Saturday, February 28, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever.

'Lo readers.

Nothing really to post today.

Got up before lunch, didn't do much, as the internet didn't want to be touched. Listened to Daft Punk's Alive 2007 and Led Zeppelin's BBC Sessions. Both are missing songs, but they're alright. I liked the One More Time/Aerodynamic mashup, and the 20 minute version of Dazed and Confused.

Finished off the second unit today, and repainted a captain, trying out a new wash technique. Didn't pull it off as well as I hoped, might try it again, I dunno. Started drybrushing the trukk, I'll need more black and boltgun soon.

Went through the web 2.0 stuff, people want to be my friends on facebook, and there's a bunch more people I know using it, and there's this damn Mr Men picture going around and I keep getting emails about it. I'm on Wordpress too, with the regular blog, nothing fancy to see there. Wordpress seems a bit too polished for my tastes, but meh. Also booted up a proper plog, better than the damn page-30-thread four-pics-per-post crap on Warseer. Course, I don't get people commenting on this, but meh.

Started going through George's Beatles stuff, Emma gave me some pointers. Fair bit of good stuff once I got hunting. Beardman commented on Helter Skelter. Believe this makes me a Beatles fan now, hurm. Kind of interesting, playlist goes from Beatles and the Yardbirds to Daft Punk and the Prodigy.

Tomorrow, do a bit more painting, I dunno. Don't really plan on doing anything.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, February 27, 2009


'Lo everyone.

Hurm. Karma's going to bite me in the arse soon. Maybe it's not karma, it's more cyclical. Will need to muse on this.

This morning I finished all my history homework and got half of the first drybrushing done.

Got to school, groaned as it's one of those day where we have everything. First up was media. Emma and I spent about half an hour messing around with the fancy camera in front of the art room. We managed to work out how to take pictures of movement which aren't blurry, and how to take pictures that expose for thirty seconds. Kind of fun.

Next up was biology, fairly simple prac where we poured petrol on rice bubbles and burnt them, or something. Finding out if food has fat inside, I think.

Recess. Hayden and Pat swapped their edited english stories. By edited, I mean raped. Literally. Very entertaining.

Literature. Mrs Cartledge is not happy with us, derp derp derp. Want to finish Strictly Ballroom, gorram.

Emma and I burned time wondering where we were for maths, turns out it was in the lit room anyway. We did not get much work done, as she still had some of Tom's chalk.

Lunch. Soccer. The ball got kicked over the fence fairly early on, so Isaac went to get it as teachers were hanging around. He noticed The Possum (been sitting there rotting for a month, someone stepped on it or hit it with a stick or something. Girls yell at us when we go near it), then picked up some sticks. He chucked The Possum at the fence (*gasp!*), and it's tail (or what's left of it) grabbed onto the fence. Funniest thing all day, girls were horrified. Pretty good game too, once we got going. Still worried. Should I be? Not like there's just one. Hurm. Isaac got caught graffitiing with his bit of chalk.

History. Nick did his presentation (Tamer than I thought), and Tom, Goody and Harry stumbled around theirs. Essay coming up soon, should be pretty easy.

Speaking of assessments, psych SAC next. So damn easy. Burned through the six (out of ten, next bit is Monday) bits in about twenty minutes, only one question I had trouble with (what is a second function of the parietal system?). Afterwards, hung out with Pat and Dayne whinging about schoolwork and waterskiiing.

Went home, went to Ken's shop, spent a while discussing plastic crack with him. Think I'm doing the right thing for next Saturday, though I could have taken a stormtroop squad. Back home, wasted time watching Zero Punctuation and reading Allan (bastard, not only is his better, he's more interesting than I am. Plus it's drawn). Kind of bored, but no homework to worry about.

Tomorrow, nothing. Which is not an open invitation.



Thursday, February 26, 2009

No one expects the Spanish Inquisiton.

'Lo all.

Good day, today, but this means I'll pay for it tomorrow.

Got to school, everyone laughed at the prayer I had to read, including me during the reading itself. I couldn't help it, sue me.

Extended homeroom, Tom had chalk, so we did some passive vandalism on the stairs.

First up was biology, notes on photosynthesis. Get to dissect a rabbit next week.

Recess, slow. Might have gotten up to something, I can't remember.

Double maths. Very dull. Tom and I tried, but too many distractions. Alison vs Tom is always entertainning, except I sit next to Tom so I'm collateral damage usually. Well, my calculator is.

Lunch. Lot of messing around on the courts, eventually got a game going, which wasn't too bad. Tara joined in at one stage, something you don't see every day. Will did the fence jumping this time, he got stuck up there. Didn't get caught though.

Psych was dull, more revision. Interesting how the year twelves can spend half a lesson discussing football with Mrs Clemens.

Then lit, none of us were being all that sensible. Mrs Cartledge was not amused.

Went home, went to the post office (should arrive sometime between tomorrow and Tuesday [do you even still read this?]), went to work, apart from brief stops at Foodies and Bis (might be working next week! woo!), finished both runs in about an hour and a half. Forgot one of the Domain ones though, so I rushed back before games night.

I won tonight. Made Alan's crons phase out, bit shady but oh well. My greenskins, in their unfinished form, remanin unbeaten (W3/L0/D1), so I'm looking forward to the rest of the additions, as soon as I can afford them. Had a good chat to Ken, and he lent me his personal copy of the DH book. James wants to play me with his panzees in a fortnight, should be good. We were both laughing about Fraser's school photos today. Apoc battle coming up too, expensive but I want to roll out the mahreens in all their glory for once.

Back home, watched half of the footy, and made plans. Need to write up an inquisitor tonight, and start the history homework, and spray some metals. Not necessarily in that order.

Tomorrow, first half of the psych SAC, don't really care. It seems simplified for some reason. Plus it'll be baking hot, appretly.

Starting to wonder. We're getting there, but there are no wheels.



Wednesday, February 25, 2009


'Lo readers.

Hurm. Not sure how to interpret today. It was grey, let's say that.

Rode to school, first up was biology, pretty basic cut and paste job on the digestive system.

Then media, brief run through the fancypants cameras. Looking forward to the project, as long as I can get people to look like a coherent group of zombies.

Recess, I finished off the history thingy. No point though.

Maths was dull, we had a sub, and Tom and I clocked the six questions we had to do. Then discussed new years, multitaps, and Nickolodeon.

History was a sub too, since I'd just done the work, messed around on the computers. Tom introduced Pat, Jasper and I to slimesports, which are infuriating.

The long lunch. We played soccer, of course. People swapped teams, goalies were rotated, girls joined in. Business as usual, except it went for an hour and a half.

We had fifteen minutes break on the bus to Maffra, then straight back into it. The courts in Maffra have big glass windows on one side, which is a fantastic design feature. We were made to use foam balls, which were useless as hell. Plus there were way too many kids in each team (Ours had about a dozen, and only five were allowed on the court at a time). The soccer itself wasn't too bad, I accidently hit Tom J in the face, and there's a handful of sevies that'll rival Hayden in a few years. Emma did well, she was the only girl there who played. The other one tried to heckle, but we couldn't take her seriously after watching her vs. Isaac.

Back at school, argued about five year olds ("Sure they can do it!" "How? It doesn't even work!" "The bits do work, just nothing happens!" "But... ew!"), then went down the street to buy an envelope. Bloody everyone was down the street; Alison and Jake were down there together for a mysterious reason, Sally was hunting for her mum, Aiden was going to the orthodontist, and Tom was riding an ancient bike. I lol'd. I'm running low on funds, need to work a lot more. Forgot to pick up glue though, which is infuriating.

Home, Watchmen reviews are flooding in, and so far it's good, to my surprise. Most of them seem to be from fanboys who can't contain themselves though. Grr.

Tomorrow, might be forced into reading a prayer in chapel. It really is tempting to add bits, but then you get the feeling that the sooner it's over, the better. Hope I don't have to read it though, if I can find Agnik or something he'll do it, apparently.



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Planet Rorschach.

'Lo all.

Zack Snyder once commented in an interview that his idea for a possible sequel was basically thousands of Rorschachs bumping into each other and saying "Hurm" below a giant Dr Manhattan. It'd be interesting to see. Be nice if school was like that, to be honest. Much more simpler.

Got up, finished lit homework. Ryan dropped in, we traded stories of parties. Interesting dichotomy; anything we do the popularites exaggerate.

Assembly was dull, Agnik got a plaque for being the best debater in Victoria. Well done that man. Oliver and Finky got bus captains, I pity the sevies.

Maths first up, apparently. Very slow. No one really understands the concept, but I get that the calculators do.

Then biology, lots of digestion stuff to catch up on. Mrs Moy seems a bit awkward about some subjects, kind of funny. We're learning though.

Recess. As dull as assembly. Got Led Zeppelin dvd back off Aiden.

History in the lecture theatre next, things are so much better when you don't have to present anything.

Next was media, went over the project. New concept. Big, bold headline: GOT ZOMBIES? Then a bunch of zombies: GET ZOMBIE, with a the logo. Tv ad will involve lots of zombies.

Lunch. Got a ball, wasted time, Otheraiden won the rock paper scissors. Gork time. First plan to go to the soccer pitches was ruined by the usual suspects, so Leighton said we may as well go to the hockey pitch, like old times. Game itself wasn't too bad, we're all a bit rusty, but the girls still stand in the middle (some of them, Emma's spear tackle was surprising, and awesome), and I still suck at it. I need more gorram weight, no good throwing a bunch of bones around, really. The paranoia's setting in again, I liked the month and a half without it. Now it won't stop.

Lit. More reviewing of the review, but we ended up talking about national identity and stuff like that. We need more classes like this and less Strictly Ballroom.

Finally psych, not really enjoying it. Had a practice test today, I got everything except the trick questions that nobody got.

Ryan, Lulu and I discussed driving on the way out, Ryan seems to have aced reversing already, and he doesn't have his licence yet. Damn pricks, they won't have to deal with the Monash when they get up to it.

Back home, did some psych revision (shock horror), watched the Zep dvd again (damn thing skips in Dazed and Confused, just before the violin bow. Gorram), and scrubbed some more models, which came out pretty good. The servitors in particular, I never noticed how detailed they were, damn paint was too thick. I attempted the history homework, but you needed the textbook. Need to do some rushing at recess.

The reviews of Watchmen are coming in, however it's mainly from fanboys. I want to see a proper critical one before I make any further decisions.

Tomorrow, GIS day, so short classes, and the Long lunch. Course, they'll all want to play gork, so we'll be exhausted when sport rolls around.



Monday, February 23, 2009

Some people just want to watch 50kg of meat fall a few metres...

'Lo all.

Man. School and colds don't mix, especially when you can't scratch the bit between your throat and ears.

Interesting day today, anyway. Wasn't a particularly good one, it just was.

Got a lift to school via the office this morning, long squeaky walk to the music department.

First up was double psych. The work is so damn brief at the moment. It gets done too quickly. So i finish, I stretch, and get yelled at for not doing anything. Tiffany got the whole "LAWL REMEMBER WHEN YOU HAD A DREAM ABOUT ALEX" thing to come up so everyone laughed at her. Silly Tiffany, embarassing dreams aren't the sort of thing you tell everyone. Very funny though.

Recess. Did a bit of lit homework and tried Roast Beef flavoured chips. I dunno, Emma.

Lit itself was slow. We're discussing a movie that only four people in class have seen. Even the teacher hasn't seen it. Stupid Australia.

Ten minutes of biology, then a music lesson. I surprised myself. Mr C reckons that adult students are the best cos they're serious about it, but I haven't seen the Beardman playing yet.

Lunch. Tried getting Pat to hunt down Emily, followed Emma to see a liger tshirt (if it wasn't pink, want), then soccer. Alison tried stealing my pixistick I've been saving from Sally. Game wasn't too bad, short vs tall, and we won. Damn tall bastards were afraid of Hayden. First fence jump of the year, how I missed it.

Poxy history next, in the lecture theatre. Kind of funny really. We were doing film, see. Before us, another group did film, which had a pair of smartarse mac users. They had a kickarse show with excerpts from films (that didn't work), and outclassed us. When we got up, Emily and Pat were squabbling, we couldn't turn the projector on, and Pat stumbled over a Ned Kelly (lol ned jelly) fact. Wasn't too bad though, I had fun.

Then media. Went over questions, then watched TAC commercials. How I love car accidents. Think Mrs Tyndall noticed, kept on asking me if I wanted to leave. Tempting, but I may as well get the work done.

Then band. Boring ABBA, then we played Never Gonna Give You Up. Rarely have I seen Oliver so happy. The arrangement isn't bad, bit more practice and it might sound pretty good.

Back home, checked on the metho (librarian worked very well, so in goes the rest of the command squad), tried to get into lit homework. Then Fraser storms in holding his mouth, Beardman rushes him to hospital. Idiot's fallen off his bike and knocked out a tooth and a half. Wonder if he was wearing a helmet. Anyway, I found his tooth in the grass, bastard looked like a juicy fruit thing attached to a shark tooth. He's back now, walking around and bitching about stitches, but he has the dentist in the morning, put the tooth back in.

Tomorrow, I don't care. Get it out of the way quickly, I hope.



Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hurr hurr hurr.

'Lo everyone.

Nothing to see here.

Did homework, stressed over history homework, felt like going back to sleep, cleaned room, began stripping librarian in metho, and fixed army lists.

Doesn't that sound exciting?

I've decided to open a new front in my quiet guerilla war against myspace tropes. Damn kids these days expect that people LIKE looking at pictures of them smiling in the bathroom, because they can't work out the timer. Or cutesy pictures of them and their BFFs. Bah, I say. Bah. Bring the fight to them, I say. So, began hunting for pictures. Ended up with two options. One seems to be some sort of prosthesis, but it's very disturbing. The other one was a deformed baby with one eye and no lower jaw. But I lost the bloody second one. Gorram. Would have been perfect.

Already, half a dozen "ZOMG WTF LOL" and at least one dropping from the friends list. So far, so good.

Tomorrow, Monday. I've got a cold, been stumbling around all day. Should be well for tomorrow, I dunno. Don't want to miss double psych, but then I don't want to fall asleep in class either.



Saturday, February 21, 2009

How the West was Won.

'Lo readers.

Last night was a waste of time. The internet kept on dying. Thus, Skins was difficult to watch, and I couldn't download stuff. In fact, there was no part five of Skins anywhere, which was annoying.

Today was pretty slow. Finished off the media homework, few questions I'll ask Mrs Tyndall about, but meh.

Went down the street via school, to pick up psych books. Tiffany was sitting there reading. Scared the hell out of me. Got home, shouted at for getting stuff from Coles, then looked at the history homework. I'll do it tomorrow, there isn't enough to change at the moment.

Then downloaded How the West was Won (good except it's missing a couple of very important tracks), caught up with George, discussed Watchmen with Pat (READ THE BLOODY BOOK!), and did a buttload of other things. It's always infuriating to lose a blog post. Speaking of which, saw Tori's. Needs a bit of work (well, paragraphs, spelling, punctuation, the un-important stuff), but it's not bad. Deja vu, I remember when Ryan, Pat, George, Annie and Dayne were blogging. I think I'm the only survivor. Course, mine got homogenized, it's fairly tame and boring compared to back in the day. Ah well.

Tomorrow, psych homework, history homwork, I dunno.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, February 20, 2009

"You know how manly that goal looked, right man?"

'Lo all.

Ah. Friday. Best part of the week.

Forgot my lunch this morning. Ah well. Lucky there's something in my wallet these days.

First up was psych, dull. Reminds me now, I forgot to bring my psych book home. Damn.

Then history, got a bit more work done, but I didn't get a computer because Pat needed more information on The Kelly Gang. Not that he looked up any other movies, really. We talked more about Watchmen, I'm trying to dissaude people from it now, they won't like it at all.

Recess. No lunch. We watched a bloke climb around on the roof, the guys on the other side thought we were pointing at them.

Double biology. Prac about enzymes, got to curdle milk and play with Bunsen burners, then write it up. Fairly straightforward.

Lunch. Visited the tuck shop (dammit Meg), got rice, played soccer. Since Emma's inspired the rest of the girls, we had a battle of the sexes. The Aidens swapped teams though, pricks. Good game, the ball went over too many time, though Mr Bacon tried to help. Girls played pretty well too, might be we'll begin the Gorking soon. The game ended when Aiden rushed Gavin, who blocked the ball really hard into Aiden's face, which scored a goal. Very brutal. We took him to Mr J, everyone came in. Title comes from Isaac's reaction. It was a very manly goal.

Next was lit, Emma, Emily, Oliver and Ruby did their speeches. First too were very good, Emily's was typically dramatic though she missed a crucial point, and Emma's was very good except for at the start (hurr). Oliver's was good, delivery was a bit unorthdox. Ruby's was alright, I guess.

Maths last, no Smellison or anything so Tom concentrated. We got the calculators working though, so no more manually doing matrices.

Went home, thought about doing homework, haven't really started yet. Mewha rocked up, bit of a surprise. Bastard's doing alright, surprisingly. He's looking forward to his eighteenth this year, of course. Footy's on too, we've won it.

Tomorrow, sleep, do some history homework. It's going to be complicated, since it's due Monday and everything's very disjointed. Tonight though, Skins.



Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Friday, isn't it?

'Lo everyone.

Today was a bit unorthodox. Not that this is a good thing, necessarily.

Woke up, more undercoat, lots of speech practice. Got to the stage where I was drybrushing while reciting it from memory.

Damn chapel was dull except for Aiden's loud offkey singing. I believe we should join in. They can't punish us for singing in chapel.

Media. Did a bit of work on the questions, but got sidetracked.

Recess, spent half hidden in the music room, then went back for food. I'm getting paranoid already, I think this may be a new record.

Double lit. You could taste the fear. Ryan got picked first, he was shaking so much. Poor bastard. His review wasn't too bad, though the kicker ("This is a very Oliver book") was ruined due to the absence of the subject. He then picked Isobelle ("You're sleeping on the couch tonight"), who did alright. Inspired at least one person to read her book. Next up was Bernice, who did Lord of the Flies. She and Isobelle fell into the trap where Mrs Cartledge had actually made kids study their books. I think I'll read it anyway though. Then me. Need to stop rambling. I got spooked when everyone's seemed to drag on, so I added bits that I read on wikipedia the night before. Meh. Jasper next, he tried to escape, then like said like his like review like very like detached like, if you like get my drift. Poor bastard, he seemed to have one of the more interesting books. Finally April, who did alright in front of a smaller crowd.

Isobelle and I ran to photos, were a bit late, jumped in (I'm not in the front row anymore, kickarse!), then everyone whinged about their hair before the individual ones. Apparently Walshie's class didn't take it seriously at all, well done those men. My individual was crap, but I don't care.

Lunch. Decided to tag along to a presentation about gap years, and despite a bunch of trendy ex-grammar grots, it was almost dull. Focussed on teaching at other schools only, which isn't what I'm after. First question was about seeing Kings of Leon in London, shows that they know their audience at least.

Maths. Falling asleep. Tom annoyed Alison a lot.

Then psych, more work done. I'm finishing the damn sheets she gives us too quickly, see what happens when you're antisocial?

Talked to Ms Dyke before I left, about the deb. See, there's this whole dance with the parents thing, and that'll be kind of tricky in my situation. I got told to either ditch it, or get a teacher or a girl whose MCing. Think I might go the first option, to be honest. Less hassle.

Work was surprisingly easy, got it all done in an hour and a half, and that's with a few pit stops. Need to compare drink prices, I think, now that I have routes sorted out.

Back home, new Watchmen footage. Kind of disappointing. I think I'll be ashamed to see this with anyone. Maybe I should just download it. Imax'd be nice though. Ah well. *sad*

Then games night, went there to chew bubblegum and kick arse, and ran out of bubblegum. Since Gollywog and I were only playing small points, caught up with Ken, who showed us his new OK stuff. He's renamed the shop to Epic Hobbies, which doesn't sound right. Seems someone else stole Phoenix Centre, pricks. He's not happy with the dole, and can't wait to go back to work. Seems to be in a good mood, which is good. I ended up winning the game against Gollywog, might be my greenskins are a bit overpowered, might be because he's not changing his tactics. Honestly, tank hunting speeders against a horde army? Should have got vets or even bigger squads, hell.

Back home, hunted for Joker stuff with Emma, and read the new IG sheet. It's in French, but you get the gist of it. Should be an interesting book, shame about the lack of greatcoats. A parcel from George arrived today, with a usb, a letter, and lots of little bits of paper that said I LOSE (suckas!). Letter was interesting (HOW COULD YOU MISPELL THAT WORD!), even had an illustration, and the usb had some good stuff on it. He's guessed correctly, with some of the stuff. I've already got Layla and Interstellar Overdrive, but the Cream, Dire Straits, Sonic Youth and Radiohead stuff is pretty cool so far. Next week I'll send the usb back with some of my stuff, namely some Pearl Jam albums and some bonus Zeppelin stuff I've encountered.

Tomorrow, double biology. And it's Friday. Felt like a Friday today, to be honest.



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Swimming carnival again.

'Lo readers.

Today was a bit different. Not that it was good. Meh.

Woke up, cut finger with cat food lid, wouldn't stop bleeding. Bastard thing. Don't want blood in my coffee.

I added a buttload of water to the boltgun, and it doesn't seem too bad, not too watery, but still gluggy enough to need regular thinning. Interesting.

School was quiet, which was good. Few people had skipped it because of the swimming. Mrs Ripon said she needed some volunteers to man the barbeque we were suddenly in charge of. Hurm.

Literature was alright, more stuff on reviews. I've written the oral one, just need to put the keywords on the cue card, which is what I'm going to do as soon as this is finished. Then read a positive (shock) review of Strictly Ballroom from Vogue all the way back in 92. Got marks on the review back, I got a B (expecting a C), and Emma got the only A. Deserved it too, looked very fancy.

History, Emily, Pat and I swapped computers around, took notes, started building the bibliography, and actually did work. I think I'll be fine with this one, and Nosferatu sounds interesting. Not that any video shops in town would have it, looks like a rapidshare thingy.

Recess. Wasted time, watched the camp people come home and shout, then Tom said we should get sausages and stuff. Sally and Agnik joined us, we grabbed stuff from the staff room and accidently put it all in Mr Anderson's car. Mrs Ripon rocked up wondering where the hell we had got to, and Alison and Jordan laughed at us, becuase they were trying to get out of swimming. Once we stacked Mrs Ripon's car, she took the four of us to IGA. Tom and I picked Misty Mountain Hop out of a mysterious iPod, pretty trippy going down the main street in Sale blaring that, with a bunch of teenagers in the back. We were pretty conspicuous too; as well as the sports uniforms, Tom had a cape, I had a headband, and Sally had fairy wings. Think we may have shocked IGA. Then got meat from the butchers, and Mrs Ripon took Sally and Agnik to the pub for ice. Tom and I laughed at that.

Finally got to the pool, wasted time cleaning the barbeques, found more helpers (so many helpers), then shooed curious sevies away. Damn teachers announced that the BBQ was going too early, so Tom and Sam had to deal with a huge, hungry line forming. Course, the sausages took ages to get properly cooked.

Rest of it is a bit chaotic, but we made a fair bit of money. Disaster struck when we ran out of bread and sausages, but we kept on going. By about one, we were nearly out of meat, fully out of bread, and were resorting to selling icypoles. Scott and Mrs Ripon returned with boxes of coke and bread, which we sold. Then the clean up.

Agnik, Scott, Tom and I jumped back in the troopy, went to the staff room. Interesting place, when you look around. Their tv is a relic, and it's set up like an American cafeteria, which led us to believe that the teachers all had cliques. They each have their own coffee cup, Tom thought he could get out of school by coughing in them. They counted the money, I did the dishes (I'm a gorram professional). We ended up making around $500, which isn't too bad. Might not have to lose any of it either, we could make the school pay for everything, which would be cool. We then wasted time talking about Watchmen (Agnik's keen all of a sudden, it's because the trailer's too good. Somehow I don't think anybody would like it if they read the book, but dammit, I'm going evangelical with it), then kicked a soccerball around on the balcony. Everyone else started coming back in, Emma told us that Dargo won ("DARGO SUCKS!") but Binks had come second. Meh.

Rode home, resumed hunting for this Neil Young song, only just managed to find a rapidshare link to the whole damn album. Excellent. Also found links to The Song Remains the Same and How the West was Won, which I plan on getting on the weekend. Tame Impala was on triple J, awesome.

Tomorrow, school photos, and we have to give the speeches. Meh. Not worried about the lit speech yet, but the photos I'm not looking forward to. Damn unphotogenic-ness. At least I'm not a camwhore (we don't want to see your bathroom, ladies). Working too, which means I get paid this week sometime. Need to buy that other trukk.



*tripped out, I remembered I've already used this title before. Need to be more creative, I think. Damn year of blogging. Saturday.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You applesticker.

'Lo all.

Interesting day, really. Funny that.

Rode to school laughing about Tori's iPod and April's filter-smoking with Ryan. The latter is dumber than she looks, astounding.

Assembly was boring, Tomdom and the rest got their prizes.

Gorram double history, I planned on starting the oral bit, but got drawn into an argument about The Spirit (looks like Sin City, is apparently worst movie of 2009 already) vs Watchmen (looks unique, is most anticipated movie of 2009 so far) with Pat. I'll make him read the book, he'll see. We then played the Hitler wikipedia game, Emily managed to get there from an article on English cows. Did get some work done though, which is good. Not sure about Pat though, but he'll pull through.

Recess. Trooped up to the music department, wasted ten minutes playing scales, stormed to media in a bad mood.

Media itself wasn't too bad, we finished the test (essay was pretty easy, surprisingly), Bernice raged about the year tens using the textbook, then we discussed advertising. My magazine advertisment will be for an axe. Myes.

Lunch. Chucked an apple core on the roof and got sprung, teacher said I had to clean up at lunch for a week. Meh. Not fussed. Apple core feeds birds, does no one harm. Mr J doesn't have my black jumper, which means someone's taken it accidently. Annoying. Wasted time picking up odd bits of rubbish while Emily hunted for a set of scales. Returned to the basketball court in time to see a ball get stuck up a tree, so I helped out in the rescue effort. Isaac eventually got it down by throwing sticks through a bird's nest. Well done that man. It seems Pat and the rest have accepted a new acolyte, reasoning that even Jess wouldn't play a full game of soccer.

Maths. I was lost on the matrices, waited for Mr Brennan to rock up. So, wasted time talking to the girls behind us (reminds me of last year) til he arrived and tried explaining the thing. Seems like another useless algebra thing. Ah well.

Then biology, we got to watch Anatomy for Beginners, with Gunther von Hagens and his Hat. Kickarse show. He carefully tore apart the full digestive system, and removed the skull and backbone in one go. Not for the squeamish though, some of them couldn't take it. Jack and Zulaika and I thought it was cool though.

Since I had no homework due the next day, took a night off, no internet. Hurm. Girls and Wise Beard Man have joined the band, Beardman has a tenor horn and the girls have cornets. Poor Beardman. Tenor horn's an Eflat instrument (I know this because of my learnings), which is hell to learn on, since everything gets transposed. Ah well. The girls are another matter, I think. Poor Elizabeth.

Finally got internet, began hunting for a Neil Young/Pearl Jam song and discussed the horrible new Simpsons opening. No. Just no. A vendetta against the new Simpsons.

Tomorrow, swimming carnival. Should bring waterguns, just for the lulz.


Anyway, the end.

PS. Thank you Bernice.

Monday, February 16, 2009


'Lo everyone.

Might be slightly brief this evening, Dexter is on.

Damn Monday mornings, as usual, didn't start off well. Damn coffee tasted a bit off.

Got to school, lots of screaming, quieter than usual due to outdoor ed camp people going away. Might be some sort of correlation here.

History first, going over the test. I got 80something percent, meh. Pass is a pass.

Then media, test there. Thing about spreading it over two days is that if you get stuck you know what to study for the next day. No troubles with it yet.

Recess. Slightly quieter than usual, due to the above.

Lit, going over a response to the movie, psyching us up for the essay soon. Need to do more work on the speech, should be alright though.

Five minutes of maths, then a music lesson. Gorram. Mr C seems to be butthurt about something. I'm now expected to practicing any spare moment I have, including recess. Meh. Beats socialising, of course. Starting to lose motivation for music, more on this later.

Lunch. Small crowd, decided to play soccer. Pretty fun game, realised we had a pair of soccer balls. Made an interesting game. Few bored girls joined in, Annie's a better kick than I remember, and Emma surprisingly took a few of Pat's kicks then scored a goal past him. Will have to watch these two.

Biology next, lotta note taking. Meh. Lulu idly drew illegible stuff on my arm, and she and Gavin raised an interesting point about the deb. The whole parents dance; how am I supposed to do that?

Then psych. Clocking a buttload of questions on the next sheet, pretty dull. List five things that stress you the most. Hmm. People, school, money, siblings, 2012, lack of glue, boltgun turning gluggy, no greatcoats in May, people, school, music, job, aliems, people...

Band was dull, Mr C being a hardarse here too, it's not as fun. Not that we were stuffing around before, now there's just no good atmosphere. Plus we're playing bloody ABBA crap.

Home, checked the GW open day stuff. Damn crapachans, want my plastic greatcoats. Valkyrie looks fantastic, I'm already dreaming of a full squadron with little speakers, and a HSO with a cowboy hat...

Then more bloody band, dozen people showed up, played a bunch of crappy arrangements, boring boring boring. No motivation at the moment. But I can't quit, they *need* me. Poxy bastards. It's infuriating.

Tomorrow, meh. Need to work on history stuff and talk to the Henry about sweding, and finish this media stuff, and do more work on the oral review. *sigh* I miss the holidays...



Sunday, February 15, 2009


'Lo readers.

No content today.

Woke up before one, finished basecoating the greenskins, Denny rocked up we discussed Afro Samurai (animatedly) and Michaell Bay explosions.

Then finished psych homework, talked to people on the msn (3 relationship problems from 3 separate people), reinstalled msn itself, and right now The Comedian's going to be on Rove. Kickarse.

Tomorrow, another Monday. *sigh*. There's a media test I thought got moved but didn't. Ah well.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Cross the Universe.

'Lo all.

Good, slow Saturday today.

Skins last night wasn't too bad. I still don't like the characters, and the plot is (very) clunky, but meh. It's entertaining.

Woke up just before lunch, ate, wasted time, the usual. Then watched Braveheart.

Braveheart - ****
Sure, it bends historical accuracy, and it's a bit cheesey, but it's gloriously violent. Goes for too long, but apart from that, it's not too bad.

Then hunted down a Justice song (Isaac and I ended up getting the entire album as one track that goes for an hour, but he magically edited down into the song), irond out some bugs in Bernice's new hobby, discussed the new Russ, and started putting down basecoats. Dull. Meh. It's the weekend.

Tomorrow, finish some lit homework, start inking, that's about it hopefully.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dammit, Will.

'Lo readers.

Man. School's beginning to get annoying. Teachers think we're ready for everything all of a sudden, and now there's SACs everywhere. That's not the only thing. I miss waking up at 12 and doing barely anything all day

Did a lot of homework this morning, managed to pad out the literature response to make it half a page, and the history stuff took thirty seconds.

Sarah Christie's back, forgot to mention yesterday. She and Agnik wandered around talking in French. Wonder if she's met Amaya yet.

Damn media first up, we have a test next week. Plus side was, got to watch Malcolm in the Middle again.

Then biology, notes on photosynthesis. Meh. The test is creeping up for this one.

Recess. The usual.

Lit was pretty slow. Mrs Cartledge liked what Emma and I wrote, but pointed out that Jasper used the word 'warped' in his. She has a vendetta, I swear. Movie's nearly finished though.

Then maths. Test was meh, except for one confusing question. Might have missed that class, I dunno.

Lunch. We hung out, got bored, went hunting for a soccerball. We figured it'd be in Will's locker. Where's Will? At some pony club thing, of course. So, frantic texts and locker kicking. No dice. People started flaking away, so I figured, bugger it, join the crowd and stand in the corridor and scare people who walked past. Need to muse more, there's a couple of things hindering me. Can be annoying.

History. Pat, Emily and I wiki-ed around looking for German films from the 20s. 20s were awesome, almost as cool as the 60s. "The Unscrupulous Hands of Dr Ortak". Awesome. Pat had the idea of sweding some of these films for the project we have to do, might ask Ms Henry about it next week. It'd be pretty cool, specially since we have an actress and, well, Pat in our group. I'll film it (hurr!).

Then psych. Powerpoint style revision quiz, I spoke twice (too damn quietly) when all the year twelves got stuck. Then burned through half the stuff that's due on Monday.

Back home, began undercoating the first shoota squad, watched the cricket (Twenty20 all of a sudden, kickarse!), spoke to Bernice (interesting to see where her latest endevour goes), and waited. Tonight, Skins.

Tomorrow though, I'll watch a movie, do some homework, chillax. I need to find proper storage for the greenskins, the horde's getting too big for a shoebox, too many greeblies that might fall off in transport.



PS, happy Friday 13th. (valentine's day is tomorrow Bernice, shame about your cupcakes though. wait for karma)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Totally wired.

'Lo all.

Hurm. Interesting today, it was pouring and it was warm but it was windy, etc. Meh.

Got up, did homework, grabbed Rockstar hoody since the other one was in the wash.

As usual, the blokes looked normal. We don't care about casual days unless we have cunning plans. Some of the girls dressed up though, no designer gumboots this time.

Chapel was meh, Oliver got booked for singing. Well done that man.

Then biology, fiddly experiment involving jelly and acid. We got to use scalpels and acid though, which is always fun. Gavin had his own experiment which involved ants and the acid.

Recess. It started raining, so we all stayed under the thing.

Double maths. Dull. Tom and I burned time revising, Emma has trippy eyes, and Harry went a bit too far when he was sprung after changing the clock. Not fussed though, either, he encouraged Mr Brennan to make him go to the principals.

Lunch. Tom wanted to play gork in the rain, but he was the only one who had a change of clothes. It went nowhere. Pat and I sat on the benches discussing the differences between mooses and meece, then Emma, Isobelle and I compared reviews for lit while the crowd got misogynistic.

Psych. Starting to dislike the class itself, not the subject. Can't asked to be swapped though. Darby extended the hand of friendship, but that's only because he's a pretty cool guy. Meh. I'll do the work, bugger it.

Lit was meh, more Strictly Ballroom (near at the end), and the oral review of the own-choice book is due next week. Hurm.

After school, went to the chemists. First run was meh, got stuck hunting for a street, and somehow ended up on Somerton Park rd. Second run was mercifully short.

Then games night, Ken still wants me to enter the league. Don't have the money at the moment. I kicked Gollywog's arse though, I like this greenskin list. Pete suggested putting squigs in, which is a good idea. Still learning though, and I had (some) luck tonight. See what happens next week.

Back home, finished off most of the media homework, and hunted for The Satanic Verses on TvTropes. No luck, dammit.

Tomorrow, history's due, media's due, lit's due, maths test. Plus we have the other two classes. Ah well. It'll be Friday.

On a final note, anyone know how to stop msn signing out on you without warning?


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Skeleton Tiger.

'Lo readers.

Annoying day, really. I mean, it wasn't all bad, but some bits were infuriating.

Sam rocked up early, we played Guitar Hero while Ryan discussed using the free 50mb wifi at McDonalds to hack his iPhone. It was bloody cold.

Biology first, pretty slow. Handed in the homework, then finished off the next sheet.

Media. Watched an episode of Malcolm in the Middle. Oliver and I thought this one was actually funny. Something about a grown man running around screaming...

Recess, business as usual. Hayden told us a story about how he was jumping on his trampoline naked with his younger brothers on the weekend. Now, there's two things wrong with that sentence. He also added they had races to see who could lose their underwear first. We were shocked and appalled.

Then maths, Alison stole Tom's seat and neither of us got much work done, since we had to bitch about white out and Skins. Not that we had much work to do, teacher insisted we keep doing the same page we've been looking at for three days without him. Tom threatened to gouge out Alison's eyes, and she drew on my arm with fluro highlighters, which refused to disappear. She mentioned that the blog's been boring. No freaking duh. Gotta let it thaw after the holidays.

History was meh, no results for the test, more notes on pre-WW2 Germany. Meh.

House meetings were dull, I got kept in because the teacher messed up the Alexes. Then it started pouring. Since we already had a ball, we ran screaming out to the basketball court, kicked the ball around, and jumped in puddles and got muddy. There's a reason why our year level is considered the least mature, I think.

Sport was cancelled, of course, even though the shooters and rowers managed to escape. Back to biology, since I'd done the work, wasted time discussing the deb with Lulu. She wants heels, but not big heels, since then you can't dance in them. But then she wants see through sparkly shoes, rar rar rar. We both agreed that no one will see the girl's shoes anyway.

Next was a spare in the library, since Mrs Clemens was gone. Tried reading the paper, then the usual suspects rocked up. Pat, Isaac, Hayden and I played a boardgame about planes, then we disgusted Meg by reading out passages from Dolly Doctor.

After school, bought a new sports jumper, and finished the lit review after much procrastination and reformatting. Need to work on media stuff next, and spray the greenskins, and finish the books from Emma, and read Isobelle's comic, and watch the series of Buffy that Annie lent me, and watch the other two movies Emma gave me, and fix up a pair of army lists, and update the plog, and I have work tomorrow >.< Right, not doing that again, I've spooked myself.

Tomorrow, casual day (for $5) to support the fire relief things, then more drug running. Definitely visiting the nursing homes first, that way I'll be able to escape...



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Title (required).

'Lo everyone.

Feeling bored and uninspired at the moment, not interested in doing the review, but don't want to get up and finish biology. Lazy. I blame lack of sleep, haven't gotten into the routine yet.

This morning was way too cold, shouldn't be that cold in the summer. Not saying roasting hot is good, either extreme is annoying for school.

First up was maths, Tom and I wasted time talking about the Simpsons, since it's all filler at the moment, as the teacher's gone away.

Then biology, took notes on organic compounds. Classroom happens to have diagrams for everything we wrote, which I gather will be useful. Lulu left halfway through for her learner's test, which she passed. Well done. The rest of you lazy pricks better get it before it get's too expensive.

Recess was meh, I think. Funny how the memory seems to go at recess.

History test was pretty easy, til the last few questions which analysed cartoons. Meh, it's tricky to analyse a cartoon that's so blurry you can't see what's happening.

Media. Family Ties. Very, very dull. I drew eyebrows on the pictures on the handout and burst out laughing, don't think Mrs Tyndall was all that happy about it. Malcom in the Middle soon.

Lunch, we visited Mrs Cartledge with Sam who wanted to drop out of (Mrs Cartledge's) lit class. Hayden made noises, and at one stage there was a dozen of us plus a soccerball in the corridor listening. Sam tried his hardest not to laugh. Then the first good game of soccer we've played all year, despite the ball getting kicked over the fence three times in a row.

Lit. More Strictly Ballroom. I want to finish the essay for this, The Great Gatsby is better than this.

Finally psych. Sat next to Shona who gossiped the entire time about getting stoned with Darby. Meh. Psych is the only class where I'm not interested in socialising at all, last year was alright because it was a small class, this one is big and has too many year 12 popularites. Just going to keep my head down and get the stuff done.

After school, finished building the trukk (damn fiddly kit, lost a headlight and wasted fifteen minutes on getting a gunner's arm on...), then started lit homework. Still working on the lit homework. I think I'm bored. Might have something to do with the internet having a slow news day and new early bedtimes for everyone. We won the cricket though.

Barack Obama is praying for the bushfire victims. Interesting. Saw the latest from Marie's, looks pretty harsh. Good on the rest of the clan for going down there.

Tomorrow, sport. Meh. Talking to Bernice before, this apathy isn't all that healthy, specially when the entire generation has it. 3 more years, anyway.



Monday, February 9, 2009

How many more times.

'Lo all.

Gorram, I hate Mondays.

Began assembling the trukk this morning, I'm taking it slowly to gauge whether I can save any bits, since I'm planning on getting a second one eventually.

The pricks at school were loud, as always, cept this time it was mainly about how nearly everyone burned to death, etc, etc. We chatted to Gavin, who had been visiting spotfires all weekend.

First up was double psych. Got the work done, then hunted around for stuff. Meh.

Recess, was shown an invitation to Harry Potter's party, that was made for him by Hayden and Isaac. We lol'd.

In lit, we began getting into a philosophical discussion, then I had a music lesson. Spent an hour playing through the Monty Python theme and discussing Rick Astley with Mr C. My face is well palmed, it seems Oliver and Aiden have persuaded him to actually handwrite it out.

Lunch was pretty slow. Everyone went missing, so Tom and I went hunting. Found them in the library playing yugioh. Went back to the lockers and fought Will with the swords, pretty fun.

History was meh, just more revision and left/right politics. It's filler. Start actually working on WW2 this week though.

Then media, started falling asleep. Sugar buzz was wearing off, not sure where it came from though. Emma and I pondered the Candy Mountain song, and Oliver's on the list with Meg, Danny and Scotty. Pricks.

Band was meh, music was fairly easy. Not really looking forward to Rickrolling assembly or anything though.

Back home, more work on the trukk, bit of history revision, checked the news, and off again, another dull band session. Fraser lost the raffle, and a spotfire ignited at Hazelwood.

Tomorrow, history test. That's about it. Meh.



Sunday, February 8, 2009

Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

'Lo readers.

Not much to report.

First off, watched a movie last night.

Ned Kelly - ****
It's good, heavy on the symbolism though. Wasn't expecting Orlando Bloom, or the funky accents. Heath Ledger seems to enjoy playing criminals. (or did).

This morning, played at John Leslie's 90th, who was the rich dude who likes his arts, and bought the instrument I was playing. It was held at a fancy as hell mansion, and lots over very fashionable old people (oxymoron?), and we just sat on the verandah, played random crap, stole cake, and got out.

Rest of the day was spent playing DoW and Guitar Hero, and puzzling over dial up internet til it came back. Pictures of Marie's emerged, John did a kickarse job saving the house, though the farmhouse at Taggerty wasn't so lucky. Damn. I liked that place. Went out gloriously though, got hit by two fronts.

Tomorrow, Monday. Do not want.


Anyway, the end.

** One year and a one day since we began blogging. Woo! **

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dead sky, red sun.

'Lo all.

Very hot today, Wise Beard Man says it was like forty in the shed, despite my two fans buzzing.

Didn't do much today, but it was still eventful.

Managed to finish the first draft of the review for lit, so far so good. Sent it to te teacher, still waiting for a reply.

Watched episode three of Skins, since last night my internet was being a bitch. It seems they're handling some of the subplots very clumsily, though the character they introduced was pretty cool. Pandora's aunt is great, "Let's go get sconed!"

Wasted time, then went to work. Sky was turning grey, then everything was tinged yellow. The sun went bright red, haven't seen these conditions for a few years. Work itself wasn't too bad, no one there til about 7, then Danny made me peel a kilo or two of onions. They remarked to me as they left that I was no Richie, who's the bastard who's got himself all the shifts. They're all bastards. I did have distractions though, Emma's house nearly got taken by the fires but her dad saved it, and Marie's place at Barfold was the only thing that survived, despite John kicking arse. Soon as I walked out of work, it started pouring muddy rain, and there was a thunderstorm. Smokey wind too. Ominous is the best adjective I have for this.

Anyway. Tomorrow there's a gig for the band in the morning. Apart from that, I plan on doing as little as possible, or watching a movie. See what happens.



Friday, February 6, 2009


'Lo all.

Seems we're having another heatwave, 40+ tomorrow, should be fun.

This morning, Ryan dropped in, he noticed Fraser's "GHETTO! HIP!" sign. When I mentioned he wrote it in a Smiggle pen, he burst out laughing. See, the fact that he's advertising the "ghetto"-ness of his jumps is one thing, since we're relatively middle class, but it's the fact that he wrote it with an overpriced magic marker from Smiggle is like the icing on the cake.

First up was a spare, Ms Henry must have gotten wind of the fact that no one managed to make it to the scheduled study room, so we were made to go to a science room and chat quietly. Pat and I tried out the iPod racing game I dug up, and everyone present whinged about how difficult their classes were.

Then history, just taking notes on Germany's revolution. One more assessment task, then we start WW2.

Recess. Hurm.

Double biology was alright, we got to do a prac on osmosis that involved balloon like plastic tubes (and they weren't those either) and glucose, which was interesting in that setting up was a challenge. Lulu, having decided to ditch Gavin and I and sit with the year tens, visited periodically for answers. Funny that.

Lunch, everyone split up, went everywhere. Ended up kicking a soccerball around, as usual. Boring, almost.

Lit was meh, watched more of the movie, took more notes. I'll be glad when it's over.

Finally maths, even the teacher knew it was Friday afternoon, everyone was fairly chilled out. Got the work done after figuring out how to draw with the calculator.

Back home, went back down the street, picked up supplies. Gorram cheap super glue is cheap for a reason, there's holes and warped bits in the end, so you can never tell where the hell the glue's going to emerge. Sticking to the slightly more expensive stuff from now on (lol sticking).

Then wasted a time getting ideas for the Satanic Verses review and laughing at Isaac, who kneejerked and shut down his computer while fixing senstive pictures. Out of the 180 he got, he only saved 10. I lol'd hard.

Tomorrow, too damn hot to do anything. Sam might drop round though, he's planning on making everyone go out to Relish for lunch since it's Isobelle's shift. I don't have the money. However, I'm working tomorrow night, woot.



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nursing home from hell.

'Lo all.

Interesting day today, to be honest.

Got to school, suffered through a surprisingly brief chapel. It appears the new chaplain is afraid of technology; gone are the projectors with the words to the hymn; gone is the "rock" band out the front, and they've been replaced with piano and old fashioned diaries. Chaplain also speaks very slowly, but not many words, so it balances it out. Still no rosarius, nor a crozius, so I'm not impressed. She doesn't, however, appear to have a neck.

Afterwards, year level meeting in the hall, "rar rar good behaviour, rar rar this, rar rar that, and the deb ball is no more," *GASP!**YES!**OHNOES!* "We're making some fundamental changes, so now it's just the year 11 ball." *GASP?* *OHNOES?* *LOL!*. Ms Dyke then spent about half an hour ranting about little details, and about how we'd get to vote on the suit and shoe design (it'll come down to a gang war between thongs and 12" platforms with goldfish in them), then the big reveal (that was spoiled in homeroom the other day), that there was to be no deb party under any circumstances. Shockhorror, the teenagers threatened mutiny, until Sarah Heath (lawl) suggested that since we were hiring the hall out til midnight with a dj anyway, why not just extend that and have the party straight afterwards? Reply was that alcohol couldn't be served, since the school couldn't be seen to be responsible since it'd ruin their image. Ms Dyke eventually relented and said that if we had a year level party (no one else, like 25 year old "jerks", in her exact words), it'd be cool. Hurm.

Anyway. Media next, watched the Brady Bunch. Surprisingly mysoginistic, but you don't watch the funny episodes of things in media, you watch the ones that talk about issues. Meh.

Recess. Yerp.

Double lit. Isobelle, Oliver and I were berated for either not doing the homework (them), or not doing enough (me). Damn writing's too small, end up doing double (most) people's stuff if I kept it that size and did half a page. Spent the double discussing reviews, I'll be reviewing the Satanic Verses over the weekend, looks like. Got kept in to re-write the homework, in nice big font and extra flowery language to stretch it out even more. Best part was, the room was air conditioned. Upon returning to the horde, almost everyone was lying around in the heat, except Gavin and Aiden, who were wrestling over Emma's swords. She's done a lot of good, they've survived four days and countless skirmishes so far. Patrick perused the WD, thinking the new terradons "SO COOL!" now that they don't look like kangaroos with wings.

Then maths, got through the work, discussed golf with Harry, almost listened to the iPod with Tom, pretty meh. I keep picturing Mr Ryan as Azrael's Watcher, with the hood and the hat and everything. Rather creepy.

Then a spare, read the paper, procrastinated over media homework, then ended up watching Skins (in the library, without headphones) with Alison, Jordan and Melissa. Gorram, these characters can be annoying.

After school, sprinted home, got changed, grabbed stuff, and went down the street. First run wasn't too bad, did the west side of town in about half an hour, excluding a quick trip home (I was in the area) for a drink and to find out where the hell Willow Crt was. Second run was a bit longer, took less time since everything was closer together, however the nursing homes scared me. The second one I visited, it was dinnertime, so I had to go into the bowels and find a nurse to hand the drugs to. An old lady followed me mumbling, when I tried to coax her to go back to the nurses, she burst into tears. Another old lady followed me out the door, ordered me to hold the door open for her (I figured she was a regular resident, seemed normal enough), then started staring at cars. I said bye and rode off. Hope she didn't die. I think this drug running job's going to be alright, now I know where most of the stuff is.

Went to games night tonight, played against a noob with an eBay chaos army, he had tourettes which made things interesting. Scott got stabbed defending a Mcnamara, so he had Fraser's old nemesis Harley following him around, shouting out random things about people's armies and standing less than six inches away from you. God damn. There were some sane people there, a bloke with FW doors on his rhinos, a Pom with inked 'crons, and what might have been the rowing gappy Tom and Julian have been ranting about. Ended up drawing my game because I helped out Mr Twitchy with his tactics, since he was new. First time playing the greenskins, my tactic seems to have worked too, which is basically baiting the enemy out...

Tomorrow, double biology, apparently there's a fun prac. I need more glue. Need to find out when (if?) I'm working at Bis. Need more money for things I may or may not need.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What day is it?

'Lo everyone.

I think I'm over school now. However, this sentence causes many problems. What, for example, is the opposite of being over something? Was I ever anti-over beforehand? Why is it that school is suddenly boring? Hurm.

Speaking of boring, rather uneventful today. Not that I'm complaining, it's better that way.

It was raining today, so I got a lift to school. Course, then the rain stops and it gets hot. Bastard weather.

First up was lit, I think. We discussed a review of Harry Potter. I understand why, but it was done in a way that made it duller than dull.

Then history, just discussing Germany still. Man, memory's gone tonight. I blame Gary Busey.

Recess, traded books with Emma. Hope they're good books.

Psych next, Mrs Clemens told us year 11s that we had the rest of the week off since everyone else (including her) was going on camp. We then watched that history of surgery show, which was delightfully graphic. I liked the icepick lobotomy bit.

Media, Oliver, Jake and I stumbled through our presentations. Tomorrow we get to watch the Brady Bunch, oh joy.

Lunchtime. With the year sevens gone, half the year eights gone, and all of year 12 gone, we decided to try and get the gym. Failed, but went to the basketball court, wasn't too bad. Isaac's new guitar was used in front of the horde by him and Sam, and Gavin managed to kick the ball over the fence and get it stuck in a tree, so high none of us could get it down.

Maths, sub teacher, confusing subject, everyone zones out. Alison and I managed to get the entire room discussing Skins.

Then biology, Gavin, Lulu and I sat at the back giggling while Lulu tried to quietly eat a Crunchy Nut bar and avoid attention. Everyone (including us) seems much more dumber than we were last year (durr).

Walked to Ken', he's interested in booting up a league of sorts, it'll be expensive, but he needs to be able to pay for the electricity. I think I'll enter, but I need to finish 1500pts of greenskins first. Looks like his operation went well, his moustache is back.

Back home, glanced at the literature homework, then checked the news, read the new WD, had an interalecktual discussion with Emma, abused Alison for not having the right media player for Skins, and discussed ticket scalping with Isaac. $810 for a pair of Kings of Leon tickets, hell. But then, I don't like them, so meh. Also found a thread on Gary Busey, who looks familiar, but is now photoshopped into every single situation possible, with bizarre results.

Tomorrow, finish this lit homework, waste time, I dunno. I'm drug running in the afternoon, and I need to go to games night to trade crap with Alan.



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rock paper scissors.

'Lo all.

Hmm. Six hours last night. We're slowly improving.

This morning, Ryan rocked up, first time this year. He was disappointed when I told him I couldn't ride to school. The cat seemed to have something wrong with her eye.

Get to school, bloody assembly first. Didn't stuff up the processionals, though Mr C wanted to play the Get Smart theme when everyone was walking in. We managed almost half of it. The Bishop (he walked forwards, I feel gipped) inducted all the captains and turned a speech about Obama being transparent into Jesus. The new chaplain looks very, very scary.

Then double history, pretty meh. Harry and Goody tried teaching Amaya about Anzac cookies. Mrs Henry explained about East and West Germany (again). Isobelle revealed she hadn't played rock paper scissors in ages, so she beat me.

Recess. Slow. Gav-daddy's back from saving the Strzeleckis from fire, the hero that he is. His first comment on seeing Dayne was "What the hell did you do to your hair?!?" Classic Dayne vs Gavin.

Then double media, Oliver and I managed to get our slideshows done while arguing over Chuck Norris. Emma had a kickarse Zeppelin magazine. Also conveniently managed to run out of time so that Jake, Oliver and I didn't have to present our slideshows.

Lunchtime. Didn't do much, eventually started kicking a bottle around, then Will decided to explode them. Exploded into bottle brandy, as usual. We puzzled over playing croquet with flamingoes.

Then onto the buses for indoor soccer, Brad answered our riddle, which made us all groan. Bemused looks from everyone else. I got on the team with both Hayden's and Pat, so we had a good offence, but we were up against the two Aiden's, so we lost. I managed to score when Dayne was in the goals, which was a stroke of luck.

Back at school, wasted time, then watched people go up the stairs. Alison whinged because the USB she gave me for Skins had her geography assignment on it.

On the way home, let the cat out of her box, she was wearing bright orange warpaint around her eye from the vet. She was very curious about the windows, but managed to make it home. Got changed, grabbed bike and went down the street. Hairdresser wouldn't listen, thus hair is shorter than I'd like. Bastard. Then picked up a paintbrush and tried to avoid people I knew. Ran into Isobelle, Claire, Ryan, Aiden, Derek, and Daewoo, so that didn't work.

Back home, no homework, so tried putting Skins onto Alison's USB, which was 256mb. The file was 300ish. Silly. Then spent evening watching clips of artards in Grammar uniform on youtube do stupid (and awesome) things with Emma and abused Alison. Jordan (Ford) asked what a consonant was, I lol'd, sorry mate.

Tomorrow, hurm. WD comes out, and that's about it, since we had sport today for some reason.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, February 2, 2009

El Diablo.

'Lo readers.

The first day back at school conjures a number of different feelings. I've noticed that for most guys, it's a chance to see people, say hi, etc. For girls, it's more "ZOMG SCREAMING" until after recess. Both parties won't shut up until about lunchtime, which is expected. The teachers, because of the this damn rollover thing, think that we're already adjusted and ready for assessments. There are faults with all of these things, obviously. Personally I go for a "Put it off as long as possible, then accept it and roll with it" type attitude. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Anyway. Was humid last night, didn't sleep til maybe 2. Woke up feeling like crap, did chores, was tempted to go back to bed, then fished out a clean shirt and finished putting together the first mob of 10. I plan on having two mobs of 12 with their own transport, but that'll take time.

Get to school. Long walk across the quadrangle. Small cliques, which is odd. Must be because we're all spread out now. Some of the girls were surprisingly quiet, though the popularites weren't, of course. Went to homeroom, shock horror the demotivators have been taken down, but not really. According to Mrs Ripon (the coolest homeroom teacher ever), Ms Henry was inspecting the rooms and said noticeboards are only for subject related material, not to be decorated like a bedroom. Hurm. Mrs Ripon couldn't bear to take them all down, so she kept the best ones and put them up as a border. Big props to Mrs Ripon. Also got the new diaries, they've got the lyrics to four songs by the Beatles for the house choir thingy, which is pretty cool.

First up was history, which was revision via alphabet thingy. If ever in these situations, fellow history comrades, remember to use Xenophobia, will get you out of tight spots.

Then media. Zomg Emma and I have the same Batman badges (thanks Tom). Teacher believes we are due for another not-assessment task, so tomorrow we all have to stand up and rant for five minutes about an aspect of media representation. I got genders, which is easy. "In the 1940s, peole wanted heroic looking men and women, because of the war. In the 2000s, we want sparkly artards and whores." Maybe it's not five minutes, but it's a work in progress.

Recess. Traded cds for dvds with Emma, and we chucked moar foam swords at the kiddies, who promptly destroyed them (startlingly so) in about ten minutes.

Literature. Gorram. Mrs Cartledge pointed out that Ryan and I needed haircuts. Then going over themes in Strictly Ballroom (again) and castrating the blokes who neglected to read The Great Gatsby (I told you not to tell her you only watched the movie, Sam).

Then maths, I passed the test, so I'm not fussed. Everyone was whinging because the wording was a bit off, but then we zoned out and nearly everyone was falling asleep.

Next was lunch, we discussed going to get changed or not, then it started pouring, and thunder was roaring around. Hurm. We managed to get on a bus, then burned time waiting for our race. Swimming trials today. We decided to not take it seriously, since everyone knows Aiden is going to win everything anyway. Freestyle, we tried to go as slow as possible (which Sam won, though he didn't use his legs), then while provoking a ninja spider we missed backstroke, which mildly pissed me off, since I tend to do better in that. Rest is just standing around in the drizzle chatting, pretty slow for the most part. Jess managed to lose her shorts, we lol'd when it came over the loudspeaker.

Back at school, extended homeroom. It appears we might be doing the Relay for Life thing (Tom, Aiden and Isaac figure we should dress up), and I came up with a plan to slowly bring back demotivators. We put the maths ones up first, stuff like DIVIDE BY ZERO, then we slowly put up the good stuff. Myes.

Band. I'm undecided about this year's crop of music. On the one hand, Monty Python theme, Magnificent Seven, Get Smart theme. On the other hand, a bunch of old movie and tv themes (GOD DAMMIT THIS IS WHAT THEY WERE DOING IN THE BLOODY JUNIOR BAND), and rumours of Rick Astley sheet music. Hurm.

Back home, checked the news, falling asleep, feeling dehydrated and wonky shoulder, then off to band again. Starting to lose hope here, Fraser's being one of those loudmouths that people tolerate. Especially when he wins the raffle first time he enters it, I've been trying for two years, grumble grumble grumble.

Home again, Skins soon. Woo.

Tomorrow, sports in the afternoon (LOL WEIRD MUCH?), but apart from that, I dunno.

By the way, we're about a week out from the one year anniversary of blogging. Doesn't seem that long ago.