Thursday, November 6, 2008


'Lo everyone.

Hell, I'm getting lazy at this whole title thing. Meh.

Cold again this morning, and windy. Not cool. Then chapel, very odd experience sitting up the very front. So exposed, and some of the teachers give you looks if you don't mouth along with the bloody hymns. I don't think I buggered it up when I had to read the bloody prayer, so I suppose that's a plus. Only plus from sitting up the front is that you get out first.

I visited the library during homeroom, Aiden and I printed out a dozen or so demotivators. We rushed back, everyone had a flick through, and we decided to purge the wall a bit. I suppose most of them very (very) few people will get, so away they go. Newgirl was bemused, I reckon she can't wait to tell her rich and pretty friends all about how the "others" laugh at the funny pictures.

English was working on the statement of intention and fleshing out my story a bit more, and discussing February lizzies with Pat. I believe my plot is sound, though it'll be mercifully short. In, hold, dead. Easy.

Recess was pretty meh, as far as I can remember.

Next was double science, first up was a shock test on plastics. I think I did alright. Then burning through chemistry revision. Meh.

Lunch. Hell. Once again it was too bloody hot, so by the end of it we were exhausted. It's almost getting tedious, but then what else is there to do. And they expect you to follow along, people ask too many questions if you do something different. Much as I'd like to do other things, people would just think you're up to something.

History was going through more revision, Sam showed me a weird Tenacious D clip, and he put a lewd site on Bree's computer. She went bright red. Either she's greener than we thought, or he put on the Pain Series. I hope for her sake it was the former.

Finally maths. Bloody Jenny took our seats again, ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA! She whinged about it, so we rockpaperscissored it. I lost (the game). The girls declared we weren't allowed to read their latest conversation, Tabby was particularly defensive about it. By the end of the lesson, Aiden had torn the page out of the diary and we ran. It was indecipherable for serious reals this time. We could read one page, which was used very sparingly. Not lifting my hopes, despite what it says. They actually came into the homeroom for it afterwards, Tabby grabbed it and crunched it up with a smirk before we could get anything really good out of it.

Back home, read my book, did some maths homework (!), checked the news. Michael Crichton is gone, dammit. Might be I'll add Sphere to my list, after The Wasp Factory. Obama got another death threat, this time big rabble-rousing one from the KKK. Poor bastard, I reckon they'll sneak through the huge bullet proof glass shields at his inauguration, or in a year and a bit they'll get him when we least suspect it. I think it'd be wiser to do it now, before he can get any policies through, and while he's still got the support. I read that killing him now would have the same effect as taking down the Twin Towers. Food for thought.

Tomorrow, double art, and double english. Art I'm not fussed over, I'll see if I can work away from the screaming harpies, and english I'm looking forward to. Ah well. Then the wedding, then work, then hardcore revision, then exams. Hell.



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