Naomi's present (she says she likes chicos, chicos she shall get), nearly lost all the little pillboxes when a plastic bag bound for a nursing home broke, and saw some familiar faces down the street. Really need some money.

Back home, ploughed through the psych homework, got it all done, went over the history stuff, just cleaning it up now for printing. Much easier than I expected, but then, I dunno. Maybe it's supposed to seem easy, but it really isn't. Scary.

Tomorrow, last day of term, woot. Go home, babysit for a few hours, and chill the fhell out. Might have to work on my plan to get to Nemo's; at the moment, Aiden and I (maybe Ryan) are going to take the train, then walk. Shame she lives so far out of town. Might get a lift, if I have to.



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