Tuesday, November 4, 2008


'Lo all.

Slow day today, got bloody warm in the middle. Exams are getting closer, and some of the teachers are beginning to tighten the uniform thing. Half of the blokes have been asked nicely about haircuts, and detentions have apparently been given out for sighing about doing up a tie. Next few weeks will be fun.

Anyway. This morning I attempted Hard mode on Guitar Hero, and managed 6% of Even Flow. Need some practice. Also got an offer for the Rockstar hat from one of Fraser's little friends. If the bastard is willing to pay that much, Imma milk him for all he's worth.

Assembly in the gym today, with the rowing competition. Louise easily won hers and stumbled to the microphone to announce the next race. Binks ended up winning the whole thing. Then history, which was going over Vietnam. Slow, but better than the immigration stuff.

Then rave, where we spent 10 minutes in the classroom wasting time, then got bored, so we went to the computer rooms to look for our class. I finished the science assignment, and showed Pat the new Stegadon. His jaw dropped. Looks pretty good too, dunno about the rolls of fat and stubbier legs.

Recess, meh.

Psych was the short answer bit of the practice test, Carl and Tori were talking about the things on the year 12 jumpers. Wonder what I should put on mine. I suppose just Fordy would be the safe option, only other nickname isn't used at school. Ah well.

Then art. Isobelle and I discussed modern music and how much it sucks.

Lunch, we started a game of bottle brandy, but we scattered too quickly. Some of them found a soccerball, so pretty meh game. Gorram head has been buggered good since Sam got me, jaw is still working funny and I'm bloody flinching more. The ball eventually got stuck pretty damn high in a tree, so up I went. Shaking the bastard wouldn't work. There were no bloody footholds, too many thin branches, and they scratched everywhere. I ended up tearing off a stick and poking it down.

Science was a test on genetics, which was pretty easy. Might have buggered up one or two questions, but I'm not fussed.

Finally english, which was more Romeo and Juliet. Not looking forward to the exam, I'm going to have to read the book over the weekend, while making my maths cheatsheet.

Ryan and I discussed creative writing tasks on the way home, his story of feminazi menfood factories searching for Chuck Norris jerky was epic, almost as much as Aiden's one about Chinese space communists fighting *chan memes. Back home I started CoD2, which is good, if a bit repetitive. I noticed the 4chan LJ has gone. Damn.

Tomorrow, indoor soccer, plus I have to go down the street. Magazine, book, and game to buy while I have money.



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