Wednesday, November 26, 2008


'Lo everyone.

Where to begin.

Starting to get through Guitar Hero, managed full 100% on Sunshine of Your Love. Still going to kill Fraser. He has his own playstation now, apparently he got it for free off his friend because his friend has another one, plus a wii, plus a 360. This is the same friend who gave him a recent model mobile phone. I reckon it's "If you give me stuff, I won't beat you up" sort of thing.

First up at school was biology, Lulu, Meg and I had to build cells. Pretty meh, though it's revision.

Then media. We watched the Simpsons again, this time with Mrs Tyndall stopping to discuss it. I'm too bloody quiet.

Recess. Meh. I was reminded that I had to work tonight.

General Maths A. That's the easier one. Tom's in the class, should be fun. Turns out my calculator is slightly out of date, and only one other person has it. Ah well. I reckon I might be able to do well next year.

History next, just finishing off questions and discussing the Kaiser.

Lunch was pretty crap. We discussed physics (not that physics, this stuff would warp your mind. Thankfully it's all far), then bottle brandy. Fun trying to hide amongst the girls, til someone notices you.

We jumped on the bus for cricket, and were told to split into groups; those who actually wanted to try out and those who didn't. We didn't, since there were that many people there who actually played cricket. So, a lot of wasting time, mostly talking about Guitar Hero and stupidity in Star Wars. I mean, hell, if you have the force, why not disintergrate a brain or pinch a heart valve instead of lightsaber fights?

Back home, got ready for work, and played Guitar Hero. I got a text message from Sam telling me not to worry about it, Antti had got someone else. Decided, since we were in the car, to check it out anyway. Someone else is on their way, I was told, and I was happy, since an ungodly pile of dishes which filled the entire place were haphazardly stacked.

So, no work. Didn't do much, played a lot of Guitar Hero.

Tomorrow, double something. Don't know what yet.



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