Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Year 10 completed.

'Lo readers.

What's that you say? Still three weeks til the end of term! Aye, but that's rollover. The school thinks that the last few weeks of term should not be a relaxing bit after exams, instead you get two days for that, then you start the new year early to give you more homework over the holidays. Bastards.

Anyway. Put on the last wash this morning, started exterior detail. Is good, I think. Ryan dropped in, couldn't find my bloody socks.

First up was maths. Oh boy. You could smell the tension. Didn't smell good. Mr Cowling called us up one by one, I got a pair of Cs on my tests (average - not bad). Then they handed out calculators, Isaac was excited.

Then science, we watched a video about the periodic table, which seemed familiar, and pretty crap.

Recess was pretty meh, as usual. I cleared out my locker, which was very quick. Keep this this and this, everything else gets binned.

Psych, I had a spare, so I followed the others who had spares. Tom and I ended up in a tree, and Mr Stone caught us. We went to the library, and Alison brought around Dolly Doctor. Spent an amusing twenty minutes laughing at other people's embarrassing problems and naive questions. Not to mention the diagrams. Oh my yes, the diagrams.

Art. Crap. I had to do a few chores (break glass jars, run around to admin), then escaped and chatted to Bree about sailing and the deb. She's disillusioned. Good for her.

Lunch, gorram. Aiden gave me his pineapple juice, which we all agreed looked suss. We started playing Warlords and Scumbags, then moved to the library. We were eventually playing with a couple of decks, which had maybe 12 sixes.

Indoor soccer. Due to the whole six person team thing, I got stuck on the year nine's team. So did Millsy. Hell. I played like crap, which didn't impress the big year 9 guy. Meh. Don't really care. Melissa's little phone thing is blasphemous and heretical.

During homeroom, we said farewell to the board. We're keeping it up, but apparently our "mentor group" is now in room 5, which is around the corner. Thankfully, Aiden and Pat are in room 6. Now we have two boards to vandalise.

Sprinted home with a full backpack, got changed, sprinted back down the street, and met with the pharmacy people. Turns out they'll call me about a job over the holidays. Meh. The pay is peanuts, but it's 2 hours max. Afterwards, caught up with Goody outside the Warehouse (him and Nick had the same idea Pat and I had - waterfight. They needed waterbombs though, we just needed guns), then went to Target to look at Super Soakers. There was a great one with a thing you could attach bottles to... say a two litre one... I saw Mewha and his ADHD friend, who had an attention span of 2 seconds, and she eventually stole my phone, swapped the sim cards, sent off a dozen messages, then we persuaded her to give it back. Bernice and Belle saw us, and were bemused.

Picked up the bottle super soaker, then went to EB for Guitar Hero. Oh boy. The checkout chick was whinging to her superior that the computer wanted to give me money. Turns out Guitar Hero for ps2 is half price! Woo! Saved $20, then they gave me back $50. Awesome. I rode to the Warehouse with the box sticking out of my backpack, picked up a shotgun, a medium pistol, two smaller ones, and a packet of mini ones (for the bus, says Pat).

Back home, tested everything out. I'm going to have fun with this Super Soaker, I don't care if it's raining tomorrow. Beardman finally went out on his hot date, so I got to cook tea for myself.

Tomorrow, activities day. We don't really know what's there, nor do we know what the weather is like, besides resigned pessimism. Hopefully it warms up, if not I'll have a cold for this long weekend.


Anyway, the end.

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