Friday, March 27, 2009


'Lo readers.

Today was meh.

Denny and Ryan appeared this morning, got told about how awesome Warcraft 3 is while I hammered out a lit response. Not particularly well thought out, but she said it was to be short. Hurm.

First up once we got to school was media, I've sorted out the order of my clips, all I have to do now is add music and clean it up a bit. I don't think it's that bad, really.

Then biology, revision on blood. Test coming up soon, hope we get a dissection before then.

Recess. Everyone was nicking off, music camp and shooting and all sorts of exciting and interesting things. Bah humbug.

Lit was annoying because while I had written a response, it wasn't as in-depth as everyone elses, but I didn't have to read mine out. Oliver did though, poor bastard. Spent the lesson talking about relationships and trophy women, noticed Mrs Cartledge is finding Sam and Jasper wearing (keep going lads), and that I have nothing to contribute. Which is good, because then I can write more of their ideas down, right?

Bloody maths was in the same room, Tom found a teenage girl's magazine, so of course we defaced it, then laughed at the embarrassing problems and fashion tips.

Lunch. So bored. Damn quad was nearly empty, apart from some noisy girls at the tables "studying". Away Jess, Sally and I went, to find the newly re-christened Servants of Eros (hurr hurr hurr) trying to jam. Sam and Isaac were trying, but there were too many people in the little rehearsal room. Denny kicked us out, so I walked back with Jess and Naomi, caught up on the gossip a bit (circles within bloody circles, as usual), then hung out with Tom while he scribbled down the history homework.

History itself was funny. We were reading through a sheet about the SS, and Ms Henry got called outside. Absent mindedly, she made resident mysoginistic anti-Semite Nick read the rest. Everyone laughed, especially when we heard the content coming from Nick himself, until she came back in and told us all off for laughing.

Psych. Waste of time doing an experiment on size constancy.

After school, went home, went down the street, bought myself a cheap, fancy new backpack, and rode around Aiden's route. It's not bad, really, less stops than Thursday's, though a bit more spread out. Ducked into the Bis, looks like I'm working Tuesday night, which is just awesome. Dude rang me when I got home, but I can't work Sunday, I won't have slept at all. Been hunting for bootlegs, damn rapidshare has failed me, and the googles come up with a bunch of legal (read-pay money for) Pearl Jam stuff. Will still get Live Side of the Moon, and some Black Keys, and some Hendrix, and some Zep if I can find it, and that weird White Stripes remix album... hurm.

Tomorrow, sleep as long as possible then Relay for Life, so unless I steal Caz's magic internet phone, there will be no blog post tomorrow night. Sorry kiddies.



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