Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Illustrated Experience.

'Lo all.

Hurm. Not happy.

Woke up on time this morning, surprised myself, and managed to finish the lit homework.

Get to school, apparently we are getting some immigrants. I sort of feel sorry for Nikki, Gabby, and Luci.

Made to sing in surprise house meetings, pretty dull. Should have picked Helter Skelter, if we had to do a Beatles song. If we could have free pick, I reckon Whole Lotta Love, if only for the lyrics...

Maths first up, Alison was going on about her hair, Tom and I got through half the chapter.

Biology next, notes on blood.

Recess was meh, as usual. Lot of people asking about the lit homework.

History. Surprise test. No one knew the material all that well, lot of cop out answers (What is a chancellor? ... the position Hitler was appointed to..?). No one did really well, I know I didn't.

Then media, after that and lunchtime I'd finished and printed the magazine ad. Finally done. Not 100% happy with it, should have smoothed out the lines a bit, but it'll do.

Raced down to lit, got another warning about my bloody shorts, and the first one about my hair, which is still legal by the damned school rules. Had to read out my homework, sped through it, teacher had no trouble with it. Notes on Great Gatsby keep getting bogged down by Sam's comments, some of which are funny. Big argument about football teams sprung up; Carlton fans outnumber the Collingwood fans.

Finally psych. Got my marks back on the SAC, got 20/30, which I'm not really happy about, but it's a pass, and that's good. So far for SACs all up I'm at 57/70, I think. Then started a pointless activity, no one got anywhere on it.

Walked to the gate with Denny laughing about band names (Denny's pulling a G, he's going to be the band manager for Isaac, Jake, Pat and Sam), then went home. Went down the street to hunt for shoes, got too many funny looks off teenagers because I was by myself. Hurm.

Wasted too much time afterwards, but I found this fantastic site for lit. The homework was to print off a sheet from this site, I found a messageboard thing where someone had questioned religion. 3000 comments later, I was laughing my head off. Seems this site attracts a lot of teenage American christfags, and they went out in force to defend it. "I am a catholic, but I believe everyone should be able to say what they want, HOWEVER blah blah blah HE DIED FOR OUR SINS! blah blah blah AFTERLIFE! blah blah BURN IN HELL HERETICAL BLASPHEMER!" Hilarious. Little christfags are very well brainwashed, the point to living is not to die and go to heaven, but to pass on your genes (myes) and 42. When I die, I plan on getting some peace and actually DYING, not going to some spooty afterlife.

Then I realised that my crappy used ps2 doesn't read discs anymore. Frustrating.

Tomorrow, long lunch and then deb training. *sigh*.



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