Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Quick, find the fat ranga!"

'Lo everyone.

Over year 11. Until it boots up again next year.

Finished the career mode on medium this morning, Ryan had a go at Through the Fire and the Flames over the credits.

Bloody little kids all over the place once I got to school. One had a lime green Torino, not bad.

First up was extended homeroom; no assembly due to little kids. We had to fill out a careers form (Name three possible careers you are interested in - Journalism, Psychology, Air Cavalry), then we started Kris Kringle. Not sure if my person is a reader or not, either way I still don't know what to get them.

Double history with Mr Stone, Tom Cousins rescued us and we had to go grab instruments. We wasted 20 minutes in the chapel waiting for the outdoor ed presentation to finish, then we rustily played a crappy march. Pretty sure a certain tromboner didn't see the key sig, ah well. Back in history, got the work off Sam, then watched as people were asked if they were doing the deb or not. Turns out it's not really a debutante ball, merely a formal ball. Meh. Some of the girls were pissed. More on this later.

Recess. Meh. Just standing around, not doing much.

Double media, we talked about representations, then got on the computers and looked for them. I decided to make a poster about representations of civilian casualties in the media, so lots of dead people from Iraq and Vietnam. Few children too, which is of course morally despicable, but I think we're desensitized enough to look, and save, with intent to use again. This is different to dead baby jokes, because they distort reality, the only way to find them funny is to not take them seriously. Oliver looked up mulleted rednecks and Jake looked up emos (*spit*), which would be interesting topics if they can pull them off.

Lunch. I wanted to sit down. But they stole all the seats. Then bottle brandy. I wasn't particularly interested, but you join in because you're bored. Do not want. We saw a fat, curly haired ranga crossing the quad with the herd of fresh meat, we laughed.

Music lesson, Hannah and I attempting trombone. Meh. I'm not great at it. Mr C thinks Hugh is cool, though he doesn't change much.

Maths. Boring. Mr Brennan tried really hard to be friendly, which kind of scared Tom and I.

Finally biology. Sally and I stained the onion, looked at it, but ran out of time to draw it. Sally promptly started trying to draw on my face, so Gavin and I tried to draw things on her Dora the Explorer pencil case.

Back home, didn't do much. Need to do some history homework, but I'm not sure if it was homework. Hmm. Also traded musics with Isobelle, and found a song I was looking for free on iTunes. Woo. PD and Diana dropped in, and I had to cook tea, which was fail chicken nuggets. Needed more spice.

Tomorrow, indoor soccer with the popularites. Meh.



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