Thursday, March 26, 2009

Any Colour You Like.

Lo all.

Good day. Karma's going to get me.

Managed to finish all the history homework in the morning, was less than I thought.

Chapel was boring, Ms Dyke was watching us "singing". There was a cat macro on the slideshow, which shows how mainstream they have become. Damn chaplain (neckless, non-fear-inducing, crozius-less) laughed at the "lolcat". I raged. Coincidentally, that macro is actually up in the homeroom. Hurm.

Biology was meh, spent the lesson going over the test, I got 80something percent. Meh.

Recess. Yerp.

Double maths, we got sent out to measure the perimetre of the school. Tom, Ziggy and I took it very relaxed, managed to spend a period going around the grounds. Then, while slowly going through the work, Tom, Emma and I got into an argument with Kelly, who maintained her idea that any music older than her sucks. All started because Tom and I were quietly playing Hendrix from my leaky headphones, and Kelly had to whinge about it. Music is too objective, I'm cool with *some* rap, even though I'm more of a rocker, but saying outright that anything old is bad isn't right. I can't say anything new sucks, because it's too mainstream, see. Infuriating.

Then lunch, Gav and I tagged along with the groupies and tried to listen to Sons of Apollo's first rehearsal. They tried, they didn't sound too bad, but they need to concentrate. Then chased Alison with a pixi stick and traded pressure points with Leighton. Will have to try some on Fraser.

After school, got taken down the street with the girls. God damn. Never again. I think, if I become a parent, I'll make the damn kids learn to go down the street by themselves until they can shut up. New shoes are going to annoy me, I think, I like having these old ones that are like slippers. Less work involved.

Back home, checked the news, went to games night, kicked Beanie and Alan's arse once they knocked out a chaos guy, rode home, watched this Q&A show. Good old Sen. Conroy was on, and there was a buttload of questions. I think that this internet filter is still the bad idea, I agree with the other panel dudes who reckon we should hunt down the people who make the pr0ns, or keep an eye on the sites to track down people. Some bits were just embarrassing, the pretentious newspaper columnist seemed to have no idea what he was going on about, and an Anon showed up. Little paper EFG mask too. Said the usual thing, but the effect was ruined because his name was flashed onscreen. One hippy looking dude asked if the government had read 1984, I lol'd. The war for the internet has begun, they say, not surprised to be honest. Not going to end well, even if Telstra stays out of the ISP blocker trials.

Anyway. Sorry bout that.

Tomorrow, Friday, but all the cool people are going to music camp or elsewhere, going to be loud. Ah well. Gotta get a pirate hat for relay for life, plus I'm working.



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