Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Think that I've been blessed with a patient mind...

Lo all.

Was about to start with something very mean, then I realised my audience.

Anyhoo. Got up, finished lit thingy, off to school. Ryan and I discussed the athletics tomorrow.

Assembly first, very dull. The reports from all the sport people are coming in, and each of them try to jazz up the language a bit, but they send in the youngest members of the team to give the speech. Ends up being unintentionally hilarious.

History first up, first period stretched on and on. Got to watch a biased video about Hitler. Harry and I laughed about Emily's, he said he wanted to go.

Recess. Went around in circles a lot. Funny that.

Media. Fixed up the colour-blinded-ness, and then we got a crash course in video. Emma and I wasted half a period with a HD video camera. Very cool, but it takes seven hours and 20gb to do anything with the footage.

Lunch. We played cards. I'm good for a couple of games in a row, but it starts dragging when so many people want in at once.

Then maths, Alison and I experimented with projectile launchers.

Biology. Notes on the circulatory system, promise of another dissection on Friday. Awesome.

Went home in a bad mood, I think. Damn kids being too loud. But then you go up to the balcony, you get accused of perving. *sigh*

Back home, checked the news (me likey the valk), then watched the second Zep disc while finishing the lit plan. I discovered that my TV's speakers at full volume are actually pretty awesome. Also, at Knebworth Plant mixes up the verses on Kashmir. Dunno why I found this funny, to be honest.

Tomorrow, athletics trials. Not sure whether to actually try or not. Trying means you'll probably fail, but then you have to keep trying. Not trying seems more fun.


Anyway, the end.

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