Monday, December 1, 2008

Black edition.

'Lo readers.
I broke. I got sick of the bastards forcing me to tuck in my blooy shirt, so I got a VCE jumper. Sue me, it fits (but is a size too big to cover shirts), and it doesn't look too bad.

Ryan and I tried more Guitar Hero this morning, I managed to get through Paint It Black on hard. This mode will be fun. There was a new kid when we got to school, the band nerd who can play a metric buttload of instruments. Lulu was excited, but then she was thinking he looked like a supermodel. He didn't, poor kid. He seems quiet, but all noobs are quiet when they first rock up.

Bloody history first up, which was pretty meh. Too many reasons for WW1, all of them very repetitive. Harrison and Nick's hardcore social lives were discusses over Goody and I.

Then media, more moustache-man video, pretty meh. Lots of work on stereotypes.

Recess. Erm. Yeah, recess.

Lit next, pretty meh. We took a buttload more notes, then watched bits of the start of the film. Mrs Cartledge stopped it every ten seconds, telling us that we'd still have to rent it out to watch it properly. Bah.

Then maths, Tom has a retard calculator like Emma and I. We were then shouted at for talking, even though we only had one and a bit questions left. Ah well.

Lunch. Picked up a VCE jumper, then bottle brandy. Isn't too bad, I suppose. Maybe a bit depressing, since the aim is basically to throw a bottle at someone. Rob the Noob joined in, dunno if it was because he was as bored as us or a desire to assimilate.

Music lesson, the standard crap. Starting to not see the point, and losing morale in these exercises. Ah well.

Five minutes of biology, everyone was looking at microscopes. Jack is a dick to Charlie.

Then psych, I copied down the notes and made my pen blank, and a mess.

Kris Kringle in homeroom, which is a good natured activity that usually ends up in half the people getting chocolate, maybe a quarter of the people getting pretty meh, last minute gifts, and a couple of people getting great gifts. Like, last year, George gave me a ten dollar note, and it was the best one of the lot. I believe I shall get my person a buttload of chocolate, because I am boring.

Band. Meh. Not fussed. Mr C made a relatively racist remark to a percussionist, Lulu started laughing before we could hear it. Afterwards, Dayne and Pat threw dirt, rocks and apples at each other, resulting in Dayne getting half an apple to the back of the head at short range.

Back home, started some homework, checked the news. Pakistan vs India, 2010 watch it go to fire.

More band, pretty boring. Carols season coming up, and half the bloody melodies are for the baritone/eupho section.

Tomorrow, double a few things. Meh. We have to play for the fresh meat in the morning, not that they'll appreciate it. I remember my orientation day, it was pouring rain, and Denny had to show me this other kid who was shorter than me, who turned out to be Agnik, poor bastard.



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