Saturday, March 21, 2009


'Lo readers.

Emerald and Charlotte's birthday today. Got woken up far too early, watched them disbelievingly unwrap a Wii. Helped set it up, had a go while they went shopping.

There was a buttload of small, loud children around all of a sudden, shouting at me to put High School Musical karaoke game on. I tried. Retreated to the shed, watched a dvd in the heat.

When I emerged, strange, hallucinogenic Skittles sitting around. They had a spicy aftertaste, like Big Red gum. I believe I'm addicted. Must find more.

Got an email from Clem-dog, apparently most of my photos are ok. Need to get a better similarity (find things that are all the same colour!) and retinal disparity (i dunno lol) pics, but apart from that, it's all good. Plus I know the definitions. All will go well, I hope.

Pirates of the Carribean is on, and I missed the best bit. Damn.

Tomorrow, if I'm awake, playing a short-ish gig in Morwell, then I'll probably drop into Ziggy's party. Need to print these pictures out and finish getting this bootleg too.

I dunno about this Wii thing, I need some more mature stuff than minigames to enjoy it, I think. This means Guitar Hero Hendrix, Mariokart, and some sort of zombie shooter like Ryan's.



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