Monday, March 23, 2009


'Lo readers.

Had an idea. One day in the holidays, going to put all my live albums on a playlist and hook the iPod up to the big sound system. Myes.

Slept through my alarms this morning. Getting rather annoying, will need to think up new ways of getting up. Ryan and Denny dropped in, just like old times, but Denny nicked off early to meet Erin at the gate.

Psychology SAC first up, ever so much fun. I reckon I got most of it, some of them I may have missed a couple of marks on, but meh. Pass would be good to start with. Got let out early, nice half hour recess.

Went to a music lesson to skip lit, Mr C and I spent twenty minutes talking about how much Warragul and Leongatha bands suck the dong, and how I now have to do a bloody solo which was written by Trafalgar's bandmaster in the twenties.

Biology was funny, we had to do another one of Mrs Moy's dances. This time it was the 'circulation dance', and we had to walk around tape on the floor and hold up coloured circles. Wat-worthy. Reminded me of the magic school bus, the way she introduced it.

Lunch. Kinda dull, didn't do much til we sat at the table, where Alison whinged about her language homework, and I made Jordan listen to Dazed and Confused ("woah, so this is a violin bow on a guitar?!?" SUCCESS GEORGE!).

History was interesting, we spent an entire lesson discussing Hitler's views on Jews. Ms Henry wants to take us to the Holocaust museum.

In media, I uploaded the footage and the photos, and showed a bemused crowd. All I need to do is crop out Dayne, Denny and Sam, paste them in, and print the thing out, and that's part of it finished.

Band was dull. After it Isobelle spooked Aiden and I with her mystical ball. Checked the news (GO MITCHELL JOHNSON, CENTURY!), then band again. Fraser and Beardman are building a six foot tall quarter pipe out of wood. It looks cool, but will Fraser ever learn?

I just got another letter of George, thankee for the musics. Something to listen to over the weekend.

Tomorrow, I dunno. Nearly the holidays...



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