Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wedding lol.

'Lo everyone.

Tired. Need to start on the cheat sheet. Hell.

Woke up too early, read my book and had coffee, then got to drive to Longford. The place was small, bloody windy though. I ditched jacket and refused a tie, though Fraser looked like he was dressed up for the races in funny looking sunnies and the old Wise Beard Pinstripe Suit.

Service was slow. I got photographer duties and Janine's weird old camera. I guess I'm obliged to say the girl's looked good, throwing flowers and trying not to look bored. Then standing around trying to make friends. No one my age, closest was 19, or 14. Kept to myself. Had a chat with Mark, Fraser's heading his way. I reckon if he shaves his head they'll look very similar. Lots of other people to sy hi to, many conversations went exactly the same way. Meh. By about 3 I was bored out of my skull. Some of them sprayed Just Married on the car with shaving cream and tied cans to it. Well done those men. Pop looked pretty good, he was happy, and the bride looked good too, I suppose. Good thing they've found each other.

Drove home, checked the news, walked down the street. The rest of the clan were heading to the pub, I was going to meet the horde at the cinema. Small crowd. Hayden and I won stuff from the skill tester. Melissa and Caz were there, and Annie and Alison met us about 20 minutes in.

Movie review time - Eagle Eye, ***1/2.
It tried. It really did. You could almost engage with the characters, some of the action-y bits weren't too bad. But the ending sucked, **spoiler he should have died /spoiler**. It also seemed sort of cobbled together. That design was from 2001: A Space Odyssey, that chase looked like The Bourne Identity, that idea was from Ghost in the Shell. The little trumpeter kid was butt ugly, poor kid. Also, while most of the plot worked, some of it made no sense, or was hinted at so the audiene just didn't know why it was happening. Also plotholes galore.

Anyway. Afterwards, went to Coles for Doritos and energy drinks, then split up. Annie and I discussed Newgirl on the way to Raglan st.

Tomorrow, working all day, when I get home, need to finish this cheatsheet. I want to read my book.


Anyway, the end.

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