Monday, March 30, 2009

Very difficult year twelve subject.

'Lo readers.

Hell. Not a good day today.

Woke up with sore muscles still, strangely my feet are back to normal already.

School was too damn loud, caught up in homeroom. Our immigrants were there, bless their souls. Not that we mixed. Very clear dichotomy already. More on this later.

First up was history, we discussed the definition of fascism. Pat mentioned the time last year when Oliver called me a fascist. Bastards, both of them.

Then media, I did some more work on the production folio. Mrs Tyndall says she doesn't care when we submit the work anymore, awesome.

Recess. Crap.

Lit was funny, we had Miss Cr- I mean Mrs Bryan, which is still strange. Jasper ripped into Emily, which made Ryan and I laugh a lot. Nicked off for a music lesson, Mr C reckons I'll be able to fit in a morning at band camp, massed bands concert, then deb practice all on the same Sunday. Deb practice takes priority, it'll be our last one.

Maths, boring. No Alison to annoy. Tom and I both thought the work was ridiculously easy.

Lunch was boring too, everyone nicked off, lotta standing around. Will need to buy lots and lots of chicos. We watched the 3km run, Pat did fairly well, though it was all about Otheraiden and Zac Turner. Bastards were screaming around the track. Oliver tried to distract them using his fly, this may or may not have contributed to Pat throwing up afterwards.

Biology was fairly easy, Mrs Moy is not impressed by how dumb we all are, I think.

Then psych. I shouldn't be complaining, all we did was watch a powerpoint then cut out a mini Ames room. Hurm.

Homeroom again, I was a little early to escape the screaming hordes, and I swear, Nikki was pointing to the pin up board and giggling. Hurm.

Band. Sometimes it's really, really, really boring. This was one of those times. Afterwards, Aiden, Gavin, Pat and I abused this strange year seven kid who was hitting on us. It's strange, he does the same thing to Ryan. Went home with a headache and the beginnings of a cold. Not cool at all.

Missed the second band, watched the comedy gala, took lots of painkillers. Also talked to random strangers, managed to convince one idiot that I was a student from Idaho touring Europe, and was talking to him from Russia. Interesting site.

Tomorrow, I think it's doubles day, which means history and media. Should be able to finish off the media ad, if I remember my usb. Also working at the Bis, so if there is going to be a blog post tomorrow night, it'll be fairly late probably.



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