Sunday, March 15, 2009

Untitled (aka Zoso, Runes, IV)

'Lo everyone.

Managed to miss Skins last night, but did get more than 12 hours sleep.

Today, I did nothing of value. Didn't go to Staggfair.

Emily's parents have busted her. I laughed.

Went to a meeting at work, seemed a bit out of place. New dude doesn't seem all that friendly. Might need to think about moving on.

Russell Brand and Zac Efron on Rove, Alison had a heart attack. Neither were all that funny. The former, suffering from jetlag, was not impressed by the rest of the comedians on the show. That was funnier than the dialogue.

Allow me to say now that the new iPod shuffle is ridiculously stupid. Thankyou.

Tomorrow, hopefully an entertaining Monday.



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