Sunday, March 29, 2009

Relay for Life.

'Lo readers.

God damn. I am glad I slept in Saturday morning.

Friday night (or in the wee hours of Saturday), I found some awesome bootlegs (PEARL JAM COVER OF ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER! YES!), but not all the ones I was hunting for. Still hunting for the Live Side of the Moon (which died halfway through downloading) and some Zeppelin from 68 or 69.

Saturday itself, went down the street, went to the greyhounds, did a lap or three, then helped set everything else up, and went down the street for more pirate gear, which we conveniently forgot. Damn year 12s were all in Hawaiian gear and were fairly surly, we avoided them. The rest is a blur, highlights included deciding to go barefoot three hours in, Goody beatboxing in front of everyone (including the mayor, who made an arse of himself [as usual]), swearing a lot, discussing religion and faith with Emily, trading music with Isaac and his speaker chair, rocking out to Zeppelin at 2am, warning Amaya about skilltester machines, listening to Emily and Sam fire double entendres and probing questions at each other, kicking Sam while he tried to go to sleep, and doing ten bazillion laps around the track with Gavin, Annie and Belle, because the rest of them wussed out and tried to sleep.

Oh yeah, and we saw George, which is like the highlight of highlights. Bastard's still kicking, which is good. Also put a face to Megan, who I've talked to for a while but never actually met.

After sunrise, we tried waking the rest up properly, I found Tori, Caz, and Caz's sibling asleep in the bistro, and discovered free coffee. Mrs Lear cooked pancakes. Still too damn tired. Helped tear down some tents then went home, showered, and crashed in the shed for a few hours.

Woke up still feeling sore and bad, and there was a severe lack of internet. Read my book, and had a look at the lit homework, no progress though. Realised I forgot my biology books too, dammit.

Tomorrow, bloody Monday. Usual reaction, but worse.



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