Monday, March 30, 2009

Very difficult year twelve subject.

'Lo readers.

Hell. Not a good day today.

Woke up with sore muscles still, strangely my feet are back to normal already.

School was too damn loud, caught up in homeroom. Our immigrants were there, bless their souls. Not that we mixed. Very clear dichotomy already. More on this later.

First up was history, we discussed the definition of fascism. Pat mentioned the time last year when Oliver called me a fascist. Bastards, both of them.

Then media, I did some more work on the production folio. Mrs Tyndall says she doesn't care when we submit the work anymore, awesome.

Recess. Crap.

Lit was funny, we had Miss Cr- I mean Mrs Bryan, which is still strange. Jasper ripped into Emily, which made Ryan and I laugh a lot. Nicked off for a music lesson, Mr C reckons I'll be able to fit in a morning at band camp, massed bands concert, then deb practice all on the same Sunday. Deb practice takes priority, it'll be our last one.

Maths, boring. No Alison to annoy. Tom and I both thought the work was ridiculously easy.

Lunch was boring too, everyone nicked off, lotta standing around. Will need to buy lots and lots of chicos. We watched the 3km run, Pat did fairly well, though it was all about Otheraiden and Zac Turner. Bastards were screaming around the track. Oliver tried to distract them using his fly, this may or may not have contributed to Pat throwing up afterwards.

Biology was fairly easy, Mrs Moy is not impressed by how dumb we all are, I think.

Then psych. I shouldn't be complaining, all we did was watch a powerpoint then cut out a mini Ames room. Hurm.

Homeroom again, I was a little early to escape the screaming hordes, and I swear, Nikki was pointing to the pin up board and giggling. Hurm.

Band. Sometimes it's really, really, really boring. This was one of those times. Afterwards, Aiden, Gavin, Pat and I abused this strange year seven kid who was hitting on us. It's strange, he does the same thing to Ryan. Went home with a headache and the beginnings of a cold. Not cool at all.

Missed the second band, watched the comedy gala, took lots of painkillers. Also talked to random strangers, managed to convince one idiot that I was a student from Idaho touring Europe, and was talking to him from Russia. Interesting site.

Tomorrow, I think it's doubles day, which means history and media. Should be able to finish off the media ad, if I remember my usb. Also working at the Bis, so if there is going to be a blog post tomorrow night, it'll be fairly late probably.



Sunday, March 29, 2009

Relay for Life.

'Lo readers.

God damn. I am glad I slept in Saturday morning.

Friday night (or in the wee hours of Saturday), I found some awesome bootlegs (PEARL JAM COVER OF ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER! YES!), but not all the ones I was hunting for. Still hunting for the Live Side of the Moon (which died halfway through downloading) and some Zeppelin from 68 or 69.

Saturday itself, went down the street, went to the greyhounds, did a lap or three, then helped set everything else up, and went down the street for more pirate gear, which we conveniently forgot. Damn year 12s were all in Hawaiian gear and were fairly surly, we avoided them. The rest is a blur, highlights included deciding to go barefoot three hours in, Goody beatboxing in front of everyone (including the mayor, who made an arse of himself [as usual]), swearing a lot, discussing religion and faith with Emily, trading music with Isaac and his speaker chair, rocking out to Zeppelin at 2am, warning Amaya about skilltester machines, listening to Emily and Sam fire double entendres and probing questions at each other, kicking Sam while he tried to go to sleep, and doing ten bazillion laps around the track with Gavin, Annie and Belle, because the rest of them wussed out and tried to sleep.

Oh yeah, and we saw George, which is like the highlight of highlights. Bastard's still kicking, which is good. Also put a face to Megan, who I've talked to for a while but never actually met.

After sunrise, we tried waking the rest up properly, I found Tori, Caz, and Caz's sibling asleep in the bistro, and discovered free coffee. Mrs Lear cooked pancakes. Still too damn tired. Helped tear down some tents then went home, showered, and crashed in the shed for a few hours.

Woke up still feeling sore and bad, and there was a severe lack of internet. Read my book, and had a look at the lit homework, no progress though. Realised I forgot my biology books too, dammit.

Tomorrow, bloody Monday. Usual reaction, but worse.



Friday, March 27, 2009


'Lo readers.

Today was meh.

Denny and Ryan appeared this morning, got told about how awesome Warcraft 3 is while I hammered out a lit response. Not particularly well thought out, but she said it was to be short. Hurm.

First up once we got to school was media, I've sorted out the order of my clips, all I have to do now is add music and clean it up a bit. I don't think it's that bad, really.

Then biology, revision on blood. Test coming up soon, hope we get a dissection before then.

Recess. Everyone was nicking off, music camp and shooting and all sorts of exciting and interesting things. Bah humbug.

Lit was annoying because while I had written a response, it wasn't as in-depth as everyone elses, but I didn't have to read mine out. Oliver did though, poor bastard. Spent the lesson talking about relationships and trophy women, noticed Mrs Cartledge is finding Sam and Jasper wearing (keep going lads), and that I have nothing to contribute. Which is good, because then I can write more of their ideas down, right?

Bloody maths was in the same room, Tom found a teenage girl's magazine, so of course we defaced it, then laughed at the embarrassing problems and fashion tips.

Lunch. So bored. Damn quad was nearly empty, apart from some noisy girls at the tables "studying". Away Jess, Sally and I went, to find the newly re-christened Servants of Eros (hurr hurr hurr) trying to jam. Sam and Isaac were trying, but there were too many people in the little rehearsal room. Denny kicked us out, so I walked back with Jess and Naomi, caught up on the gossip a bit (circles within bloody circles, as usual), then hung out with Tom while he scribbled down the history homework.

History itself was funny. We were reading through a sheet about the SS, and Ms Henry got called outside. Absent mindedly, she made resident mysoginistic anti-Semite Nick read the rest. Everyone laughed, especially when we heard the content coming from Nick himself, until she came back in and told us all off for laughing.

Psych. Waste of time doing an experiment on size constancy.

After school, went home, went down the street, bought myself a cheap, fancy new backpack, and rode around Aiden's route. It's not bad, really, less stops than Thursday's, though a bit more spread out. Ducked into the Bis, looks like I'm working Tuesday night, which is just awesome. Dude rang me when I got home, but I can't work Sunday, I won't have slept at all. Been hunting for bootlegs, damn rapidshare has failed me, and the googles come up with a bunch of legal (read-pay money for) Pearl Jam stuff. Will still get Live Side of the Moon, and some Black Keys, and some Hendrix, and some Zep if I can find it, and that weird White Stripes remix album... hurm.

Tomorrow, sleep as long as possible then Relay for Life, so unless I steal Caz's magic internet phone, there will be no blog post tomorrow night. Sorry kiddies.



Thursday, March 26, 2009

Any Colour You Like.

Lo all.

Good day. Karma's going to get me.

Managed to finish all the history homework in the morning, was less than I thought.

Chapel was boring, Ms Dyke was watching us "singing". There was a cat macro on the slideshow, which shows how mainstream they have become. Damn chaplain (neckless, non-fear-inducing, crozius-less) laughed at the "lolcat". I raged. Coincidentally, that macro is actually up in the homeroom. Hurm.

Biology was meh, spent the lesson going over the test, I got 80something percent. Meh.

Recess. Yerp.

Double maths, we got sent out to measure the perimetre of the school. Tom, Ziggy and I took it very relaxed, managed to spend a period going around the grounds. Then, while slowly going through the work, Tom, Emma and I got into an argument with Kelly, who maintained her idea that any music older than her sucks. All started because Tom and I were quietly playing Hendrix from my leaky headphones, and Kelly had to whinge about it. Music is too objective, I'm cool with *some* rap, even though I'm more of a rocker, but saying outright that anything old is bad isn't right. I can't say anything new sucks, because it's too mainstream, see. Infuriating.

Then lunch, Gav and I tagged along with the groupies and tried to listen to Sons of Apollo's first rehearsal. They tried, they didn't sound too bad, but they need to concentrate. Then chased Alison with a pixi stick and traded pressure points with Leighton. Will have to try some on Fraser.

After school, got taken down the street with the girls. God damn. Never again. I think, if I become a parent, I'll make the damn kids learn to go down the street by themselves until they can shut up. New shoes are going to annoy me, I think, I like having these old ones that are like slippers. Less work involved.

Back home, checked the news, went to games night, kicked Beanie and Alan's arse once they knocked out a chaos guy, rode home, watched this Q&A show. Good old Sen. Conroy was on, and there was a buttload of questions. I think that this internet filter is still the bad idea, I agree with the other panel dudes who reckon we should hunt down the people who make the pr0ns, or keep an eye on the sites to track down people. Some bits were just embarrassing, the pretentious newspaper columnist seemed to have no idea what he was going on about, and an Anon showed up. Little paper EFG mask too. Said the usual thing, but the effect was ruined because his name was flashed onscreen. One hippy looking dude asked if the government had read 1984, I lol'd. The war for the internet has begun, they say, not surprised to be honest. Not going to end well, even if Telstra stays out of the ISP blocker trials.

Anyway. Sorry bout that.

Tomorrow, Friday, but all the cool people are going to music camp or elsewhere, going to be loud. Ah well. Gotta get a pirate hat for relay for life, plus I'm working.



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twenty Five.

'Lo readers.

Things were meh today.

This morning was grey. I like grey.

Biology first up, confusing question about the lymph system, pretty slow. Want to do another dissection.

Then media, fairly meh. Cut out the main sequences I'll be playing with, and found that Annie's scream backwards sounds really good.

Recess. Meh.

Maths was pretty meh. Starting to lose motivation, the tests are open book. I'm behind on the intrigue and gossip, it seems, though I'm not surprised by these latest plot twists.

History. Failed the test, but that means I'll pay more attention to revision. It's not an assessment either, so shut up. Now that it's been explained, and not just "read this and beat this", it all makes a lot more sense.

Lunch. Wasted a lot of time. Ended up playing cards and coaxing Emily to squeal. Denny made his new band go and jam. Mixed results. Bus to Maffra for soccer was full of everyone shouting down ideas for covers for them to play. I support Zeppelin, and agree with Isaac. Let's rise against Rise Against.

Soccer itself was crap, Maffra courts always are. Popularites took on the best of us, so I watched. I'd be a waste of space playing against these people. Too many people go to it now, so there's always too many people on the court. Pretty crap all up.

After school, rustled up some money, Denny and I got chips and met the others. After a stopover at Coles for energy drinks, went to the memorial hall, where we got lectured, then sorted into lines (I'm down the bloody front, damned short partner [please don't kill me Lulu]) across from Cameron Lucas. We got taught a boring repetitive line dance. Looking forward to stuffing it up in front of the ladies next week.

Tonight, wanted to start history homework, watched TV instead. I'm liking the whole Spicks and Specks/Gruen Transfer/Choose Your Own Adventure/Movie Show set up they have going on Wednesday nights. Also found the Beached As Bro original, and the Jamaican Tour Guide. Funnier than I remember.

Tomorrow, dearest Alison has reminded me we have bloody double maths tomorrow. Gorram. Plus chapel, and psych, and lit, where Mrs Cartledge will prolly give me a detention for wearing the wrong bloody shorts, but then I'm not working tomorrow. Meh.



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Illustrated Experience.

'Lo all.

Hurm. Not happy.

Woke up on time this morning, surprised myself, and managed to finish the lit homework.

Get to school, apparently we are getting some immigrants. I sort of feel sorry for Nikki, Gabby, and Luci.

Made to sing in surprise house meetings, pretty dull. Should have picked Helter Skelter, if we had to do a Beatles song. If we could have free pick, I reckon Whole Lotta Love, if only for the lyrics...

Maths first up, Alison was going on about her hair, Tom and I got through half the chapter.

Biology next, notes on blood.

Recess was meh, as usual. Lot of people asking about the lit homework.

History. Surprise test. No one knew the material all that well, lot of cop out answers (What is a chancellor? ... the position Hitler was appointed to..?). No one did really well, I know I didn't.

Then media, after that and lunchtime I'd finished and printed the magazine ad. Finally done. Not 100% happy with it, should have smoothed out the lines a bit, but it'll do.

Raced down to lit, got another warning about my bloody shorts, and the first one about my hair, which is still legal by the damned school rules. Had to read out my homework, sped through it, teacher had no trouble with it. Notes on Great Gatsby keep getting bogged down by Sam's comments, some of which are funny. Big argument about football teams sprung up; Carlton fans outnumber the Collingwood fans.

Finally psych. Got my marks back on the SAC, got 20/30, which I'm not really happy about, but it's a pass, and that's good. So far for SACs all up I'm at 57/70, I think. Then started a pointless activity, no one got anywhere on it.

Walked to the gate with Denny laughing about band names (Denny's pulling a G, he's going to be the band manager for Isaac, Jake, Pat and Sam), then went home. Went down the street to hunt for shoes, got too many funny looks off teenagers because I was by myself. Hurm.

Wasted too much time afterwards, but I found this fantastic site for lit. The homework was to print off a sheet from this site, I found a messageboard thing where someone had questioned religion. 3000 comments later, I was laughing my head off. Seems this site attracts a lot of teenage American christfags, and they went out in force to defend it. "I am a catholic, but I believe everyone should be able to say what they want, HOWEVER blah blah blah HE DIED FOR OUR SINS! blah blah blah AFTERLIFE! blah blah BURN IN HELL HERETICAL BLASPHEMER!" Hilarious. Little christfags are very well brainwashed, the point to living is not to die and go to heaven, but to pass on your genes (myes) and 42. When I die, I plan on getting some peace and actually DYING, not going to some spooty afterlife.

Then I realised that my crappy used ps2 doesn't read discs anymore. Frustrating.

Tomorrow, long lunch and then deb training. *sigh*.



Monday, March 23, 2009


'Lo readers.

Had an idea. One day in the holidays, going to put all my live albums on a playlist and hook the iPod up to the big sound system. Myes.

Slept through my alarms this morning. Getting rather annoying, will need to think up new ways of getting up. Ryan and Denny dropped in, just like old times, but Denny nicked off early to meet Erin at the gate.

Psychology SAC first up, ever so much fun. I reckon I got most of it, some of them I may have missed a couple of marks on, but meh. Pass would be good to start with. Got let out early, nice half hour recess.

Went to a music lesson to skip lit, Mr C and I spent twenty minutes talking about how much Warragul and Leongatha bands suck the dong, and how I now have to do a bloody solo which was written by Trafalgar's bandmaster in the twenties.

Biology was funny, we had to do another one of Mrs Moy's dances. This time it was the 'circulation dance', and we had to walk around tape on the floor and hold up coloured circles. Wat-worthy. Reminded me of the magic school bus, the way she introduced it.

Lunch. Kinda dull, didn't do much til we sat at the table, where Alison whinged about her language homework, and I made Jordan listen to Dazed and Confused ("woah, so this is a violin bow on a guitar?!?" SUCCESS GEORGE!).

History was interesting, we spent an entire lesson discussing Hitler's views on Jews. Ms Henry wants to take us to the Holocaust museum.

In media, I uploaded the footage and the photos, and showed a bemused crowd. All I need to do is crop out Dayne, Denny and Sam, paste them in, and print the thing out, and that's part of it finished.

Band was dull. After it Isobelle spooked Aiden and I with her mystical ball. Checked the news (GO MITCHELL JOHNSON, CENTURY!), then band again. Fraser and Beardman are building a six foot tall quarter pipe out of wood. It looks cool, but will Fraser ever learn?

I just got another letter of George, thankee for the musics. Something to listen to over the weekend.

Tomorrow, I dunno. Nearly the holidays...



Sunday, March 22, 2009

St Louis '75.

'Lo all.

This morning I downloaded a Zep bootleg, not too bad at all. Kept me up til 2, but it was worth it.

Problem is, I forgot I had to go to Morwell. Got to drive though. Gig was pretty meh, material's still a bit too new.

Back home, decided to print out the psych sheets then go to Ziggy's. Bloody photos didn't want to work, said they were XBAWKSHUEG. So, froze up the Beardcomputer, and I had to resize and blur-ify all the pics. Managed to get them printed, but it took so long. Also landed on a beanbag with a hole in it, made a nice big mess.

I found another good bootleg site, next weekend I believe I'll get a live version of Dark Side of the Moon, and some Hendrix jams. Been bored, siblings have been playing the Wii. Soon the novelty will wear off, and it shall be mine.

Tomorrow, another Monday. *sigh*.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


'Lo readers.

Emerald and Charlotte's birthday today. Got woken up far too early, watched them disbelievingly unwrap a Wii. Helped set it up, had a go while they went shopping.

There was a buttload of small, loud children around all of a sudden, shouting at me to put High School Musical karaoke game on. I tried. Retreated to the shed, watched a dvd in the heat.

When I emerged, strange, hallucinogenic Skittles sitting around. They had a spicy aftertaste, like Big Red gum. I believe I'm addicted. Must find more.

Got an email from Clem-dog, apparently most of my photos are ok. Need to get a better similarity (find things that are all the same colour!) and retinal disparity (i dunno lol) pics, but apart from that, it's all good. Plus I know the definitions. All will go well, I hope.

Pirates of the Carribean is on, and I missed the best bit. Damn.

Tomorrow, if I'm awake, playing a short-ish gig in Morwell, then I'll probably drop into Ziggy's party. Need to print these pictures out and finish getting this bootleg too.

I dunno about this Wii thing, I need some more mature stuff than minigames to enjoy it, I think. This means Guitar Hero Hendrix, Mariokart, and some sort of zombie shooter like Ryan's.



Friday, March 20, 2009


'Lo all.

Third Friday which has been good in a row. I'm on a roll.

First up at school was psych, nearly halfway through this sheet. Meh.

Then history, I passed the SAC and talked to Pat about zombies.

Recess. Can't remember if I did anything.

Double biology. Got to dissect a heart, Zulaika and I clocked it, then Mrs Moy let us "play" with it. Jack literally ripped his to pieces. Then Lulu and I discussed deb shoes.

Lunch. Visited Mr Dude for the cameras, and he gave me another crash course, which is good. Then walked back, Maddy, Jenny and Renna made me take their picture. Hurm. Then library with Emma to print blood recipe, found a fairly good one on a forensics site.

Lit was dull compared to yesterday, though we got to look at Emma's comic version of The Great Gatsby. Everyone is a critter, Daisy being a dandylion and Nick is some sort of lizard with antennae.

Maths. Alison and I slowly went through the work (not really). Caz wants to hold another party, this time for Louise. Hurm.

Went home as fast as I could with a HD camera, went down the street and wasted money on tapes, then got a lift to the park. Got about ten people, made them make blood and smear themselves. Pat, Sam and Denny looked particularly good, and so did Annie once she got into it. As a unit, they looked convincing. Made them run around and tackle Aiden, who had rocked up after work. I'm liking the footage, though not sure about the pictures. Ah well. It was pretty fun. Made a nice big mess too.

Back home, watched Skins (*sigh*), and raged at the stupid internet dying on me. Wise Beard Man has splashed out; tomorrow the girls will be playing with a Wii. Hope it isn't a fad, but then if I get Mariokart for it, it'll have value for years. Hurm.

Reminds me, tomorrow is their birthday. I hope I don't get woken up by a horde of screaming nine year olds. Hopefully this newfangled technology will occupy them. Need to do some study for this psychology SAC and wrestle the printer into submission so it can print some pictures off for me.

Last night I found a version of Sen. Conroy's blacklist. It was fake, but hell. It raises some important questions. The site I got it off was on there, as was sites I link others to for laughs. There was a buttload of pornography, obviously, but more suspiciously there was a couple of wikileaks pages that'd be blocked, and a dentist's site. I know it's fake. The problem is though, the entire thing is going to be a surprise, so the poor dentist will try and visit his site, and find it blocked, and have his IP recorded or whatever. I have a lot of problems with this (and no, not for that reason) (or that one), the main one being that this is the first step to a Chinese style internet. Not cool with that. Plus it'll slow the internet down even more. Sen. Conroy, don't block the internet.



Thursday, March 19, 2009

Really makes life a drag.

'Lo everyone.

Too dang hot today.

Woke up on time. Scared me too, man.

Chapel was dull, Meg had no one to wag with so she was bemused by all the singing. Chaplain seemed to be launching into a bizarre rant on staggcash (read: paper money at the school fete), but stopped.

Media was alright, I'm now ready for shooting. Just need to hire out the gear. Cross your fingers, children, if this doesn't work I'm buggered.

Recess. Yerp.

Double lit. Started out annotating the book, turned into a discussion about Mrs Dosser and Mrs Heilbuth, and how immature we all were ("... she was gay and free..." *every single person in the class starts giggling*). Good times, for a lit class.

Lunch. Played cards in the sun to the Moscau song. Yeah, that one. Wasn't too bad. Getting very annoyed with some people. But no, we have to be nice.

Then maths. Played with an elastic band. Mr Brennan was not amused.

Finally psych, got a fair bit of work done. Mildly confident about the SAC, as long as I get the pictures.

Went home, went out, went around in circles on my half gearless bike. No real troubles today, really, except for an old lady who was on the phone for ten minutes while I waited patiently at the door.

Home again, then ran to games night. Ryan seemed bemused by the McNamaras and the kids with lego stuck to a Devilfish (to be honest, so was I). Had a mildly enjoyable 2v2 game, and won it. Still undefeated.

Home once again, cleaning up the iPod a bit. Should be doing lit homework, but there's tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow, hopefully a dissection. Then hopefully people will rock up so I can shoot them as zombies. I really, really, really hope they show up, otherwise I'm going to have to really, really, really quickly come up with a new idea, which I don't want to do.

Fraser was on ED. The end is nigh.



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nurses do it better.

'Lo readers.

Today was meh. We're going through the motions, really. Still a bit dazed and confused. Not sure what to do.

I've become resistant to my alarms now, I think. Not sure whether this is an achievement or not. I'm inclined to think the former. We managed to get everything going with plenty of time, though Fraser had to have his daily rebellion by hogging the shower (yesterday it was the stimulus package*)

No idea what I had first up (lack of pockets = lack of timetable), Bernice broke the news we had literature. My trick involving Sam worked, he actually believed Nick Carraway was a lower class bloke who labelled everyone. I lol'd. We were treated to another lecture, but meh. I'm not complaining, to be honest.

Then history, we had a sub. Tom, Pat and I talked about athletics and cartoons. The theory of thinking about another song (funnily enough, the example was Kashmir) to get rid of an earworm didn't work. Possibly because said earworm was Zeppelin too.

Recess. Sam and Isaac plan on shooting their Doritos ad Saturday morning. I'm getting out a HD camera Friday night (zombietime), so I volunteered to film it.

Psych. We got taken outside for a while to understand visual constancies. Wasn't too bad. I know exactly what I'm doing for Monday, just wish I could have done it last weekend.

Finally media, we got to look at the footage we shot yesterday. My magazine ad just needs the photo, all is done. Not sure what I'm going to do if we have any more lessons this week.

Lunch. Sat around doing not much. The table is overflowing with people, but then some of them are just lying on it. I got invited to Naomi's party, which had to be in bloody Traralgon, of course. Do not plan on sleeping, either way.

Athletics thing wasn't too bad really. I got fourth in my sprint heat, because Cameron bloody Lucas stuck his hands out at the end. They reckon I still got in because no one in the second race took it seriously. Signed up for the 800 too, because only Pat was interested. Shot put was crap, but it was all about Jack vs Tom. Long jump was meh, I did it for the lulz. High jump, nearly killed Zac. Javelin was for the lulz too. That's about it. Dayne did particularly well, he's in the high jump with Terry, good luck to him. The rest of them didn't do too badly either, Pat was paranoid about pulling a muscle though.

After school, Sam, Ryan, Hayden, and I went down the street. Checked out Dahlsens, got chips, enjoyed them while checking out the birds and feeding a turf war (seagulls are invading, except one is fat and shouty and one has a tumour). Then on to the centre, where Sam wanted to hand out some resumes, and we caught up with Jake. Sam reckons he'll get a job at the fancy suit shop, since they're hunting for an assistant. Cue laughter at him working at Man-to-Man. Dude at Toy Kingdom gave me a discount on some fake blood too, he's pretty cool. Hayden got me some new paintbrushes since he need to spend more money to avoid getting cash out. He has a very nice bike. Hurm. Might start saving up for one like that.

Went home, only history homework, so I wasted time and got all bitter again. Ryan is tempted to go to the phoenix centre tomorrow, check out the scene. Personally, I can't stand the scene, though Gollywog, Alan, and Ken are alright. Gruen Transfer was on, still good. Looking forward to the Chaser.

*Last night, Fraser was whinging about how all his friends were getting nice things because their parents were going to use the stimulus package to buy said nice things. He was jealous, and believed he should have "only a little bit, like $150" spent on him too, on bike bits, because he "needed them". I argued that maybe the money would be better spent keeping us fed and sheltered and with utilities, but of course, all this pales in comparison to a new bike tyre. I could use a new backpack, and some new school shoes, then there's this god damn deb stuff coming up. But then, it's just not as important as a bike tyre, see.

Speaking of which, Beardman is a delivery man now. He has the visibility jacket to prove it. Well done that man.

Speaking of which (again), noticed an ad in the latest gig paper that there's a band called "Beardy Man" playing for the Bacardi Express. I lol'd.

Tomorrow, double lit. Hurm.



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Think that I've been blessed with a patient mind...

Lo all.

Was about to start with something very mean, then I realised my audience.

Anyhoo. Got up, finished lit thingy, off to school. Ryan and I discussed the athletics tomorrow.

Assembly first, very dull. The reports from all the sport people are coming in, and each of them try to jazz up the language a bit, but they send in the youngest members of the team to give the speech. Ends up being unintentionally hilarious.

History first up, first period stretched on and on. Got to watch a biased video about Hitler. Harry and I laughed about Emily's, he said he wanted to go.

Recess. Went around in circles a lot. Funny that.

Media. Fixed up the colour-blinded-ness, and then we got a crash course in video. Emma and I wasted half a period with a HD video camera. Very cool, but it takes seven hours and 20gb to do anything with the footage.

Lunch. We played cards. I'm good for a couple of games in a row, but it starts dragging when so many people want in at once.

Then maths, Alison and I experimented with projectile launchers.

Biology. Notes on the circulatory system, promise of another dissection on Friday. Awesome.

Went home in a bad mood, I think. Damn kids being too loud. But then you go up to the balcony, you get accused of perving. *sigh*

Back home, checked the news (me likey the valk), then watched the second Zep disc while finishing the lit plan. I discovered that my TV's speakers at full volume are actually pretty awesome. Also, at Knebworth Plant mixes up the verses on Kashmir. Dunno why I found this funny, to be honest.

Tomorrow, athletics trials. Not sure whether to actually try or not. Trying means you'll probably fail, but then you have to keep trying. Not trying seems more fun.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Go forth and Google!

Lo readers.

I hate Mondays.

Woke up slightly late, couldn't find a tie, sprinted to school. Julian rescued me, he keeps a spare tie in his locker.

First up was history, I passed both homework assignments. Mrs Henry told us to "go forth and google", which made us laugh. Tom and I looked up Hitler's occult beliefs. Couple of Crowley-shaped links between him and Pagey, except Hitler enjoyed *getting* whipped.

Then media, discovered a glitch with my ad, spent half the lesson trying to fix it, and explained why I had no photos to an understanding Mrs Tyndall (who happened to be browsing facebook).

Recess. Alison had trouble with her drink bottle. We lol'd.

Lit was amusing, if only for the fact that none of us were paying much attention. Bit of interesting ranting though.

Ten minutes of maths, then a music lesson with a spacey and enthusiastic year seven girl. Pretty sure Mr C was laughing on the inside too. He wouldn't let me out for lunch though, so I spent a sectional starving and giggling with Aiden about how bad we sounded. Not my fault I can't sight-read bass clef.

Biology next, we had a test, of course. No real problems with it, should have done a bit more revision on photosynthesis, but meh.

Then psych, couple of small activities asking us to identify the perception thingies, then we had to draw our own. Mine went from a humble barn and corn field (like everyone else's), to a Soviet nuke attack. Was quite proud of it.

Band was so damn slow. Nothing else worth mentioning, apart from reminding Claire what she got up to Friday night. She is a funny drunk.

Got home, started lit homework, nearly finished it, off to band, which went surprisingly quickly til we had this bastard technical piece of crap. JIHAD! I want to learn drums, I think. Bonzo is my hero.

Tomorrow, it's Tuesday. Don't think we have anything special. Maybe double history, but I'm looking forward to history now. Weird.

I don't think t3 dudes should be 16pts, even if they have AP3 stuff. There, I said it.



Sunday, March 15, 2009

Untitled (aka Zoso, Runes, IV)

'Lo everyone.

Managed to miss Skins last night, but did get more than 12 hours sleep.

Today, I did nothing of value. Didn't go to Staggfair.

Emily's parents have busted her. I laughed.

Went to a meeting at work, seemed a bit out of place. New dude doesn't seem all that friendly. Might need to think about moving on.

Russell Brand and Zac Efron on Rove, Alison had a heart attack. Neither were all that funny. The former, suffering from jetlag, was not impressed by the rest of the comedians on the show. That was funnier than the dialogue.

Allow me to say now that the new iPod shuffle is ridiculously stupid. Thankyou.

Tomorrow, hopefully an entertaining Monday.



Saturday, March 14, 2009

Notes from the resistance.

'Lo readers.

I'm tired. I'm going to be brief with (most) of Friday.

The morning was dull, recess the popularites stole our tables, middle bit Oliver and I discussed music in lit, then we hooked up some speakers and played cards at lunchtime. It's still surreal to walk up and hear Kashmir blaring. Afternoon was dull too, as far as I can remember.

After school, Pat dropped in unexpectedly, we went down the street to pick up supplies and milk. Got Isobelle a buttload of Skittles. At the circus, met up with the rest, who were nervous. Saw Gollywog on his hot date, he's a pretty cool guy. Got lots of comments from the horde about him. And yet we ask nothing about Isobelle's friends who joined us.

Circus itself was alright. One of the dancing girls was hot, Hayden and Isaac tried their best heckling (including a memorable moment when the crowd went silent), Isobelle and Sam got called on stage, and we roared at the clowns. The poor firestick dude had his fire go out, and he dropped his stick at one stage.

Afterwards, girls were whinging about getting a taxi, so we walked off to my place, where we laughed at Collingwood's woeful score. Then on to Emily's, screaming Tribute and running.

Funnily enough, I knew most of the "strangers" there from 545. Caught up with Andrew Devitt, who's filled out a bit, Molly Buntine, who's exactly what Mewha says she's like, Tegan Hall, who's pretty cool, and a buttload of popularites who were drunk and friendly. I was handed things, but I was sensible, unlike some people. Melissa panicked when she heard her parents knew about the party, so she nicked off. Aiden was stressing out over Meg, and Ryan kept losing Isobelle, which led us to go to his house to look for her. I dropped a giggling Julian off at Ryan's, because he was so out of it he was almost unrecognisable. Kept an eye on the rest of them, and they all nicked off around one to Walshies. Tegan's friends had lost their wallets, so we hunted around for them while Will stripped nekkid and went swimming in the algae-green pool. Got pretty boring after that, retreated inside, where Meg and Alison were recovering. We watched as Jasper, Will, Guy, and Jackson borrowed some of Emily's clothes. Then there was bits of movies put on, pretty dull. Fell asleep around 4, I think, and slept through the cleanup. Downside is bastards have pictures of me sleeping, but meh.

So that's the party. Seemed kind of tame, compared to the buildup Isaac and Sam were giving it. Those two nearly got kicked out of Hayden's at one stage, poor bastards. Wouldn't mind going to another one.

Ran home about 9, saw a cat with half a tail that followed me for a block. Checked the camera gear after a shower. They've given me the wrong bloody camera, of course, and the batteries we have didn't work with it. Gorram. Decided to use the other camera to work on the psych SAC, and get some video footage if anyone showed up. I said to meet up at one. At ten to one, a storm front rolled through. Nearly got bloody blown over going around the lake. Started pouring rain as soon as I pulled out a camera. Swore all the way home.

Wasted time after that, watched a movie, checked the news, did a bit of psych work. Alison seems to be regretting her night already, and Emily can't find my phone. Ah well.

Tomorrow, need to watch Skins, might go to Staggfair to see Pat and Sam beat each other up with inflatable things. Hope it's pouring rain for them.



Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who's got the brain of JFK?

Lo all.

Bit of a late post, got held up with the lit essay.

Early night last night, still slept through my alarms. Ryan rocked up, Emily's party is going to be very fun, I think.

Chapel was dull, we got a singing lesson from Mrs Candy. Not that we sang, of course.

For Staggfair, on Sunday, there's a spinning wheel where each homeroom submits a prize. Our homeroom had half a dozen things of chocolate and a buttload of excuses. At least we didn't put detention slips in ours.

Biology first up, we did the "mitosis dance". This involved us moving the tables around and standing in a circle with our arms linked together pretending to be chromosomes. It was as fun as it sounds, trust me.

Recess, it was raining. Ryan and Aiden revealed they had never had a frog in the pond before. Shock horror.

Double maths. Emma and I wasted time, abused Alison, then Tom came back. Lot of graffiti, lot of staple throwing. I developed my pen gun, it has a lever action now, but it's slightly less reliable. Need better elastic bands. The range isn't bad though.

Lunch. Soccerball got confiscated because Will accidentally kicked it into Mr Ries's car. We lol'd. Sam flicked cordial ice (the latest craze at the tuck) at everyone, and Nick informed us about his plans for Friday night. Denny, Julian and I got bored so we moved the tables back to where they should be, with plans to play cards tomorrow.

Psych was dull. My plans for adding things to the SAC has failed. Got some work done though. Just need to take the pictures, and learn the definitions.

Lit. We had a discussion about the American dream (lol, Comedian and Nite Owl), and the Jazz Age, which seemed to be the coolest time to be alive. Cept for the late sixties, maybe. I dunno. Both had good music.

Denny and I went back to my place laughing about tomorrow, then Denny saw Fraser and laughed. Went down the street, found out I got payed (woo! Circus!), and found out I had barely any places to go. All over pretty quickly, really. Saw Alison hunting for shoes, saw Ryan with his year ten buddies, didn't see anyone outside school, and went in at the same time as a the other drug runner at one of the nursing homes. Bastards.

Back home, got my crap together, went down to good old 545. Said hi to Melissa, got something thrown at me by a pair of ten year olds. Damn kids these days. Are 7 year olds supposed to be in miniskirts, or look like wannabe gangstas? Very weird. The maypole was unusual because they're boy dancers and girl pole holders. Weird weird weird. The music sucked, Vicky and I swapped bits halfway through. We agreed that first baritone bit is too damn complicated, but the eupho bit isn't too bad.

Went home after helping pack up, read the news (AP3 hellguns!), watched ZP (zombies!), and began cleaning up the lit essay (ohnoes!). It's a good length, I'm now indifferent to it (which means I'm not unhappy with it), just needs to be filled in. Haven't done the plan yet, but I have a plan for the plan.

Tomorrow, there probably won't be a blog post, I'm afraid. School, home, circus, Emily's. Lot of plans being made for tomorrow night, I will be laughing the whole time if any get pulled off. Full washup Saturday night!



Wednesday, March 11, 2009


'Lo all.

Not sure if I like blogging on firefox. The built in spellchecker is nice, but it seems to reformat posts by itself.

Today had it's ups and downs.

Ryan dropped in, we discussed painting. He had forgotten his helmet and managed to avoid the cops.

No one had a timetable this morning, because we are all very clever. First up was biology, took a lot of notes. Cell replication is still as boring as I remember, funnily enough.

Then media, worked out the layout for the poster, just need to do the photography. Need to book out the camera tomorrow.

Recess. The usual, I think.

Maths, Tom and I caught up. He didn't do too badly at the rowing, and didn't enjoy Twilight. Business as usual.

Finally history, just quiet revision with Mrs Dosser. I got Annie moved accidently, but I wanted to move Pat. Bastards were scribbling on my textbook.

The Long Lunch went very slowly. Played soccer, of course. Pretty crap, really. It just wouldn't end.

Then soccer, we abused a traffic cone on the way to Maffra, then wasted time as the reject team when we got there. Hayden discovered it was ridiculously easy to steal Doritos and ice cream from the shop. Encountered Sarah Frost in the boys bathroom when we went to find water.

Deb practice. Part two was just as fun as the first one, except there was a lot more mismatching, which basically means you get left outside the circle and you have to keep up. Some bits weren't too bad. There was this tricky foot manouevre that barely anyone could get. Some people were pretty cool with it, as usual the popularites weren't. Funny that. Lulu wanted to dance with a partner-less Loki for some of it. Hurm.

Back home, wasted time instead of finishing this damn lit thing. It isn't due til Friday, so I have tonight and tomorrow to do it, but meh. Mrs Thingy has told me to pad it out and clean it up. I'm ok with the cleaning, but padding crap out isn't my style. See above. Ryan told me that Emily's planned afterparty is a lot more popular than she thought, which means that Friday night will be very interesting. Plus it's raining on Saturday, apparently, which means I'll need to take the photos some other time. Grr.


Tomorrow, double maths. Sick of it. Need a convenient two week break.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


'Lo readers.

Not sure what to do. Not sure about the weather. Not sure if I'm still working at bis. It's all a conspiracy, man.

I didn't do any psych homework this morning. Disappointing.

Rode to school in shorts that were too small and shoes that are quickly becoming dilapidated.
First up was maths. Dull. We know how to do pythagoras.

Then biology, had a sub. Got half the work done, but it's faily simple. Looking forward to the next dissection, to be honest.

Recess. Meh. Kicked Oliver in the balls.

History wasn't too bad. I got a paragraph and a half through the thing, and can do some more revision on it tomorrow.

Media. Mrs Tyndall said it was cool to use the can generator website. Fixed up my logo, it'll be done by the end of the week, then I can start on the photography. Kicked Oliver in the balls again.

Then lunch. I am bored in soccer. We got the full courts, and Gavin still managed to kick the ball over the fence thrice. Sometimes it's infuriating, this.

Gorram lit, we got a rant on academic essays, then a geography lesson. Twenties were awesome.

Psych was in the computer rooms. It was a dud lesson, all we had to do was prove we could use the new powerpoint, and then more tasksheet crap. Spent the lesson emailing girls across the room and attempting useless revision questions.

Rode home, started work on lit. The plan is only half finished, but right now I'm a conclusion away from finishing the second draft. Traded links with people, and read through some of the planning process behind Raiders of the Lost Ark, which was pretty interesting. Christ I'm boring.

Interesting new feature on the myspace, they're encouraging you to put your real name to make it easier for people to find you. I think I'll go with Edward Cullen for now, but I may swap to Beardfist McPantsawesome.

Tomorrow, GIS day. Yay for half hour periods and two and a half hours of soccer. >.<



PS. Take that.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Yiff in hell.

'Lo all.
Today, I started the lit review, got confused, so I stopped; got my head around the new msn, decided to not use the new features; watched the latest episode of Skins, was not amused (why do only the artard kids buy models? Sending the wrong messages here); and cleared up Firefox. Interesting program. Seems a bit slower than explorer, but I haven't updated it yet.
Ryan introduced me to an awesome flash game where you play out WW1 (complete with zerging the trenches), and Emma finally got an idea for media.
Also went to band. Fraser got to be a percussionist. I raaaged.
Tomorrow, it's Tuesday. Need to ask Mrs Thingy about lit.
Anyway, the end.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Damn hard drives.

'Lo readers.
Got up relatively late. Hooked up Ryan's little black box. Got it working too.

Zack and Miri- - ***1/2
Predictable, ending isn't all that great, but everything before hand's pretty damn good.

South Park- Bigger, Longer and Uncut - ***
It's a musical. Meh. Kind of funny, I guess.

Got a few texts and messages, apparently Bree's was kind of dull. Pat says Oliver threw up twice, well done that man.

This evening I was really bored. I downloaded the new msn, so far I'm unimpressed. I can't access the news, or the blog, and everything's all messed up and there's a bunch of features I know I'll never use. On the other hand, animated DPs. Oh yes.

Also showed Fraser and his little friend the Offended page, and they're looking up Harlequin babies at the moment. Damn kids.

Tomorrow, start this lit essay.



Saturday, March 7, 2009

And now for something completely different.

'Lo all.

Nothing to post today, really.

Got up, decided to visit Ken's shop, wasn't all that great. Damn kids have no idea what they're doing. What I'd do for a game against someone sane...

Went down the street, bought noodles and glue.

Back to the shop, bought some of Ken's fancy new flock, and we ended up drawing the game because I made the pricks realise we had to get the objectives, not shoot everything in sight.

Back home, didn't do much, then watched tv. Sisters and Bernice watched Edward Scissorhands, seemed a bit too weird, so I didn't really watch it. However, ABC2 was much more better.

Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different - *****
Hilarious. If you haven't seen it yet, go and see it. 'nuff said, I think.

Tomorrow, I dunno. Chill out, watch some of Ryan's movies. Who cares.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Gavin! We need to open the ribs!

'Lo everyone.

Had a good day today.

Slept in, still managed to get lit homework done and get to school on time.

History first up, got told I'm writing well but I misused a quote. Meh.

Psych I got a buttload of work done.

Recess was dull, as usual. Lulu and I were nervously giggling on the way to biology.

Mrs Moy made everyone sit up the front, plastered a few tables with newspaper, and dumped a freshly killed rabbit on each. Were told to snap open it's legs, cut open the abdomen, and be careful. Ours went smoothly enough, once you get past the gag reflex and everything dissections are really fun. Smelt horrible. Eventually, we got all the work done, and Mrs Moy didn't tell us to stop. Gavin opened up it's ribs, we took out it's heart, then cut deeper. By the end of it, we had it's entire digestive system sliced out, found it's fallopian tubes ("Aaah, it's a GIRL rabbit!"), popped it's bladder, which made urine mix in with the blood and smell worse, and chopped it's head and foot off. The other group, led by Jack, skinned it's head. Good time was had by all, especially when other kids walked in and saw what we were doing.

Lunch. Lulu and I were still excited about cutting up body bits, and didn't shut up. Soccer was alright, ball went over the fence too many times, and I accidently knocked Emma over (SORRY!!).

Lit. Marks back on the reviews, I got a B+. Not bad, I suppose. Then we discussed essays. Meh.

Finally maths, Emma unloaded her chalk, and it went flying. Good times.

Sprinted home, got changed, sent some feverish text messages before I ran out of credit and battery. Saw Mewha, seems he's feuding with Wakely, again. Met up with the others and tried to open a new bank account for Isaac, which ended up working. Bummed around for a while, saw Annti and Sammy at Bis, (HE'S FINNISH! ZOMG), then went to Relish and waited for Isobelle. We decided to eat there, and eventually we had a good crowd. Highlights included Isaac throwing up his experimental drink (cream and orange juice), Hayden abusing Sam's wallet, editing the chalkboard, throwing a cucumber slice in a cupboard, and snorting sugar. Most of us had trippy drinks and bacon. Was pretty fun, though apparently we got Isobelle in trouble (SORRY!!).

We then buggerised around a bit more, at one stage we were running through the Spotlight carpark. Hayden kicked a rock which made a very loud noise, and an old guy saw us. A cop car pulled up. JESUSZOMGWTFISGOINGON?!? They took our names and numbers, we were stunned. Apparently there was a break in at Sale College, and since we were in the area... We looped around, and the old guy in the carpark was still there. His car window had been smashed by a rock and he was cleaning it up, but he and his wife agreed to vouch for us. We became mates very quickly, then the cops rocked up, told us everything was cool.

After a brief stopover in the Centre for energy drinks and skill tester games, went to the cinema and met Annie. Saw Lester, Jake Archibald, and Ben Chivers there too.

Watchmen - ****1/2.
It's not perfect. There's a very boring scene at the very beginning. The ending has been all muddled up so it's boring. The subplots are all gone. But. The soundtrack (except for the credits) is awesome. The action bits, they're very awesome, we weren't expecting that much blood. We also weren't expecting that much nudity, either. It looks very cool, too. Rorschach in prison was very cool, as was Manhattan's origin thingy. Didn't like the Nixon bits, his nose seemed too fake, and Veidt seemed a bit miscast. Still very, very cool though.

Everyone seemed to be liking it on our way out, caught a lift home with Cameron, and here I am. Not a bad evening after all.

Tomorrow, apoc game, then start some psych homework. Hurm.



Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rockem Sockem Robots!

'Lo all.

It is not winter. We are three months away from winter. I swear, it's all a conspiracy.

I rehearsed my lit speech this morning, it went for three and a bit minutes. Optimistically headed for school in the wind.

Chapel was dull, but we weren't paying attention.

In homeroom, we were given a sheet to fill in. "What are some interesting facts about you? One of these will be read out at the Year 11 Ball blah blah blah". Oh crap. We have no interesting facts. Entire homeroom spent twenty minutes trying to think, and ten minutes laughing at each other's answers. For my achievement, I put surviving. For my memorable moment, I put all of year nine. For my ambition, I put make lots of money. There were few serious responses. I believe they'll make us do it all again. Problem is, I haven't really done anything worth mentioning at all. Been in a band for years, but so has heaps of people. Came third in a cross country once, but then, it's third. Ah well.

Media first up, I fiddled with a logo on photoshop. I think I'll make the zombie photoshoot next weekend. People will be in town because of Staggfair, hopefully. (Staggfair is Grammar's lame version of the Garden Party. We got a stern talk from one of the organisers at assembly, who told us to pay money and support it so the school actually makes some money. I laughed.)

Recess. Stood in the same spot the whole time, laughed at people with Meg while everyone huddled together for warmth.

Double lit. Everyone was on edge, of course. Not only was it cold, oral reviews to give. There were some good ones, and some not so good ones. Jasper's one had a really good angle. For some reason, the girls seemed to have positive reviews, and the guys had negative reviews. Oliver made his tie in with a bible quote, which was interesting til he told Mrs Cartledge it was from Pulp Fiction. As for mine, I didn't take it seriously enough, but the damn class needed to lighten up. I mentioned Cool Runnings, The Mighty Ducks, and Star Wars. Oh yes. I'm proud of my conclusion though.

Lunch, soccer. Girls were walking around with expensive cameras and slushies, very weird. Good game, Brad and I scored a ninja goal. Now there's two things pissing me off, very interesting.

Maths was a test, I had no real trouble with it, I think. It was open book. Anyone who failed it has serious problems, I think.

Then psych. We watched a silent bit of Willy Wonka (THERE WAS A REALLY FAT OOMPA LOOMPA), then took a buttload of notes on visual perception. Class discussed movies since Mrs Clemens is apparently cool with this.

After school, drug running. Nearly got lost near the bowling alley, some very creepy houses. Wasn't too bad though, apart from the headwinds. On my second run, saw the usual suspects outside the music room. Sam was whinging about work still, and Aiden and I laughed at crap for half an hour. Year nine girl came up and asked me about Fraser, we both laughed at him. Then I went past the circus, which was pretty cool. No lions though.

Didn't feel like games night, said I wouldn't be going anyway, so I started painting a servitor for Saturday and wasted time on the internet. Watchmen NEXT FRIDAY! NNNEEEXXXTTT FFFRRRIIIDDDAAAYYY.

Tomorrow, we get to dissect a rabbit.



PS. Meg's second title in two days.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meg is bored.

'Lo everyone.

Today was a bit warmer, and a bit windier, but it still wasn't a holocaustal day of firey death. Fire brigade is scared.

Almost late to school today, lit first up. We finally finished the movie. So, so happy.

Then history, we studied a bit more, but then Clare bogged Pat and I down with her strange Bairnsdale relationship troubles.

Recess. Lot of standing around.

Psych wasn't too bad, we got the marks back for the SAC. I got 73 1/2 out of 80, so I'm happy. Our next SAC involves tricky photography, which will be good.

Media next, we finally started the project properly. I think I'll make the subjects in the photos for my media thing help me out with the psych SAC.

House meetings, we got out of singing. Cameron called Aiden a noob.

Soccer at lunchtime. We're ruining this ball. Not a bad game, but we wasted a lot of time.

More soccer afterwards, we're back at the Sale gym now, much more better. Emma scored a goal, we were in shock. Very cool.

Sprinted home with a tailwind, finished off the literature review, and started inking and highlighting the librarian. Dunno about the blue, to be honest, but it's $6 a pot for paint now, bugger it. I'll just buy a tile and learn to mix things. Margaret and David really like Watchmen. There is still hope. We're seeing it Friday night, should be good. Meg is whinging about homework and wants to be in the blog title for a week. We'll see.

Tomorrow, another lit speech, but I'm not fussed. I'll slur through three minutes of ranting. Also an open book maths test, but meh. And work, with lots of wind. I need to get the concession card.

Reminds me, got our new school cards today, with this years school photo on it. I look like a retard, as usual, but Julian had his hair cropped. We laughed.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Strictly Ballroom.

'Lo all.

Title's terrible, I know, but I've been saving it.

My blue paint is brighter than I remembered. It will need much inking.

Get to school, Ryan and I nearly run over a sevie who danced around in front of us. We need cow-catchers.

Assembly was dull, as usual.

Double history. Went relatively quickly. Emily, Annie and I traded Urban Dictionary definitions while hunting down quotes. Annie really really wants to see Watchmen. The trick is getting anyone else.

Recess. It was raining. Today everyone was whinging about high fire danger. Interesting.

Double media. We played around with Photoshop a bit more while Oliver listened to his crap. Oliver himself made a graffiti stencil out of Denny's head. Looking forward to starting the assignment.

Lunch. Soccer. Good game, people were creeping in. Naomi and Emma duked it out. Few interesting things happened, maybe I'm paranoid. Funny either way. The Possum is still on the fence, which is pretty cool.

Of course, it was really humid, and we all stank walking out. Maths was boring except for the chalk. Mr Brennan and I discussed music; we agreed that most good music is from the sixties and seventies, but he likes Buddy Holly and I like Pink Floyd. Ah well.

Finally biology, bit of note taking, lots of joking with Gavin.

After homeroom, year 11 trooped to the gym, and everyone was too damn excited. After a lecture from the old couple (reminded me of a Skins episode), we got partnered up. Lulu is very enthusiastic, but it wasn't too bad, she made it almost enjoyable. Progressive dancing, with the swapping partners, that was the interesting bit. None of us were all that good, but everyone seemed to have a much better time when everyone were happy about the partners. I could feel dislike emanating from some of the wenches we had to dance with, but most of it's mutual. Sometimes they tried too hard to be friendly with people they didn't know (looking at a Sarah here [not that one]). Other girls seemed to be having fun, which scared us a bit. By the end of the thing we had the basics for two and a half dances. Not looking forward to the next session. Ryan and I rode home trading stories, it seems that Schuey was the best guy dancer, and Tara was obviously the best girl dancer, since she's a professional and all that.

I started the literature review, but my cunning plan to check out Tv Tropes didn't really help. I plan on whinging for five minutes about overuse of cliches, crappy acting and story, and plot elements that go nowhere.

Tomorrow, it's Wednesday. Crappy indoor soccer, yay. Couple of good things, but the foam ball has got to go.



Monday, March 2, 2009

"She said you haven't been doing much."

'Lo readers.

Damn straight I haven't been doing much, it was the weekend. Two days of official not doing much, feels good man.

Last night I watched Children of Men with Beardman, totally worth it. Course, it ended at like 12:30.

Woke up this morning swearing at 7:20, of course. Slept through two alarms, rushed through a shower, managed to still have everything good and time to put another wash on the techie.

School was full of screaming walking up the bloody stairs, how little things change. Not a good morning, see.

History first up, bloody assessment task coming up. Not fussed though yet.

Then media, got to start playing with Photoshop. Looking forward to monobrows on everyone.

Recess. Prolly the usual, I dunno.

Lit we nearly finished Strictly Ballroom. So damn close. Need to start work on the review tonight and tomorrow.

Sat down in maths, (open book) test this week, then a music lesson. Rar rar rar waste more recesses here. Dull.

Lunch, everyone nicked off, so I finished biology homework and watched the festivities. Bastards seem to be all excited for some reason, I dunno. Some things are very, very interesting though. Worth keeping an eye on, almost. Pat ran around with a plastic bag on his head, and Alison ranted about Skins.

Biology wasn't too bad, Zulaika and I let Gavin burn smarties and we made one of the worst stenches ever by burning ground peas and Benedict's solution. Disgusting. Will need to remember this.

Psych SAC, fairly easy, though I forgot the advantages of an MRI, and got stuck on ethics. I ended up taking a stab, but meh.

Homeroom we had the photo for some reason. The girls all had their hair up, and Meg and Wiffy had their heads tilted. We lol'd. I look the same as ever, except now I'm not in the front row.

Band was crap, we spent too long warming up and playing bloody ABBA. Afterwards Gavin threw my shoes at small children.

Went back home for a bit, then more band. Fraser was still centre of attention, not much sympathy from Caroline though. We laughed.

Got to drive home, first time in a month. Right now Dexter's on. Nyeh.

Tomorrow, dance rehearsal. Should be interesting.



PS. Happy Birthday Katie.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Promised myself I wouldn't use a Beatles song as a title.

'Lo all.

Nothing to say today.

Painted an apothecary and started a techie, but the undercoat didn't work as well as I hoped it would.

Watched the new episode of Skins, still feels too much like Degrassi.

Got more music off Emma and did more digging for Beatles stuff, some of which isn't bad.

Tomorrow, we have everything, do not want.