Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Got Mine.

'Lo everyone.

Cold today. Mildly confusing. Hurm.

First up at school was chapel. Meh.

Then extended homeroom, don't think we did anything of interest.

Media was alright, explained my lack of time to the teacher, who was understanding and told me to film as much as I could at school. Finished a brief storyboard, I will need ten different people, and 4 different sets, and a scene outside. Hurm. Should be easy, I just need time.

Recess. Business as usual again, I think.

Double lit. Went over a fair bit of text, kept on going off on tangents. We discussed such wide ranging topics as Mrs Cartledge's dream of dancing, Emily nearly getting hit by a car in San Francisco, and just generally arguing. Oliver was refusing to talk. Made a pleasant change.

Lunch was meh. Sat in the sun, talked to people, got spooked and retreated. Then we realised that the new year ten dude was arguing *DELETED UNDER ORDER OF THE INQUISITION* with Amanda. OH BOY! He had the same old points, Oliver and I helped him out a bit, but Amanda (and her sister, and Georgia, for some reason) kept on trying to change tack. By the time the bell went, our entire group had surrounded him, and we were cheering him on. Some of them didn't understand the fuss, Agnik even tried to moderate at one point. *DELETED UNDER ORDER OF THE INQUISITION* was suddenly a hot topic, very amusing.

Maths was slow, finished a few questions.

Then psych, got a task sheet half done while falling asleep in front of a slideshow about sleep.

Went home, went down the street, saw a few people (how I lol'd. Will need to talk), then away to work. Had to go up past the fauna park end of town, bloody annoying, specially when I only had to deliver a letter.

Parent teacher interviews after tea, nothing negative, just have to lift my game a bit, apparently. Specially in lit, right now I'm struggling through a first draft of an assignment. I had a plan, but I realised it wasn't particularly helping. Ah well. Sprinted down to Ken's shop, seems GitS is fairly popular there. Ordered another trukk, nearly at 2500, and some stuff for Pat. Then back home to watch the Tim Minchin documentary, which was cool, but really short.

Tommorrow, music camp. No blog posts til Sunday night.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remember When.

'Lo everyone.

I've said it (many times) before, and I'll say it again - the sports uniform sucks. It really really sucks when you don't have the pants. Grr.

So, froze as I walked to school, as I figured I may as well be social this afternoon.

First up was lit. More video, more ranting. Ryan raised an interesting point afterwards; at the start of the year, we were told our work wouldn't be fantastic, and that we'd get better, yet she rages at us for having sub-par work. Either we're really dumb, or we're just getting better. Ah well.

Then history, got some more notes from a textbook. Not sure on the structure of it all yet. Devolved into a conversation where James suggested to Ms Henry that Hitler is Voldemort. No freaking duh, the whole "let's cleanse the filthy people!" theme is one of those grown up ones.

Recess. Freezing cold. We made our feet go around in circles.

Psych, meh. Finished a task sheet while the rest watched a crappy video about hypnosis, which ended with a bogan recounting his alien abduction story.

Media was alright, developed my idea further. It'll be a silent film, just to contrast the content. Ha.

Then lunch. Ate lots of food. Got very bored. Ended up helping to teach Amaya the waltz thingy.

Soccer was meh, hung out in defence with Isaac, Sam, and Aiden. Still fairly crap. Aiden had a couple of spectacular saves, including one where he slide tackled a striker, caught the ball, and looked awesome, all at the same time.

Walked to deb training, noted some interesting developments. We stole a trolley, only crashed it once. Walked around in circles a bit. Then deb training itself, pretty meh. Lulu was really excited at the start. Waltzing is crap, I got it working, but we kept crashing into the couple in front, who was Oliver, who swore profusely. Finished by practicing walking down the stairs, fairly boring, though Aiden was made into an example, apparently now he enjoys swimming in the Mitchell River every morning at five. Poor bastard. All the kiddies came back from the GIS athletics, Pat managed to beat OtherAiden twice.

Walked home, very cold, but hell, I've been paid, woo. This evening we were growled at for not wanting to play the Wii (which has been confiscated due to the girls not cleaning their room. I'd play it if it was there, but it's not. Needs moar mariokart, but that's personal opinion), and the internet was buggering up again. Annoying.

Tomorrow, double lit. Crap. Then work. Meh. Then parent teacher interviews. Unpredictable. Mrs Cartledge will have some choice words, no doubt, though I understand why. Well, some of it.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


'Lo all.

Things are looking up, maybe. However, it is too damn cold.

This morning I began working through AoBR while thinking about the lit thingy. The trick will be extending it to 500ish words.

Get to school, people going to camp, people running around, people whinging about the cold. Hurm. We then had to sing a Beatles song instead of assembly again. Don't really mind this, though Helter Skelter would have been more preferable, if we had to do Beatles.

Double history. Glued in iPod and got researching. Tricky sorting through google results, as half of the useful stuff is lectures or essays one has to pay for.

Then recess. Went to the library. CHILDREN COLLIDE are playing the One Night Stand. I don't have much of an opinion, though Social Currency is a good song. So, mildly looking forward to this one. Hopefully there'll still be room for Tame Impala.

Double media. Watched a couple of ads (both were cliched, didn't particularly like them, but you have to be nice) and started work on our new assignment. Had an idea for a short film based on citizen journalism (read: bloggers and those bastard twitterers posting news when they see it, not when big news companies report on it). Hurm. Will need actors though *hint*.

Lunch was cold and boring, went around in circles for a while, then found the rest. We occupied the breezeway, it was out of the wind, and meat was walking through it. Pete Olsen had a troop of sevies on rubbish patrol, I believe Isaac scared Pete with his smile, and the rest of us have scarred the sevies for life. All in good fun, one of them turned around on Hayden, who wasn't expecting it. Jess challenged me to Uno.

Maths was meh, Emma and I talked about music and Wade Hunt, Mr Brennan still hates everyone.

Then biology, everyone was loud and whinging about Children Collide, Mrs Moy was bemused. Got half the work done, at least. Started pouring just before the bell, not happy. Stopped though. Lulu and I kicked puddles at each other, til James ran through, jumped in Lulu's puddle, and soaked her. We lol'd, she wasn't very happy. I believe she is still plotting to get him back.

Sprinted home with When the Levee Breaks pounding in my ears (forgot I'd doubled the volume), checked the news, lost a game of Pandemic (BLOODY MADAGASCAR!), then got a lift to work. Empty when I arrived, stayed for three hours, went home since only one person was in there. Was made to peel many potatoes though. Guy and I laughed about girl's attitude to the deb, and Scotty abused me for skipping his mad-as birthday party. Both pretty cool guys. I realised as I called for a lift home that my credit has expired. Not that I was going to use it for much, I think.

So, early night. Came back, tried playing Jess, but the internet was (and STILL IS!) stuffing up. Grr. Internet is rife with swine flu, which I think is funny. Even if it does infect the entire world, it'll avoid Madagascar, and there's a lot of anti-virals around. I do like the sensationalism of it though.

Tomorrow, soccer tryouts again. I shall fail them, as usual, but meh. Might even have fun. Then deb training. Not looking forward to waltzing.



Monday, April 27, 2009

Just a Little Heat.

'Lo all.

Casual day today. Not much of interest, since it was so damn cold.

Get to school, Denny isn't in his Afro Samurai gear, as he was missing a sideburn, couldn't wear thongs, and it was too damn cold. I am a disappoint.

Biology first up. Fairly pedestrian, though we had the sardonic Mr Bacon as a teacher. He's a pretty cool guy.

Then psych, got through half a tasksheet. Starting sleep, which will be interesting.

Recess was cold. Tom had two cups of hot chocolate, which tasted like water, according to Meg. Claire and I checked the Triple J website, next band gets announced tomorrow. Come on Tame Impala.

Lit was scary, Mrs Cartledge wanted statements of intention. I mentioned that I was stuck and that I wanted to discuss it with her first. Still had to hand it in before the end of lunchtime. Ah well. Watched a video were a lot of fat, bald, old academics discussed The Great Gatsby over bad reconstructions and cool music.

5 minutes of maths, where Mr Brennan managed to lose his temper, then a music lesson. Both Mr C and I were tired, and we're both bored. I find no motivation, so he doesn't give me new exercises. Vicious circle?

Lunch. Visited Mrs Cartledge, scarily understanding. Then went to the library, typed up a brief statement, that was over the required 100 words. My dear friends decided to visit, side tracked me a bit. Printed it and handed it in, no resubmission for me, apparently, then I nearly got crashtackled. Very boring after that.

History was meh, I took notes out of a textbook while Harry and Pat discussed Will's new girlfriend, who Harry has carnal knowledge of. He then related a story of getting caught with a guy with his pants down in Melbourne at 2am by the cops.

Finally media, got to watch a couple more ads, discussed the next assignment (new media means internet, basically. Maybe I should do another blog post?). Oliver was forced into letting his bonus features be shown, so we all got mooned.

Band was meh, dragged too much. Started pouring rain, that's not cool, I had to ride home. Stopped though, thankfully.

Home again, checked the news, I'm hoping this flu spreads, might get me out of school. Fraser has had his tooth replaced, and he enjoys moving it around. Idiot, that'll make things worse, then he'll lose the plate.

Band again, pretty crap. New A-Grade guy can't play eupho. Some of these pieces we have to perform suck bad.

Tomorrow, double history and double media, then work at the Bis. Meh. Hope I don't get too much homework, won't be able to do it.



Sunday, April 26, 2009


'Lo all.

Today I woke up at one. I have remembered why sleeping in is good.

Got working on media thingy, got to about nine hundred words and stopped repeating myself. No one else will do much more than this, surely, I thought to myself.

Then wasted time trying to find out how to do a statement of intention, decided I'd ask Mrs Cartledge for help tomorrow.

In the spirit of the mysterious pig/bird/people flu, my new favourite flash game is now Pandemic 2. It's like Risk but down to luck, and instead of conquering armies, it's disease. Madagscar and Cuba are infuriating. By the way, anyone else wonder if the IRL flu was accidently released from the germ labs in the American desert? Hurm.

Not much else to report. Emma got like 1500 words for her media thing, grr. Downloaded almost the entire Black Keys discography, lot of good stuff there, as well as some recent Prodigy stuff, which is an interesting juxtaposition. Sam's back from Phukhet, no revolutionisng, but he did bring fake zippos and some brass knuckles. One or two other interesting plot developments, I know better than to raise my hopes for one of them, and the other is wildly hilarious. Ah well.

Tomorrow, casual day, DON'T FORGET! Denny is going as Afro Samurai. Going to be raining tomorrow. Personally, I'll be wearing my usual black top, blue hoody, and baggy jeans, because I am so damn fashionable. Looking forward to Kelly's fancy gumboots. *cough*



Saturday, April 25, 2009

Future Proof.

'Lo all.

I have remembered why I like weekends.

Woke up far too early this morning, drove to Stratty, marched down main street without any trouble, service dragged. I didn't faint, but man of the hour Ray did, poor old bastard.

Then back to Sale, again, marched down main street, only got out of step once, I think, though Fraser was going too fast. He wasn't playing because his lips still hurt, so he was in the front row looking like an idiot copying Gordon's slide. Service was slow again, MC mispronounced Kyna's name. Saw a lot of people that didn't need to see me wearing bright red (grr), such as respected year twelves in my psych class (isolationalist policy might be good for something) and Danny, who will remember on Tuesday, probably. At least I didn't have to wear reflective shades like Fraser, as Ryan pointed out, to preserve his carefully crafted image.

Got back, got out of work (it's not that I don't want to do it, it's just that I've got other stuff that has priority like year twelve stuff), finished the bike, realised Fraser had stolen the last of my good spraypaint, and was told to not worry about it and not make trouble (grr). Then finished psych homework, which took ages and ages. Hate glossary terms, it's just writing everything twice. Probably helpful for revision, but it's annoying.

Another lonely night on the interwebs, though I'm tempted to stay up past midnight to download some more Black Keys albums. Attack and Release is pretty good, but it was missing two tracks which I can't find without downloading the entire album again, or buying them, which is a last resort, I'm afraid.

Tomorrow, write out a media response and a statement of intention for lit. Wow, isn't it going to be exciting? I need to get out more, seriously.



Friday, April 24, 2009

Kids like that, right?

'Lo all.

Grey day today. My kind of day.

Light rain on the way to school this morning, brakes were still squealing, which is annoying. I plan on purchasing a new bike sometime this year, one with working gears AND good tyres AND in a colour scheme I picked. Not too flash though, don't want it stolen.

School was pretty meh. Media was scary because Ms Robbins (aha, remembered her name) made me present my ad after we watched clips from the Gruen Transfer. It was loud, which was the desired effect. Bernice and Belle showed their ads, better than mine, in my opinion, but I'm not motivated to buy their products. Not particularly interested in women's jeans or buttons, but that's not the point.

Then biology, fairly easy sheets about the urinary system. Simpler than I expected, to be honest.

Recess was meh. More birthdays, balloons weighed down by chewing gum for Wiffy at the lockers.

Lit was meh. We bounced ideas at Mrs Cartledge for the creative response. She didn't like my idea for a World War One epic, though she didn't listen to my idea. I suggested it, she told me why it was bad, didn't let me explain. Ah well. I'll probably end up doing a newspaper article, be cool if I could do it Gonzo style, but they didn't have that in the Twenties.

Then maths, Mr Brennan was not happy. I passed my test, only marks I lost were bits were I misread a question (so it's missing a one? so it accidently didn't get squared?), but I'm happy with it. Went over circle theorems to the four people listening, the rest shouted or watched Eurotrip.

Lunch was really, really boring. Everyone disappeared. Went for a walk to find them. Found some in room eight, too busy there, and there were people following, which didn't help. Would have liked to have stayed. Emily, Emma and I found the rest in the library discussing ideas for the Binks house play. They disappeared, because they aren't in my house, I joined in. Not sure it was beneficial, but I reckon using every other house's cameo in one play would be pretty funny, especially if the entire play was just them telling each other dead baby jokes.

History was a lecture by a journalist who had become a humanitarian. Fairly interesting, though I don't think the rest of the class thought so. Year twelves were there too. James asked his usual academic questions to show us all up.

Finally psych. Taken to discussion room, told to lie on the floor, take pulse, and relax. Cheesy (seriously, we burst out laughing when it started) meditation cd was playing, after twenty minutes all it made me do was spasm and breathe a lot. Prefer Ganzfeld ones. Zac made us stop early because he wasn't concentrating, and was poking his mates instead. Mrs Clemens was not happy.

This afternoon, worked on the bike a bit more, and the BW. Not liking this new glue, makes the shed smell like a hallucinogen lab. It's not, trust me. Fairly quiet Friday night, not that that's neccessarily a good thing. I need to get out more, but there isn't much to do, and I'm a really boring person. Like, so boring it's sad. Depressing, almost. But then, we have to be cheerful, stops awkward questions. Lack of attention is good, lets you be more lazy.

Tomorrow, up early to march in Stratford. Hope it rains. I am glad it's the weekend though, despite all the homework. Media essay, psych sheet, lit statement. Hurm. Not working though, woo.



Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is the title.

'Lo everyone.

This is the introduction.

This is where I what I got up to today. I'm liking the way the bike is turning out, devised a plan for more bitz.

Chapel was dull, Kelly reckons we're going camping. Cool. Think Mrs Greenwood spotted us mouthing the words to a hymn we didn't know. Afterwards, we got to do the survey. Some of the questions didn't make sense; how are we supposed to comment on the teachers as a whole when they're all different? Some are good, some are meh. Not a cool survey, really.

Then biology, did questions. Get to start the urinary system tomorrow, oh boy!

Recess. Nothing interesting. They kicked a soccerball around dangerously.

Double maths. Open book test on measurements. Got it done quickly, Tom and I argued afterwards about whether a question was for TSA or volume. See who's right soon. Second lesson was dull, as usual.

Then lunch, woo. Sat around laughing at Aiden's jelly, Nemo's singing, and Kelly's glasses. So many birthdays, too, must have been a blackout in July 18 years ago, hurr.

Psych was meh, lectured about research methods and given sheets on IVs and DVs because the people who didn't do the 1/2 are behind. Easy. Want to do tasksheets or something interesting.

Finally lit, walked in and Ruby had a loaf of bread. Weird. More lecturing, tried to contribute, but why contribute if I've probably got the wrong interpretation, and other people's ones are better?

Caught up on some more gossip before homeroom, I lol'd. Dunno if I should, there's some history, but still. Afterwards, went to the pharmacy, picked up some fancy new plastic solvent glue, swapped two weekend's worth of shifts at the Bis, and finished all the deliveries before 5:30. Went to the pheonix centre after dinner, picked up a BW. Nice kit. Built the chassis, did lit homework, didn't make sense, went back to it. I need to start painting, maybe this weekend. The bike should be done by then.

This is where I say what I do tomorrow, which will be the usual, I think. Aren't I boring.

This is where I say the blog gets posted around the internet.

This is where I sign out. peace.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Lo readers.

Too damn cold today. Again.

I realised I had left my jumper at school. Started riding to school, swore a lot.

First up was biology, fairly easy work. Want to dissect something.

Then media, computer wouldn't boot, so I read about the internet in the textbook. Some of it was kinda interesting, though dated.

Recess was dull, as far as I can remember.

History, we were expected to be researching our topics, I went off on a tangent and I'm now hunting a H. G. Wells book.

Finally maths, got a few questions done. Tom and I laughed about the deb, he told me about how he went to the boardo valedictory in school uniform. Poor bastard.

Lunch. Chucked a soccerball around, fairly boring though. Fairly sure we did something. Can't remember what.

Soccer sucked, as usual, Isaac and I did our best in defence, pretty meh game. Spent half on the crap pitch because the good pitch was getting sprinklered (and I don't think that's a word, ah well).

After school, sprinted away, got chips, caught up with Aiden and the girls, who were heading to the juice place. We fed seagulls chips and talked to Wakely about the One Night Stand while everyone else got exotic sounding ice cream.

Deb training wasn't too bad, I'll grudgingly admit. Dude's dance still sucks, and we've forgotten half of it, including the instructor. Looks like I've remembered (at least) two of the dances. Lulu was mildly impressed. Finally finished at like six, half dark already.

Back home, didn't do much. Family Guy was awesome though, for once. Right now, Russell Brand is on, kinda funny, but he's still got a retarded voice.

Tomorrow, double maths. Hurm.



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green Disease.

Lo all.

Hurm. Mild lightening up? Let's hope so.

Woke up, too damn cold. Wasted time trying to attach forks, then sprinted to school.

First up was assembly, casual day Monday and some sort of anonymous survey about the school. We're being told to take it seriously.

Psych, waste of time. We were told to look around a psych program, fairly boring, while some year 12s did the survey. "Let... anonymous... grow... a... beard..." I heard one laughing. Yep, definitely taking it seriously.

Then lit, another meh lesson. Mrs Cartledge isn't happy with us, not only are we stupid, and addled by the holidays, we're all afraid to contribute. I know I am. What's the point of saying what you think it might be if you know it's going to be wrong, someone will have a better insight, and you get the unwanted attention? Bugger it, I'll sit back and listen, take lots of notes.

Recess. Briefly visited the library, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT is playing the One Night Stand. I am underwhelmed. Apparently they're a meh Brisbane metal band, have a few fans, not me though. Still hoping for Tame Impala, there's still time.

Media was alright, I started the plan for the written work and tried to help Oliver a bit. Dunno about this new teacher, she seems to be on the same level we are.

Then history, went over some more documents and things. Fairly meh lesson.

Lunch. Pulled out a soccerball, the horde kicked it so hard I retreated, then Harrison picked it up and the other group took it away. Oh well. Spent lunchtime laughing at Hayden (finger through fly, poke people, ???, profit) and the amount of green stuff people were eating. Aiden had jelly, which he ate with his hands.

Maths was fairly dull, lotta sitting around pretending to pay attention because ZOMG GOSSIP was flying around. Got wearing, because there'd be long stretches of Bren-dog just staring at people until they'd shut up enough. The gossip itself was Jack and Molly, and my god that's interesting.

Dr von Hagens' anatomy show was on again in biology, great show, this time they were cutting open the respiratory system. Very awesome.

After school, Denny and I discussed Afro Samurai and the latest plot developments, then I went to work. Surprisingly easy, got on top of the dishes very quickly, 2 hours felt like half an hour, which is good. Near the end, the chefs submerged me in dishes, suspiciously quickly cleaned up, helped me a bit, then left me with the biggest pot in the kitchen. 20 minutes of scrubbing later, emerged, mopped, went home. Think I forgot to take the rubbish out though, dammit.

Tomorrow, soccer tryouts. Not going to get in, not going to try, just going to try and have a good time. Then deb training, in the memorial hall. Meh.



Monday, April 20, 2009

Giving you more when you only want one.

'Lo all.

Today was the first day of term two. How time flies. Did not enjoy it, because not only was it the first day of term, it was a bloody Monday.

Last night, I don't remember sleeping at all. At the moment I have vague memories of viewing the clock about five minutes before it was supposed to go off, and at four, but there also vague memories of a strange dream about a train ride to Bairnsdale where everyone was flying, so I suppose that means I did sleep. Just not enough.

Finished biology homework, began working on my boss on bike. Chassis is going to be interesting, not sure how I'm going to work in axles. Don't have plasticard either, so I'm using sprues, which isn't really all that fun. Ryan dropped in, he bitched about not being able to finish his buttload of homework last night. Poor bastard.

Ride to school wasn't interesting. Walk into the lockers wasn't interesting. No one particularly happy to see me, which I think is probably a good thing. Tom was laughing at everyone's haircuts, Jasper got a really bad one. Tom himself is as shaggy as I was a fortnight ago. Bastard.

First up was double psych. Sat there for a period scribbling down notes and pretending to be interested in Georgie's 18th. Teacher made us write streams of consciousness, I am ashamed of what my mind cooked up.

Saved by a music lesson, Mr C wasn't awake either, made me do a very slow circle of fourths, then an entire section in the book. Hurm.

Recess. Mostly standing around, caught up a bit with the troops.

Lit. Went over a mildly interesting chapter full of symbolism and hints that this will be in the exam. Didn't have our homework checked though.

Then biology, Gavin and I swapped stories about our holidays because we had a sub, and the sub didn't really seem to care what we did as long as we were quiet.

Lunchtime, bout bloody time. Course, lot of socialising. Closed circles, usually. Spent a lot of time walking around in circles. It gets really, really, really annoying sometimes. Saw something really funny though. Well, maybe not for me, but it'd be funny for other people, I imagine.

History. We have a big assessment task coming up, worth an entire outcome. Sounds interesting, you have to pick a social group in Nazi Germany and write a big report about it. Basically, the entire class is doing Jews, and while I maintain an interest in the holocaust, that many people will mean that there'll be competition for good marks. Decided to go for the average people, daring to a be a bit different.

Finally media, new teacher. She gave us a survey thing, some standard questions about subjects, then name the last five movies you saw, and your five favourite movies and tv shows. They all argued, as apparently the movie that gets the most votes will have a poster put up in the classroom. Good idea in theory, except we'll probably just get some crappy movie up. I managed to burn my dvd and submit it, which means all I have to do now is the boring written work, and present it all. Hurm.

Band was boring. Mr C recounted his story about drinking a glass full of surprise salad dressing.

Back home, attempted to work out Last fm, Scott and Josh came round, and then away to band again. Still dull, Anzac Day marches coming up though, and I hate to say it, but the one we have prepared isn't too bad.

Home again, near complete radio silence for the second day in a row. *sigh*. I'll give till the end of the week. Also discovered party photos, I'm only in one, and I think it's a hilarious photo. I don't think I'm supposed to think that, but oh well.

Tomorrow, it's Tuesday. Nowadays, that means work, so I won't be posting here til late, if at all. Probably won't have anything interesting to say anyway, look at the crap I've written about today. Hurm.



Sunday, April 19, 2009


'Lo readers.

Man. What a crap day.

I'd like to start out by saying that this blog is written for me, and not exactly for others, and while it is fairly heavily censored, things will slip. I apologize for any offense caused by anything, and if you have any problems with it, please contact me. Makes me paranoid, to be honest. Remember that no one is obliged to read it. Again, I'm sorry if anything I've written is offensive.

And away we go.

Woke up to flashing clocks. Never a good sign. Dug out phone, said I was supposed to be at work five minutes ago, panicked, sprinted inside and rang work, explained that the power had gone out and the alarms didn't go. "Ok lol, just get here as soon as you can," she says.

Quick shower, quick breakfast, quick clean up, rode to work. Work itself was annoying, didn't get on top of the dishes til maybe one or two, manager said "I've heard all the excuses before" when I apologized for being late, which irked me.

Once I got home, enjoyed a coffee, checked the news, finished homework. Someone please remind me not to listen to Radiohead or Massive Attack when I get home from work, doesn't improve things.

The tribe arrived home, things were noisy again. Fraser shaved his invisible moustache. Beardman filled me in on the latest happenings, and I spent a while going through posts wondering what is wrong with them.

It appears that there has been another plot development, one that I'm not happy with, though I saw it coming. Few other people involved, so it'll be interesting to see the fallout, especially when school starts tomorrow.

Which brings us to the tomorrow bit. School starts tomorrow. Karma is punishing me for having enjoyable holidays. I wonder when it shall stop.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Probably had a good title before, ah well.

'Lo all.

This is the second blog I wrote that covered the last two days. I realised that the first version was only going to get me in trouble. Hurm.

Yesterday, can't really remember doing much. After I cleaned up and sorted out the shed, and failed to find my iPod, walked down to Caz's. Surprisingly quiet, though I could hear the tribe from two blocks away. Well done kiddies.

Walked in, Will hugs me and asks if I've brought him anything. Bloody typical. Walked around a bit, cluster of guys abusing each other about cricket, cluster of girls dancing in the shed, cluster of people smoking at the gate, and a few drifters. Began wandering.

Not too many highlights, mainly a lot of standing around laughing at crap. Not sure how or why, but Meg kept me well supplied. Also saw Othermeg, who I haven't seen in a while. Alison took a lot of photos, don't think I'm too many.

These are things which I have discovered so far. This is so far.
1. Light beer sucks.
2. Light beer does not make fire explode.
3. Certain UDLs taste like red lemonade.
4. Oliver is a terrible fake-drunk.
5. Straight vodka does make fire explode, but is a precious commodity.
6. Vomiting seems to encourage honesty, which is not always necessary.
7. Do not go anywhere near the house if someone has stolen the parent's personal drinks.

I believe I shall add to this list as we go on.

Lessee. Pip accused me of staring at her friend's chest (confused me with Ryan? Dunno), and later threw up. Poor girl. Ryan himself rocked up late, snuck up on Aiden and Meg again, then "helped" (read forced) Oliver picking up Caz. There were three confused and dressed up year tens, including Midget. The usual year twelve dudes rocked, we exchanged greetings, laughed at people, kept to ourselves. Two stranger dudes, one was pressured into picking up Potter, the other one was hit on by nearly every girl there, which bemused and amused him. Tori nearly exposed herself, very loud. Nick and I exchanged stories about the boxing day test, bastard was in Bay 13 last year. Will and Guy sorted out their IDs and retreated to Ringers. Lot of gossip thrown around, as usual, though I think I'm still fairly behind.

Party got really boring once they ran out of drinks and most people left. Decided to tag along and visit the pool, Othermeg led some girls to the year twelves around the corner. Went back and forth, followed Alison, Jess, and her Briag dude down the lake, everyone else had gone to Maccas. Damn cold there, I had no sleeping bag. We were tempted to stay there all night, but then someone thought they saw the rest of them, so back to Caz's we walked, where no one was there, and there was a brief and furious war for the couches. The rest of them came in, bitched at us for talking, and fell asleep, as Oliver and I added sound effects. I was the bloody last one asleep, bored as hell, nearly went home but realised my bag was near Meg's head. Think I got two hours sleep, feels good man.

After balancing on barrels, walked home, went down the street, went home, started homework, ditched it after the first section, then retreated to the computer. Right now I'm watching Hot Fuzz, not bad. Lotta cameos.

Tomorrow, work all day, then finish homework, and I'm set. That's the end of the holidays. *sigh*.

And no, this time there is no uncensored version of this floating around, so don't ask for it. You wouldn't be missing much anyway.



Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hang You from the Heavens.

'Lo all.

Man, posting has been all over the place these holidays.

Yesterday, went to the train station, saw Gabby Walker, then listened to Aiden and Agnik whinge about spec maths and english with Ms Dosser all the way to Bairnsdale. Poor bastards. Get to Lakes, Tom begins feeding us. He had hooked up two tvs and two ps2s. We played much vidya. I'm damn rusty at Guitar Hero, and Aiden and I are even at shooters. Ate so much. Tom then pulled out the leaked version of Wolverine. I'm going to review it now because I have no interest in seeing it in the cinema. It was an unfinished version, and bits still have to be edited in, but hell...

Wolverine - **
Nope. I liked the first two X Men movies, this didn't make much sense, and it got repetitive. Lots of throwaway characters that probably have nerd-relevance, but it doesn't make it a good flick. I did like the samurai sword dude, and the Fabius Bile type army guy.

And then, while Tom raced us through 007 Nightfire,

RocknRolla - ****
Not bad, I prefer Snatch and Lock Stock though. Guy Ritchie definitely has a distinctive style. Plot wasn't as twisted as those too, still funny and violent.

Crashed after that, then this morning played Smash Bros. Kirby has the same old moves. Bus ride home was full, train trip was quiet, saw Tara, and we made friends with the two Bairnsdale dudes bitching about year twelve next to us. They were pretty cool, they liked the reputation Bairnsdale has.

Went home, checked the news, went to work, I have been paid, which is good. Got a cheapo iTunes card to fix up the DRM, and got out of visiting two nursing homes.

Watched Mad Men before. Me likey.

Tomorrow, Caz's party, so once again, I probably won't post tomorrow, unless disaster strikes and I find myself at home again. Should be alright, based off the last one, though knowing my luck we'll get nuked or something.



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holiday post, NOW WITH CONTENT!

'Lo readers.

Ah. Good day. Mostly.

Woke up, listened to Triple J, ESKIMO JOE is playing at the One Night Stand. Big meh, bring on Tame Impala.

Then went down the street, hung outside the chicken shopwith Isaac, Denny and Aiden, and whinged about the girls being late. Went home to babysit, Fraser and Brodie Bromley sitting on his quarter pipe staring at me.

Down the street again, wasted time, went around in circles, ended up arguing over seeing a movie. After dropping back home, walked in five minutes late.

Monsters Vs Aliens - ***
Kiddie flick, tries too hard to have adult injokes. Seemed over too quickly.

Afterwards, met with Kelly, Meg and Annie, went to McDonalds. After visiting IGA, I sprinted home, dug out clothes, and sprinted to work.

Bloody function on there, and bossman was being rather annoying. Dragged like hell. Finally escaped about 11:30, come home, crowd of 13 year olds out the front giggling at me, and Beardman swears he can smell pot. Hurm. Interesting development, for a 13 year old.

Tomorrow, heading to Lakes Entrance to visit Tom with Aiden and Isaac, should be fun. No blog post tomorrow night though.



Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh noes.

'Lo all.

Friday morning, managed to drag myself to the station by seven. Got seat, finished book, no trouble really. Got to Melbourne, found a cool record store with Nevermind for $30 on vinyl, among other things, and picked up another HH book. Train to Ballarat was dull. Ballarat itself, bogans staring at me, kind of weird.

Louise took Joe, Lani, Tess and I down to the farm, fairly quiet, lots of relatives wandering around. Funny, basically all my aunts on one branch of the family are like old, thin Jess's. No offence to them or Jess.

Highlights of the farm included burning things, soccer, tennis, coaxing dogs out of dams, much chocolate, and good food. Damn little kids got wearing, of course. Spoons was loud. Klaus is a great drunk.

Today, drove home, fairly quiet, I'm liking the Deer Park bypass. Monash wasn't too bad either. In between Traralgon and Rosedale, huge traffic jams, in the Melbourne direction.

So that was my easter. Good and quiet. Damn zombies.

Home again, finally finished my psych homework. Well, most of it. Will need to ask teacher about bits of it. Now I have lit homework to look forward to.

Damn week has been booked out, need to go down the street tomorrow, then I'm working, Wednesday I'm going to Lakes Entrance, home Thursday because I'm working, then Saturday I may as well go to Caz's and be social, and Sunday I'm working again. Hurm. Want to chill out, man. Money should be good though.

Apologies for low post quality lately. It's the holidays.



Friday, April 10, 2009

Voodoo Child.

'Lo all.

Referring to Hendrix, of course.

Went to work today. Jeremy was surprised to see me. Channeled anger into dishes, wasn't too bad, but it dragged. Also learned how to make proper wraps, out of funky looking vegetables.

Went home, can't pick up supplies, cleaned up a bit, watched a couple of movies, started hacking into some of Josh's stuff. Meh.

No blog posts til Monday night, sorry kiddies.



Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another no content holiday post.

'Lo readers.

Not much to report. At all.

Worked. Got more greenskins for cheap off Josh. Watched the Matrix, ten years old and it's still damn good. Got a haircut. I hate it.

Tomorrow, work at the Bis, that's about it.



Wednesday, April 8, 2009


'Lo all.

Not much to report.

Downloaded the Zep concert from 07, not the best quality, recording or performance wise. Almost everything got slowed down. Ah well, it's been 40 years...

Went down to the Bis, can't swap shifts, bossman isn't happy, 'blah blah there's plenty of other better people, blah blah the schedule's been up for days, blah blah'. So, looks like I'll be going to Ballarat thingy on Saturday, via a bazillion trains.

Also tried to do some homework, got bored to death. I can't really do the things we've been told to do as holiday homework as a class. Hurm.

Denny and Ryan dropped in, played warcraft three and laughed at Fraser.

Tomorrow, working. The pharmacy one. Meh.



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gloriously dull holiday post.

'Lo readers.

Today I got up late, tried to make a game work, wasted time on the internet, then went down to work. Turns out I'm not working today because bossman was listening. Joy.

Working Friday though. Will have to sort that out.

Tomorrow, will try and get through some homework, though I've probably just jinxed it.

Hope the happy campers survived, it's cold out there.



Monday, April 6, 2009


'Lo all.

Man. I haven't worn shoes for about 48 hours. Cool.

Saturday was dull, except for getting an email. A complete stranger commented on the blog. Woah. Followed a link, turns out she's a teenager from Melbourne, named her bass Sid. Very interesting. If you're reading this, well done.

Then to the train station, via Coles for energy drinks, as usual. Chatted to Ryan and Aiden about stupid things parents have done and MMOs, then onto the train, where we said hi to Georgia and Isaac, then Aiden and I attempted to decipher Kelly and Bree's codes. Weird.

Get to Traralgon, meet with Naomi, take a big taxi out. Much better than last time. We arrive, Hayden looks like he's made an effort to dress up. Lot of wasting time, then we discovered the karaoke machine is actually good, and blared Kashmir until the girls worked out how to change songs. A dog kicked Ryan in the balls.

After that, bit blurry. We went outside, where cars were mooned, Aiden ordered a pizza, Kelly and I went for a walk, then everyone got bored and decided to walk to Traralgon. We got halfway-ish, met an angry dog standing outside a fence, and ran. Eventually started winding down, us sane people avoided the loud people and went to the gazebo. I missed Pat punching Denny in the face over a tear in the doritos, which was apparently hilarious. We watched Jackass, Isaac was naked, we missed daylight savings thingy, and still managed to sleep.

Woke up, Aiden and I took most of the bacon that was cooked for us, then inside. Movies were playing, we watched Eagle Eye, then persuaded Naomi to hook up World Tour. I'm still rusty at guitar, but meh. Sam, Isaac and I took the train back to Sale, talked about Denny vs Pat, went back to Sam's after hitting the video shop, then researched drug-free hallucination techniques and tried getting them to work.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force colon Movie Film for Theatres - *****

Hayden rocked up, played Left 4 Dead, burned ping pong balls, had dinner (burritos with Hayden vs Sam's mum - woah), then more movies.

Silent Hill - ***
This is more of a statement on how desensitized we are as a generation, I didn't find this all that scary. Thought bits were pretty cool. Evoked thoughts of a nurgle cult and some preachers, which is probably not what they were going for. Some bits were crap, or went nowhere, and the ending is so damn ambiguous. We each had theories about it.

Then watched the Aqua Teen movie again, Hayden liked it, the rest fell asleep. Early night, after some bitching about camping, asleep by about 11. That's earlier than a school night for me. I'm still shocked.

Back home by about 10ish today, caught up on the news (so far, only in three pictures, and in two of them you can't see my face!), and wasted lots of time. Feels good man.

Tomorrow, working. Can't go camping. Prolly be cold and too couple-y anyway.



*god damn these posts are so homogenized and nice. grr.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Our shadows taller than our souls.

'Lo all.

Very interesting today.

Business as usual for the most part, some classes seem to drag because of it being the LAST DAY OF TERM WOO.

Get to school, Ryan was showing off his awesome mechanical hand. Want.

Psych first up, did some practice tests. Don't mind doing them, really.

Then history, watched a video about the beginnings of the holocaust.

Recess. Meh.

Double biology, saw a stick of celery and some scalpels. Mildly entertaining prac where Lulu and I mutilated plants to put them under microscopes, got jealous of Gavin's butchery, then almost finished writing the damn thing up when the bell went.

Lunch. Went to the gym, got a ball, waste of time since it got stolen when it went over the fence.

Then assembly. We stampeded out, naturally.

Homeroom was meh, my mid semester report isn't too bad, I know where I need to improve. Walking down the stairs, Mrs Cartledge comes up and tells me to get a haircut, blah blah second warning, blah blah stringing her along, blah blah. What? Not only is it legal at the moment, but she didn't make much sense. Will be getting a haircut sometime after easter though, however Lulu likes it as it is, so it'll be staying for the deb.

Got home just as it started raining, raging thunderstorm which cut the power twice. Read my book, then got the ps2 working again. I'm rusty at Guitar Hero, dammit. Right now, sorting out transport details for Naomi's tomorrow. Walking isn't an option because she lives too damn far away. Hurm.

Reminds me, tomorrow there will be no blogpost, sorry kiddies. I promise a full wrap up on Sunday night though. I reckon it'll be alright, once the couples settle down there's still Hayden, Denny, and Isaac running around, though there will be a bloody karaoke machine and annoying people there. Joy.



Thursday, April 2, 2009

From seven to eleven every night.

'Lo all.

Fraser was talking yesterday about a triple J concert. Laughed it off. Rocked up to school this morning, Isaac tells me that there'll be a One Night Stand in Sale next month. Hurm, I say, that'd be pretty awesome. Then at lunchtime the council youth propaganda people give us all little flyers and guilt us into doing surveys. 30th May, One Night Stand, in Sale. Looking forward to finding out who's playing, crossing my fingers for Tame Impala, or Children Collide. Something good.

Anyway. Denny and Ryan rocked up again this morning, distracted them with an old WD while I scribbled some more for literature.

Chapel was dull.

Extended homeroom was a big bitch session, once Isaac brought up his camping idea. Kind of funny, really. Dunno about camping yet, need to sort it out at work, talk to the boss about switching shifts.

Media was good, the TV ad is done, the dvd cover is done, just need to burn the disc and do the paperwork. Awesome.

Missed recess because of printing though, dammit.

Double lit. We went through the chapter, which is good because all you do is highlight. The theory of Nick Carraway being a bisexual is distracting some of them. Talk of a creative response next term, Ryan's doing his from the point of view of a wine glass, ala the copypasta. I reckon I'll do a WW1 story, just to muck with them.

Fire drill. The usual screaming and dry "Oh god, I am dying" as we went out to the oval, wasted ten minutes cooking, then away we went. Got measured for a suit, dunno my measurements, but the dude thinks I have long arms. Will raped Jasper. The Tyndall kids got pizza, as their homeroom is breaking up. Aiden put his leftovers down, and less than ten seconds later it was all gone. Loki Walker pulled some silly string from somewhere, well done that man.

Maths. Got through half a chapter-ish, lot of talk about Skins and camping. Mind-screwed Tom with the outro to Interstellar Overdrive. Gotta listen to it with both headphones, it's just so awesome.

Then psych, depressing, as usual. We had to do a wordfind. Yep.

Went home, kicked Denny out, went to work, bought Naomi's present (she says she likes chicos, chicos she shall get), nearly lost all the little pillboxes when a plastic bag bound for a nursing home broke, and saw some familiar faces down the street. Really need some money.

Back home, ploughed through the psych homework, got it all done, went over the history stuff, just cleaning it up now for printing. Much easier than I expected, but then, I dunno. Maybe it's supposed to seem easy, but it really isn't. Scary.

Tomorrow, last day of term, woot. Go home, babysit for a few hours, and chill the fhell out. Might have to work on my plan to get to Nemo's; at the moment, Aiden and I (maybe Ryan) are going to take the train, then walk. Shame she lives so far out of town. Might get a lift, if I have to.



Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pat Smith: The Man, the Vomit, the Legend.

'Lo all.

No post yesterday. No internet after work. Hurm.

Yesterday was meh, double history was kind of interesting, double media was good because I'm so close to finishing the tv ad, rest of the day was good because there was no lit or psych. Afterwards, went to work, wasn't too bad, new bossman is annoying. He's either very funny, or is one of those people where you don't know if he's being serious or not. Managed to get it all done before 10:30, also saw the drama kiddies at a play, and then they met the fat dude from Blue Heelers.

Today, slept through the cat screaming at me, then school. Short house meeting, only in one event, which was good.

Got out on the track and started warming up with the troops, cautiously optimistic. Bastards had the 800m first up, of course. Lulu had huge sunglasses. Race itself was meh, after the second corner the whole "what the hell am I doing?" vibes left, overtook Schuey on the straight. He tried to get me towards the end, but I held him off. Feels good man. Came fifth, which I'm happy with, it's better than last. Pat got in the top three, as soon as his shoes were off he spewed.

Rest of the day involved a lot of sitting round, a lot of shouting, and occaisionally getting up to watch the good events. Not a lot of highlights, really, though Kelly and I found evidence of youtube porn hunting (idiot, youtube's way too innocent) on Jake's iPod, and Oliver got into a waterfight with Emma. At the end of the day, Joe Carmody Relay, which is where people run different lengths, so a 100m, 200m, 400m, and an 800m. Binks was pretty far behind when the 800m rolled around. Pat grabbed the baton of Zac Turner, and sprinted like hell. He was around a hundred metres behind the rest of them. Second corner, started nipping at the heels of the kids in front of him. Second straight, he was screaming past them. By the last corner he was leading by ages, stormed home to massive applause. Legend.

After homeroom, where we got our photos back, and massive confusion about where deb practice was, we all went to the hall, where we sat around for half an hour waiting for the instructors, throwing bottles around, then away we went. We got taught the basics of waltzing. Pretty meh, specially since everyone seemed fairly tired. Think I'm beginning to get the hang of these bloody dances, not perfect, but meh.

Went home, damn kids are still loud, got halfway through the history homework, will need to ask people about some of the questions, and worked out my lit stuff, just need to clean it up a bit. Still need to do all my psych work though, which I'm not looking forward to.

Tomorrow, double lit, then working. I need money. Need to fill in a timesheet at the Bis too, because I stupidly forgot to yesterday. Grr.