Friday, March 20, 2009


'Lo all.

Third Friday which has been good in a row. I'm on a roll.

First up at school was psych, nearly halfway through this sheet. Meh.

Then history, I passed the SAC and talked to Pat about zombies.

Recess. Can't remember if I did anything.

Double biology. Got to dissect a heart, Zulaika and I clocked it, then Mrs Moy let us "play" with it. Jack literally ripped his to pieces. Then Lulu and I discussed deb shoes.

Lunch. Visited Mr Dude for the cameras, and he gave me another crash course, which is good. Then walked back, Maddy, Jenny and Renna made me take their picture. Hurm. Then library with Emma to print blood recipe, found a fairly good one on a forensics site.

Lit was dull compared to yesterday, though we got to look at Emma's comic version of The Great Gatsby. Everyone is a critter, Daisy being a dandylion and Nick is some sort of lizard with antennae.

Maths. Alison and I slowly went through the work (not really). Caz wants to hold another party, this time for Louise. Hurm.

Went home as fast as I could with a HD camera, went down the street and wasted money on tapes, then got a lift to the park. Got about ten people, made them make blood and smear themselves. Pat, Sam and Denny looked particularly good, and so did Annie once she got into it. As a unit, they looked convincing. Made them run around and tackle Aiden, who had rocked up after work. I'm liking the footage, though not sure about the pictures. Ah well. It was pretty fun. Made a nice big mess too.

Back home, watched Skins (*sigh*), and raged at the stupid internet dying on me. Wise Beard Man has splashed out; tomorrow the girls will be playing with a Wii. Hope it isn't a fad, but then if I get Mariokart for it, it'll have value for years. Hurm.

Reminds me, tomorrow is their birthday. I hope I don't get woken up by a horde of screaming nine year olds. Hopefully this newfangled technology will occupy them. Need to do some study for this psychology SAC and wrestle the printer into submission so it can print some pictures off for me.

Last night I found a version of Sen. Conroy's blacklist. It was fake, but hell. It raises some important questions. The site I got it off was on there, as was sites I link others to for laughs. There was a buttload of pornography, obviously, but more suspiciously there was a couple of wikileaks pages that'd be blocked, and a dentist's site. I know it's fake. The problem is though, the entire thing is going to be a surprise, so the poor dentist will try and visit his site, and find it blocked, and have his IP recorded or whatever. I have a lot of problems with this (and no, not for that reason) (or that one), the main one being that this is the first step to a Chinese style internet. Not cool with that. Plus it'll slow the internet down even more. Sen. Conroy, don't block the internet.



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